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League of Legends Build Guide Author NoneTHEless

Malzahar Kill

NoneTHEless Last updated on April 14, 2011
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Chapter 1

Welcome to my Malzahar Build. Malzahar is by far my favorite champion to play and since I have come up with my own way of building and playing him, I figured that I would make a build for him.


As for my masteries, I went for a standard caster build putting points in mana regen and maximum mana, as well as a point in blink of an eye to help with flash, my summoner spell choice that I will explain later.

Skills and Skill Sequence

Summon Voidling: (Passive): After casting 5 spells, Malzahar summons an uncontrollable Voidling to engage enemy units for 21 seconds. Voidlings have 200 + 50 x lvl Health and 20 + 5 x lvl Damage.

Voidlings Grow after 7 seconds (+50% Damage/Armor), and Frenzy after 14 seconds (+100% Attack Speed).

This passive is pretty cool, but not really THAT useful. While I have killed many people with the voidling, at this point it is impossible to control it so getting it to attack someone is difficult. Also, if you plan on hiding in the brush, your faithful voidling will be sure to give away your position as it does not cloak when you are in a bush, instead it will stand outside of the bush in plain sight. Enjoy my friends. I don't recommend, especially early game, trying to spam moves to get a voidling to come out, because Malzahar's mana can be a real problem early game.

Call of the Void: (Active): Malzahar opens up two portals to the Void. After a short delay, power erupts from the portals, dealing damage and silencing all enemies caught between the portals.

* Cooldown: 10 seconds
* Range: 900

This move is very challenging to learn how to use well, but when you do, it can be a huge asset in team fights late game and an amazing harassing move early game. One of the major things you can do with this skill is lead your enemy. Because it has a delay, the best place I find to put it is a little bit behind them, because you running towards them will typically trigger them to panic and run back behind minions and if you timed it right, directly into your CoTV. It takes some practice but it's an amazing skill.

Null Zone: (Active): Malzahar creates a zone of negative energy for 5 seconds. The zone deals magic damage per second equal to a percent of the enemies HP to enemies inside it, with a minimum flat amount.

* Cooldown: 16 seconds
* Range: 800

This is a skill that I personally don't use that often. Many people like to skill this up early and use it, somewhat like Morgana's simlar move, however that is not my style. Personally I think that if I'm going to kill someone, I'm going to do it with my ult, malefic visions, and CoTV. While its nice late game for minions and group battles, early-mid game, I am not a fan of it. I skill this up late for that reason. If you disagree, you may skill it up however you like and spam it to your heart's content. It is just not my play style.

Malefic Visions: (Active): Malzahar infects his target's mind with cruel visions of their own demise, dealing damage each second. If the target dies while afflicted by the visions, they pass the curse on to a nearby enemy unit and restore mana to Malzahar.

* Range: 600

Ahhhhh, one of my favorite moves in the game. This is the move that typically makes me laugh the hardest in any game when I watch it jump onto an enemy and their health drops like a rock. This move is your greatest farming asset, and if you play it right, an amazing harassing asset as well. This skill will jump from target to target as that enemy dies, however in the beginning of the game, when it is at rank 1 or 2, it does minimal damage to minions and needs some help. This skill I do not recommend using on minions until at least rank 3. This move also gives you mana back every time that it jumps, so its good to use on minions waves when its powerful enough as it can regen SOME mana. I say SOME because it isn't a massive regen, but it will give some of it back. This is another move that takes some skill to master and be effective with but it's incredibly fun to use and harass enemy champs with.

Nether Grasp: (Active): Malzahar grips his target in an engulfing void of energy, dealing damage each half second while stunning for 2.5 seconds.

* Cost: 150 mana.
* Range: 575

I remember seeing this move when Malzahar was announced and thinking, "man that's overpowered". Well, it's not, but it's damn powerful when used right. This is a move that is INCREDIBLY situational and again hard to use well. Because it is only used on one person and is channeled, it leaves you vulnerable. You need to learn with this move when and when not to use it to get that kill. This move, as well as the other ones take experience with the champion to learn how to use well. There are some interesting combo's with this move that I like to use.

My combo is usually Flash (If necessary to get to target)---> Nether Grasp---> Ignite---> Malefic Visions---> and then lead and hopefully finish them off or get them low with CoTV. Typically by level 6 I can get a kill on a squishy like Ashe pretty easily, especially if I'm mid. Come up with your own combo's to see what works, you never know what you may find that works better for you.

Another option which works scary well if you time it right is Null Zone ---> Nether Grasp. It has to be done very quickly but if done, this combo is absolutely devastating, give it a try.

Summoner Spells

I love flash, I use it on almost every character I play. It's a great escape method, especially for Malzahar who has no way to get away at all.
Ignite is another spell as Malzahar I like to use in combination with Malefic visions for the nice DoT. This move is pretty self-explanatory.