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Malphite Build Guide by TheFBI

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheFBI

Malphite! What about harrasing!?!?!?

TheFBI Last updated on June 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi guys this is my first guide so dont expect so much of me! :D
Hi, I'm TheFBI and welcome to my Malphite guide! In this guide i will show you my favourite build for tank Malphite on lane! Please dont vote it down cause of my first skill is Q read it has a reason why I do this and first read these reason than you can vote for it!
And i am a german so my english is not the best!:D

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How to skill and when you have to use them

TheQ is your mainskill so you use it everytime when the enemys get in range!

Now my favourite skill in the game and in my opinion one of the best ultimates in the game! The R you need lots of skill and exercise to use it at the right place! On level one it has a cooldown of 128 sec thats a bit so you HAVE to use it in the right time. Some tips of myself let the enemys chase you away of their turret and then use it. It hormonizes with champs who have a "flash" or a charge like Akali or Katharina, who can come in when your enemys are airbourne. In the late game you open the fight with it and do the TANK.

Now something how to use the E its a bit tricky! I use it everytime I got my ultimate.
Running in with ultimate while running you use W for extra armor and that means more damage for E. When W is activated and you are in the enemys you do the E for damage and then "randomclicking" into the clash. At the end you use Q on the mage or another squishy char.

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Farming and harrasing

My favourite lanepartners are AD carries or some chars like Akali or Katharina, who deal lots of damage in a short time.


Use your abilities to farm you will get the mana back from Chalice of Harmony, so dont be shy and use the abilities for farming the creeps to the ground!


" My first skill?Q..." People often say:" How nooby!" but thats why my guide is so special I use my Q for harrasing them down and then its an easy job for my lanemate to kill the bad*** I harrased the whole time!

This means use Q to harras the whole time you can go straight to the enemys cause: You have a shield that is very strong and in point two you have lots of armor and magic resist in early game. But when your shield is down its saver to stay back and wait till its recharged than you can go in and harras more! :D

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I chooseMeki Pendant as my first item for the mana regeneration, when I spam my Q the whole time. I dont need armor for my E at beginnig, cause of my runes i got enough armor. When you have 850 you go back buy the Chalice of Harmony and teleport back to your lane or you go back at 500 for the Chalice of Harmony and port to the lane. Then you wait for Teleport and when its ready you go back one more time and buy the boots and more or not. :D
When your boots are complete you lock what damage your enemys do and buy Cloth Armor or Null-Magic Mantle. Build it to Aegis of the Legion and then you buy Guardian Angel. Then you can choose your own items, but my favourites are Warmogs and Force of Nature.

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Early laning

In the early game your mission is to harras the enemys the whole time under half so your lanemate can get an easy kill, but dont harras a char who can get life back like Tryndamere or Warwick and you dont harras chars like Mordekaiser with a shield! i some situations (when the enemys do no damage to you, you can slow the withQ and then do a E on them for a better harras!)

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Late game

You are the TANK, the unstoppable TANK!
You go in teamfights and open them with your ultimate (more in the kill Sequence)
and then you die for your team if you are a good TANK you will not biút its ok when you die!
More isn't it! :D