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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Malzahar Build Guide by Haydom

Malzahar - Silence, I kill you!

Malzahar - Silence, I kill you!

Updated on July 30, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Haydom Build Guide By Haydom 2,932 Views 0 Comments
2,932 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Haydom Malzahar Build Guide By Haydom Updated on July 30, 2011
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This is still under construction and i've only done half of the guide.
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Hey, I'm Haydom and I'm here to help you play with Malzahar. Malzahar is a 6.3k IP ranged mage, which can be essencial to turn a game into your favour. He's not very difficult to learn how to play with, but it's not just that easy. I'm here to tell you the way I play with him, which I think is the best. This guide is going to be actualized once in a while to add/take something that I discover while I'm playing. I hope you enjoy it, and more importantly, love it:)
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Pros / Cons

- Great Harasser;
- One of the best farmers in the game;
- Great in 1 vs 1;
- Great nuke;
- Awesome midder;
- Good power and range in his abilities;
- Floats;
- Does the "MC Hammer Dance";


- Squishy;
- Not very good in team fights;
- Not beeing able to control the Voidling;
- Needs precision to hit skills;
- Is normally focused in team fights;
- No escape mechanism;
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This passive is basicly Malzahar's base. The voidling will automaticly attack the enemies you attack, so when you get him, use on a minion and he will bash in and strike him, helping you killing him before the skill disappears, and will stay constantly attacking every oponent that has that skill on him. Unfortunatly, this is the only way to control the voidling, since you cannot command him as he was a real pet.


This is your harass, silence, and mega damage dealer. I usually max this first because it has a long range, and a scary damage. It is also the only skill that actually does something useful on a teamfight. With some practice, you can make every oponent fear you just because of this single skill that can take 50% of the oponents HP in end-game, each time it strikes.


The worst skill Malzahar has. It takes almost no damage from them, and you SHOULD NOT waste mana by trying to harass them with this skill, because it won't do much since it doesn't even have a single slow. Use this before using your Neather Gasp on your oponent to increase the damage taken by him, nothing more.


Some people like to max this skill first. I'm ok with it, you'll farm quicker, therefore you will lvl up faster, and since this skill will be maxed before the oponents have a great ammount of items, it will take alot more damage then it will when you max it by second. This skill basicly is your DoT, it will kill some oponents that were trying to run away, and help you slay the ones brave enough to try and take you on face to face. This is also what I like to call of "A super KS'er", because if you use it on a champion that is beeing killed, you have a high chance of taking that kill without moving a finger! I also advise you to use this before your ultimate since it will increase the damage taken by him.


One hell of an ultimate. It stuns your oponent and deals scary damage. It can also be combined with Ignite, Malefic Visions and Null Zone just for you to see the power. Don't be afraid to use it when you think it's necessary, since the cooldown isn't that big.
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Summoner Spells


This is the best summoner spell ever made in the world, PERIOD! Malzahar has no escape mechanism, therefore this summoner spell was made for him. When you'll you're going to be ganked just flash through a wall a run like a rabbit! It is also great to deal the final blow in the oponent, finishing him properly.

I usually take this skill as my second summoner spell because it can be a great help for your final execution. It can be used along with your ultimate and your W, it's basicly the Deathly Combo that no one can escape from. Pick this spell and show your opponents the gates to hell. It's the perfect FATALITY!


Acceptable Spells

This summoner spell can be used to start a gank or to prevent someone from running away in a teamfight/gank, but besides that it is a little useless since Malzahar isn't Melee and is based on skillshots (except Nether Grasp and Malefic Visions), but if you think this will be more useful, i can't make you take Ignite, and I admit that sometimes even I take it!

This spell can be an alternative to Flash, although I don't advise it since flash is just unique.

This can be useful to push/defend a lane, taking down/protecting turrets or even farm some minions. It can also be used to get faster towards a gank (by teleporting to wards)


All the rest: Useless for Malzahar
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Gameplay Instructions

When the game starts, buy your and Rush to mid. Try to get a sneak peak at the champion you will be facing, for I do not recomend midding against Brand or Vladimir since you won't get alot of minion farm and will be super-harassed constantly (especially by Vladimir). Karthus is also a little hard to mid against, but nothing strategy and not beeing in one place attacking minions can't solve! Try to get as much last hits on minions as possible. Try to give your oponent a taste of your as much as possible. When you get to 6, you start the mega harassment trying to lower your oponenent's HP. When your oponent reaches half his HP, pretend to go B and go around the map, through the river. Wait for an oportunity, and now comes the fun. This is a little Hard to do because you will have to be very quick and you will have to put your finger speed to the test. Quickly drop your Null Zone size28 under him and give him a taste of your in combination with your , and if the oponent doesn't die (rarely happens), near him and give him a present, . It's a guaranteed kill. Your oponent probably won't be falling for the same tactic again, but you always have to have various tricks up your sleeve when playing malzahar, I for example know a perfect one that I won't be showing you for the simple fact that I don't want it to be used against me :P

After this and a few minion kills, you should already have enough money for , so go back abd buy them, together 2 [icon=Red Potion and 2 sight wards. Go back to your lane and place each ward on the grass, on each side, since at this point you have to prevent any gank. After you got your boots, your damage will increase considerably in comparison to before, which will allow you to harass an oponent until he makes a mistake, his last mistake (until he respawns again). Keep farming and pushing the turret, but DON'T FORGET to go help your team or to gank some1 on the other lanes every time it's needed. This is why you should have your lane pushed as much as possible, so your adversary won't have time to push 'till your turret untill you return. When you got enough money for a , go back and buy it.

At mid game try to help your team, farm and push every lane as much as possible, but beware every gank! Always try to have blue buff with you, for it is very important for your super-harassment and minion farm!

At the beggining of the end game you should have atleast half of your build completed!

In Teamfights, use your ASAP, hitting as many enemies as possible. This is supper useful since it will Silence them for 3 seconds (enough time for them do die) and it will take around 75-50% of your opponent's HP! After that, drop your under them and use your on the opponent with Less HP, since he will die and it will pass to the other one. When you see them trying to run, use your on him, even if he is full HP, since your team mates will take care of him quickly.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Haydom
Haydom Malzahar Guide
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Malzahar - Silence, I kill you!

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