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League of Legends Build Guide Author Speaks

Malzahar - Easy Build

Speaks Last updated on October 12, 2010
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Ill make this a pretty short since a majority of people that have played Mal know how he works. If you dont really understand him you can read another build page and youll get the idea of him. A lot of builds are pretty close to the same and the strategy with him is almost always the same...

(If you know Mal pretty well, you dont have to read this whole lengthy part, it turned out longer than i thought it would...)

In a 1v1 fight your gunna lay down all your spells before nether grasp and then cast ignite as its going. For the most part it either kills your opponent or hurts them so bad that they run for it.
In a team fight its usually best to stay in the back since Mal is so squishy, if your towards the front they tend to pick you out and kill you real quick and it leaves the rest of your team a man down. Nether grasp is great if your having a stand off, pick someone that gets really close or someone thats squishy and your team can crush that one person. Mal is great for harassment but dont get too greedy.

Playing mid:
Mal is great mid, though when theres someone more comfortable with mid i leave it to them. Not saying thats what you should do cuz Mal works well against just about anyone as long as you dont get greedy. You want to focus on staying in your lane as much as possible, and that goes for no matter where you play. I use call of the void to just hit whoever im laning against everyone once in a while to remind em im there and have some good range. At level 6 youll get your nether grasp and its a great time to jump over to another lane with your team mates for a minute. Its easy to catch em off guard with a call of the void and throw malefic visions and a nether grasp on em and usually you or an ally can finish em off with no problem. Then run back over to mid and keep your tower from getting crushed.

Going top or bottom is pretty simple, all you wanna do is harass them as much as possible. Majority of the time youll be getting the assists. Dont try rush out and try to kill an enemy unless your 100% sure you can do it. Malefic vision early on isnt very strong so its best not to count on it alone to kill someone. Also try not to waste too much mana, this build early on is tough cuz if your trying to cast a lot youll be out of mana fast, but i think thats fairly common with any build. Dont be afraid to cast clarity even when you have little health, especially if your lane partner needs it too.

Ok, so now ill tell you about the items...

The main focus early on is staying in the lane, you need the levels and thats why Philosophers stone is a good idea. Make sure you get the health regen first though. Early on it can bring all your health back in a matter of minutes, just hang back and let minions do work so you dont get picked off.
This works till about level 5 or 6ish and then for some reason thats about when i get killed when im doing top or bottom. At this point you can get the rest of philosophers stone and usually boots of speed, or if your doing well you can get your boots of swiftness.
After that youll start noticing that you dont quiet have as much health as you need so you can get the belt and work towards the scepter, then youll get your armor from frozen heart. As some would say, the best offense is a good defense... The extra ability power and cooldown reduction is nice too.
After you get those your pretty much going to have to decide what to buy based on your situation. The first 4 items are a good start, but if your getting wooped by magic damage maybe get the Abyssal Scepter, or whatever you might need. If your feeling good and dont have many deaths, or any at all, the hextech gunblade is nice with the little bit of spell vamp and 300 extra damage. A lot of people like the deathfire grasp, which is also a very good choice. Just dont forget to use them in a fight.

And yep i think that just about covers it all...

*UPDATE* 9/12/2010

They recently did some updates to the Philosphers stone i think so i think its cheaper? I could be wrong about that, i dont pay attention. But also i switched heextech gunblade with the void staff. I tried it out since it was recommended and it turns out it works really well. Especially when they are building up magic resist. I tend to get this last and by that time the game is wrapping up. If its still not almost over i usually sesll philosophers stone for some extra ability power, havnt really decided what to use though.

*UPDATE* 9/20/2010

New update is coming out tomorrow where Philosophers Stone is upgraded to an item with a spell that increases run speed, so I was thinking about my items and decided to share some changes ive been trying.
So later levels Philosophers Stone is useless, so around level 15 i sell it so i can get extra dollars for another item and open up a space to start building up something. I can see upgrading it to Shurelyas Reverie but its mainly for the extra run speed, something i dont see myself using much, so if you want it, go for it, but i think Malz needs more AP or magic penetration. Also keep in mind that if your not taking a lot of physical damage you can skip frozen heart and get something like void staff first. 40% magic pen can be a game changer for your team.

*UPDATE* 10/12/2010

Switched up some of the items for the build. Been using tear of the goddess and it seems to be fairly useful. Also a lot of time the boots of swiftness dont give me that much of a difference in speed that i can notice so i changed it to sorcerers shoes. Regrowth pendant is good first item so you can stay in lanes, i use it in most of my builds for any character. You can sell it later on, it doesnt really build into anything super useful for Malz unless you need more health regen or magic resist.
Changed the skill sequence a bit, though i kind of make it up as i go in game. I like to keep Call of the Void and Malefic Visions close to the same amount of damage, and put some skill into Null zone periodically. Its really good in team fights and you need it when you start doing Nether Grasp. Its not overly powerful that i can notice so its not priority in skills. I hope that made sense lol.
Just did this build, i got to the void staff in items when they surrendered. Went mid against morgana and finished 10/1/8.