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League of Legends Build Guide Author narakhan

Malzahar - funky fresh dance moves

narakhan Last updated on May 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Well yer I love to play Malzahar, he is my favorite champion right now. This build is mainly for me to consolidate my ideas about him and maybe get some feedback on what I doing right/wrong.

I am by no means high elo and I still count myself fairly new to LOL. I have however had very good experience in using Malzahar in this way and have tried the builds on this site.

I guess I will put in my thinking with Malzahar.
I believe his abilities should be spammed, he gains mana from his E jumping targets and his passive benefits quick use of his spells.
So to this idea I build a little cd reduction into the build and make up the rest by killing golem most of the time.

I realize this build will probably not work in higher levels of play as it is far too squishy but I am not concerned with that.

Before I begin it must be said Malzahar is overpowered, his dance moves are just too good for his enemies to handle.

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Pretty stock standard for any ap champion.

I could go for a defensive or offensive stat but I prefer to not go oom during a fight. the reason for the per level compared to flat mp5 is because later in the game is when you need the mana most.

I have explained my ideas on cd reduction, the reason for the per level is because end game is again where it matters.

Better then most other choices.

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Basic mastery tree for a ap user.

The only thing worth note is the point I took from meditation and put in greed.
All mysteries by themselves are trivial in their difference to your strength 1 mp5 is not much in the grand scheme of things. But 1 gold every 10 seconds is 120 gold every 20 minutes which I hold as higher benefit then 1 mp5.

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Summoner Spells

The reason I have chosen flash and ghost is mainly because of personal preference. I find them to be a real nice combo for getting out of unimaginable situations like when all five members of the opposing team come to gank you. But it is still preference so here are the others and my reasons I do/don't pick them.

Well as I said before, it is really nice at getting out of the way. You can flash over walls, into brush or just a safer distance when your focused.
Offensively it allows you to get just in that sweet spot for your ult or it lets you dive the turret at level six and pop your dot and flash out for a free kill.

Well basically the same as flash in what it can be used IE: running or killing. But instead of a teleport it is a movement speed buff.

Another viable pick as it allows you to be very very aggressive early game and maybe even pick up first blood. It also synergies extremely well with your ult as it does not break the channel.
The reason I don't take it is because I find it less useful late game when the damage is negligible. Though on some champions IE: Swain and Mundo, it is considered a hard counter due to the healing reduction.

Other viable picks:

This is never bad and in a build with no crowd control reduction it is even better. But I just find other summoners better.

While it saves you from going oom I find with MP5 runes and good use of your abilities in the early game you don't need it. If you are new this could be good to take and play less aggressive at least until you get a feel for Malzahar.

Very nice for using on the Xin who popped out on you. But you are a caster and as such should not have any problems with enemies running away at 5 hp.

Everything else can be really useful (with he exception of rally and smite) but is better for when you know your going to need it. Yes even revive has a place.

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For first items there really is only two logical picks, Doran's or Crystal. Doran's does not give enough of a benefit to warrant straying from the item build. I would much rather start stacking my mana higher then have a insignificantly better item.

As for Tear being the second item I feel it is cheap and it is better to start stacking more mana earlier as it allows you to spam in the shorter term and a little ways down the track it counts towards your ap total.

Boots come after because well Malzahar is kind of Slowpoke.

Building towards Tome is next as Tome gives all the stats you want in a more spamy kind of build. Those being regen, damage and cd reduction. The reason I include Codex is because you might need to head back to fountain to get a refill and if your making a pick between Codex and upright dam you want the Codex.

Finishing the staff gives you alot of mana and even more regen and damage, what could go wrong? Also by now you will have a large enough mana pool for that 3 percent to count.

Next on the list is a fairly late Deathcap. You do need this item just for the pure unbridled damage it brings.

Banshee's veil, a favorite among summoners and I see no reason not to love it too. More mana more health and some magic resist, all with a nice passive that makes Karthus rage.

Last off is abyssal scepter, it is better in most cases then it's 40 percent counterpart. Don't believe me? Head here: Click here

The last note worthy thing is the pots. Go for Brilliance first then Oracles if they have wards or Teemo or stealth.

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Skill Sequence

Getting Call of the void first allows you to harass in lane with relatively more ease considering your Malefic visions will do little in terms of damage early game.

After that point it is best to level up Malefic, it is your bread and your butter. It causes your voidling to attack whoever has it, it causes you to gain mana when it is on something that gets killed and when the target it is on dies it will jump to the closest one in range. This spell is all purpose, you harass with it and farm with it. Oh and it is also fun to pop it on a creep when running away only for it to jump to the Shaco with low hp.

Your Null zone is a great spell, it kills everything and is really good in tight spaces in jungle. But I get it last because everything else gets more out of the levels.

Nether grasp, whats to say about this ult other then how great it is? It makes you almost unbeatable 1v1 and is great for getting first blood. The only thing to watch out for is Quicksilver Sash, this nasty item will break the champion out of your ult.

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With this build you want to play Malzahar normally until you get your Tear. After that you want to use your spells as much as you can mana is something you should only watch in terms of how long till you can use E again. Because Malzahar has no real run abilities there is no need to conserve unless you want to be careful of that Nocturne who was called mia a little while ago.

By normally I mean casting E on the creep your creeps are attacking and helping it along.

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Using your Q and W skills while sitting inside your fountain is a good way to charge up your passive so that when you get into laning you can use your voidling right away.
The same concept applies to attacking towers as the voidling can do a fair amount of damage compared to your auto attack. Just be careful not to lure your own voidling away by casting your E on a minion.

When using your Q it will change which direction it faces based on it's closest point to the targeting circle.
The Q spell can also be used to check brushes without going near them, just place the edge of the Q inside of the brush or else you wont be able to see inside.

Practice using your spells in rapid succession so that you are able to drop a Q and a W and dot up your target and use your ult on them. This takes a small amount of prediction where they are going to go as they will most likely be moving away from you when you start up your combo.

In earlier farming stages of the game to keep E bouncing when it hits the tank creep, swap to attacking the tank creep before your E jumps to him.

At the very start of the game (levels 1-3) your auto attack does more damage then your spells, this is particularly good to know in side lane as sitting still while your team member tanks both enemy champs and auto attacking them will drop their health in no time flat.

When in mid you will not always get a nice fair match up. A well used Cait or any other strong mid will be able to kill you if you over extend. Try to attack as little as possible and use spells only to push the creeps back from your tower.

Unless you are attempting to get to your enemies turret only last hit the creeps because over extending will get you killed if your not careful and Malzahar is to good of a pusher for his own good.