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Malphite Build Guide by Halud

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Halud

Malphite- Unstoppable Jungle/Solo Top

Halud Last updated on January 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I am a level 30 player who has played around 600 games (and rising) I have played between 150-200 of these games as Malphite. He is a great tank and a great jungler. I have only jungled around 50 or so games with him but it was a very smooth transition and I believe he is easy to learn jungling on as well as being a strong team member late game.

I won't claim I am amazing and I have not jungled in very many ranked games but this build works wonders more than 90% of the time for me so I though I would share it.

This same build also works for him solo top but I prefer being in the jungle because I feel it gives you a stronger start and Malphite has some great ganks and a fast clear.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: -One of the best initiates in the game
-Super tanky thanks to your passive
-Tons of damage thanks to your W
-Everything hits multiple targets (even basic attacks because of W)
-Epic gap closer/harass (Q actually steals their movement speed)
-Great 1v1 fighter (allows for split pushing)

Cons: -Mana Problems (solution: blue buff/Philo stone)
-Slow (solution: Force of Nature)

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Summoner Spells

Smite is necessary to jungle quickly and the 10g per use really does add up

I prefer ghost on Malphite but if you really want to you could run flash instead.
Ghost is better for running away and for chasing down IMO it goes great with his slow.

Teleport is always good and I use it instead of Smite when soloing top.

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They aren't in the builder but I run Lifesteal Quints. The extra 6% lifesteal right off the bat is amazing. I hear 6 armour pen marks with 3 flat dmg marks is best for jungling but I have yet to try it. Both marks are good IMO I have used both and they both were very good. Flat armour seals are good for defense against the creeps and also add to Malphite's Ground Slam. Flat MR or MR/lv Glyphs are for when you gank before you have your Mercs and they also help you until you get your Force of Nature.

For solo top I use the Movement speed Quints. These are amazing and allow for more roaming later. I like to kill or force a recall on top then run mid to gank. Also helps to edge out pursuers when running away (324 move speed after quints before boots) because malphite is slow with a move speed of 310. (range goes from 300-330)
This bonus is even higher after boots. it stacks with Force of Nature and the masteries to make you get 15.5% increased speed if you are above 70% health. That is more than a phantom dancer's bonus.
The flat armour quints are good too if you don't have movement speed quints. They are roughly equivilant to buying Cloth Armour.
For Marks I get Magic pen if I want more burst dmg, Armour pen if I want more steady dmg and flat ad if I want to dominate early (1-4 flat AD>Armour pen 5+ Armour pen wins)
Magic pen is better early but after Atma's Armour pen is better.
I use the same flat Armour seals and the same flat Magic resist glyphs as when I am jungling.

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Skill Sequence

I get the extra Ground Slam at 3 because it makes red go way faster. I max this second. Then i get Seismic Shard at 4 and 5 for ganks and max it first as it is Malphite's most damaging spell early and the slow is amazing. One level of Brutal Strikes at lv 2 is good for the aoe effect on your basic attacks (for jungling and killing creep waves), and buffing you in combat. I max Brutal Strikes last.

Solo top I max Seismic Shard first so I can harass more effectively. It also helps for when I get a gank from mid or jungle. Everything else is the same as when I jungle.

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Wriggles is a must have for most jungles and is useful until endgame. I replace it with Warmogs unless they are AP heavy or AD heavy which is when I will go for a Banshee's veil or a frozen heart/thornmail instead. I replace the Philo stone with Atma's Impaler after I have all of the previous items. I find that late game I no longer need it. After the Force of Nature you can switch up the build order if you find you need more Magic Resist or Armour.

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Creeping / Jungling

I start at blue then go wolves, wraiths, golems, red, wraiths to get lv 4. Then I see whether or not my lanes need ganking. If so I go gank, if not (preferred) then I cycle through the jungle until i can go back for my philosophers stone and my boots of speed as well as part or all of wriggles. by then I have 6 and can gank whenever it is up. I go back for my merc treads as soon as I can. After this just keep jungling as much as possible. You will be able to outlevel almost everyone in the game (or at least keep up with mid and top). You do this by jungling as much as possible and only ganking when needed and by getting kills when ganking. Just because you don't kill on a gank does not mean it failed, that lane will get ahead by pushing the tower or free farming. Mid/late game get wards for the four buffs (two red two blue). If you keep an eye out, when the enemy jungler is far away from their buffs you can take them. this is risky but it can really pay off. Always ward dragon with Wriggles. Ward baron after level 13 and replace it when it expires. WARDS WIN GAMES. I cannot stress this enough.

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Unique Skills

Malphite is good at pushing lanes thanks to Brutal Strikes. This means that you can split push very well and they will have trouble stopping you if you have been doing well. I can usually 2v1 most squishies mid/late game. This means they have to send 2 people after you and with the movement speed bonus and ghost you should get away no problem.
The sunfire cape makes it hard for them to stay near you with all the aoe Malphite has. Use this to your advantage by being in the middle of teamfights.

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I love Malph you should too (unless he is on the other team lol). He is a great jungler in the revamped jungle and an underutilized champ.

Hope you liked my guide, please feel free to leave any feedback at the bottom. I will try to look at the comments but may not have time for awhile.


I want to get better and I am open to constructive criticism.

Please do not vote this down without trying it a few times first.

Jungling and soloing top are hard and a bad team can ruin a game but to be great requires practice, hard work and a little understanding.