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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ScaryPillow

Malzahar - Battle. Proven. Build.

ScaryPillow Last updated on December 22, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I main Malzahar and play in Twisted Treeline.

Basically for success with this build and Malzahar in general, you have to learn to hit all your spells and learn the real effectiveness of his spells at which point in the battle from experience. There is no substitute for practice and that's what I recommend.

Stressing that landing all your Call of the voids, try to harass your opponent, making them fear even getting close to you, effectively zoning and preventing them from gaining experience. There will be times when this will not work; whether you are up against a champion that takes too little damage to care (eg. Malphite) or just with a plain high amount of HP (Cho-Gath).

I recently substituted "Clarity" for "Ignite" as one of my summoner spells because I am able to land every spell, not wasting mana on misses. Ignite throughout the whole game is a great help to have, you can't rely even on your full combo to get you that kill, they can cleanse,stack magic res and interrupt your channeling to stop your entire damage output. Clarity is great for beginners but even has it's pro's in the professional league.

Flash will be a great asset as well, often using it to get in range for your full combo. Recently Malzahar's Nether Grasp range was raised and lowered a little, it is still far longer than the range of your ignite, which can be cast during channeling. So if you want to have your full damage output you should flash in range of all your spells. It may also work to bait the enemy into melee attacking you, therefore making them a stationary target and an easy victim to the full force of your Null Zone, Malefic visions, Call of the void, Nethergrasp, Ignite combo. Which should drop any foe.

I also recommend playing a practice game and just practicing how fast you can get all your spells down, because that makes a big difference. I can get my initial spell, Null Zone, down to my last spell Nethergrasp + Ignite, in just one second. So play a practice game or two and just mash those buttons until you have a decent reaction/application time. Even when they are in the Null Zone's circle, if you see them make a dash out of it, you should put a lead on your spells so as to land all of them. Nether grasping when they get into your CoTV is a good trick as well.

Malzahar is a great harasser, exchanging half your mana for whatever damage you can do(usually a lot) is definitely worth it if you don't foresee any other need for that mana before your next trip to base. And it is also important to not go to your base excessively for mana or HP, that is why you should avoid harassment. Because every moment spent at base is less damage done to the enemy and less gold and exp for you. Once again, this is why Clarity is a good choice for beginning Malzahar players.

For Masteries I choose damage and Mana regen, along with spells that helped your summoner skills.

Items I tend to go greatly on the offensive side. Malzahar CAN avoid being squishy by obtaining Rylai's Crystal Scepter as his first item, or else you will end up being the squishiest on the field. It is the frequency and the commonness for Malzahar players building a Rylai's that Malzahar is not considered as squishy as Veigar or Ezreal.

This build does not rely on you getting kills early game. In fact, this build can save your team if you are losing even horribly late game. Malzahar's full skill combo can drop any champion whether you are fed or not. All Champions will reach a plateau in improvement and damage capability. Malzahar has the damage when he has half his build finished to kill any champion that has a full build ( Other than tanks of course, if you're not fed that is). So if you play Malzahar, rest assured that you always have a fighting chance at kills by focusing all your spells on that poor soul at the end of all that destruction.

Remember, Malzahar is a valuable asset in teamfights. If you have a decent team, you will be owning. Malzahar doesn't rely on concentrating 100% on leveling as much as say...Warwick, so feel free to move to gank if you see a good chance.

This ends my first guide! I hope you enjoyed it! I hate to say this at the end of the guide as it is not as effective as it would have been if placed somewhere else, but find your own strategy as you play along, everybody has their own playstyle and all fit their needs. Me for example as a take-charge guy, I rush in and show off my skillz at the skillshot all in a spectacular burst of damage that leaves me quite defenseless after. But some might like a more defensive role where they can slowly cast spell after spell and kill their enemies like that.

This has been ScaryPillow, signing off of his first guide for Malzahar - The Prophet of the Void. Remember to rate and comment as that drives my motivation for writing more and more guides! Hit me up if you're on the US Server, contact "ScaryPillow" in game.

*Edit, I now recommend you get the Void Staff before Zhonya's and if it is a slow game, meaning not many kills are being made on either side and you are unable to farm minions for gold, you should invest in Sorcerer's shoes or Mercury Treads before you build the giant's belt of Rylai's Crystal Scepter.