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League of Legends Build Guide Author Stickz

Malzahar - This is why he gets banned in a ranked game

Stickz Last updated on April 28, 2011
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Hello and welcome to my guide for Malzahar,

As many people know Malzahar is a great AP carry I myself have this usual build.
Having Malzahar played in ranked, I usually carry my team to win.

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My runes are the following:
Marks magic pen, Glyphs I use as AP per level and quint flat ability power because Malzahar needs to have alot of AP to be stronger when you're reaching the end of the game.
Seals are Mana Regen per level, because if you manage to be unable to hit a minion when your Malefic Visions is on him, you are still able to regenerate a little bit of mana for your next spell.

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My masteries are as following, i'm taking 10/7/13
Putting points in Burning embers and Archaic Knowledge, 3 in Strength of Spirit (I'll explain the reason)
And going for Blink of an eye in Utility (3th tier, 3 points in Meditation, and 1 in Utility Master)
The reason i'm taking 3 points in Strength of the Spirit, is because you'll be able to hold your mid lane way easier, longer and yet still be able to farm the hell...

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My item build is as followed:
I start off by buying a Doran's Ring. ( this is a very nice item to start with because of healh, ability power and the mana regen. So with this item you can hold your lane better and farm alot)
I farm alot until I'm able to buy a Fiendish Codex, along with Boots level 1, (The extra speed gives you some survivability and Fiendish Codex is nice because of the cooldown reduction and ability power. I think the cooldown reduction is very good for malzahar in the beginning for he's ulti. Enemies don't expect that you can juse your ulti so often)
Next time I return I'm making sure to be able to buy the Morello's Evil Tome and Sorcerer's Shoes (If you get caught in a stun or bind, you are most likely dead anyways so Mercs are a bit useless and the morello's evil tome is awsome for its 20% cooldown reduction and mana regen)
3th item will be Rabaddon's Death Cap (what shall i say it gives you alot of ability power so in my opinion its a must), following as 4th item with a Void Staff (magic penetration is very nice and makes you strong vs everyone 1v1 even tanks, you cut tru them like butter) or if you die alot you can choose to pick a survivability item first like Rylai's, ROA or Banshee's but i prefer the void staff first , the last 2 items, are your choice, this depends on the builds, teamplay and champions of your enemy, if you're more likely to being focused, buy a defensive item like Banshee's, or when they do some aoe damage, you might wanna consider buying Rod of Ages for some more health. When your build is full, you can consider selling Morello's for an item you wish to have. But be sure to notice, Morello's Evil Tome has 20% CD Reduction, making the enemy unable to know when your ulti is up. (It will be at arround a 50 second cooldown, this suprises your enemy's alot)

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Skill Sequence

My skill order is as following

The way I play, is by starting to farm with malefic visions, and try to pop your voidling on the right moment, try not to get harassed to much by your enemy in mid lane, same counts for side lanes tho. But I usually play mid. Farm alot you have to (Quote: "Yoda'ish" ^^). Do not try to harass your enemy, because if they're atleast a bit smart, they will go base when they're at low health, making you unable to pickup the kill, and yet still you failed at farming (farm is important). As soon as you reach level 6, and you still have flash up, you might be able to take down the enemy mid laner (depends on what items you have already) Usually, I harass them about twice or three times with Malefic Vision, so they'll be at about 50% of their health. When you do, make sure you notice what they have to escape, (Flash, Ezreal's Arcane Shift, etc) if they do so you might fail, but you can try anyways. Start flashing towards them, popping a Null Zone underneath them (make sure you are in range for your next spell combo's), use Malefic Visions onto your target followed by a nice and easy Nethergrasp. Do make sure you are also in range for your Ignite, but do not hesitate to use it if you're pretty sure your enemy will die without it. (If you walk to use ignite, you interupt your ulti yourself making you fail the stun, and won't be able to do much damage to pick up the kill)

In an average team fight, you don't wanna be the person that either initiates or be infront of the group, stay behind and ask if your team wants to protect your for the love of god. In team fights you start off by using a Null zone too, following with a Call of the Void, and using both Nethergrasp, Malefic Visions (and maybe Ignite if it's up) to nuke down the enemy carry (Do notice if you do this correctly, you will be focused too in upcomming team fights), Flash won't be needed to suprise them anymore as your team can do that for you. You should keep this up as an escape mechanism (To flash over a certain wall).

Malzahar is a great person to take down a carry, because they most likely die within one of your bursts. Null Zone will be pretty useful even against tanks as it does a percentage of damage, even when the enemy has lots of magic resistance, this is the exact reason you buy Void Staff. 1vs1, With every spell up (including ulti) I never lose a fight with a good build, even when the enemy is fed, (If you play this well, noone can take you down 1vs1, neither should they be able to gank you if you have some map awareness/team m8's that realise their laning enemy is missing)

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Summoner Spells

My summoner spells are the following:
Taking Flash and Ignite, gives me the opportunity to escape pretty easily, and be able to suprise the enemy's while either solo or in a team fight where the group split up a tiny bit.
Ignite because you are able to use ignite (If you're in range) while casting your ulti, makes it the perfect time to use it. It has great damage, and I'm also taking a mastery point in Burning Embers,

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Well, followed by this, leave your comment on my guide, hope to get some positive feedback. If you have any suggestions, do not hesitate on replying.
Might you have any questions, do not hesitate either on asking them to me. I'll be probably answering them within a week.

I'd like to wish you all good luck, and pretty much ****ing ownage with Malzahar now

This guide was written by a friend of mine and since then I�¢ï¿½ï¿½m doing very well with malzahar. So I hope it helps you guys to.