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Kassadin Build Guide by Lyricism

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lyricism

Mana is Everything

Lyricism Last updated on October 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, fellow Kassadin players. Ive been playing Kass as my main since... well since I started. I played him first week of game and he is just such a fabulous champion, so fun to play...

And then Dominion came. Like as if I went thru puberty again, I started to experiment with myself. Weird builds, tanky, squishy, ap, ad, simply everything. Something was good, something was not, but this is my favorite one so far, since it is so much fun to play. And in the end, you end up with both most scores and usually, also most kills.

PS: This is my first guide and I am not native, so please, be tolerant :)

PPS: Oh and yeah, I am not lvl 30. I warn you now, before it might turn against me :D

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Pros / Cons

- insane mobility
- You are uncatchable...
- ...but you can catch everyone
- nice damage coming from 2 sources, since youre hybrid
- relatively cheap to get the core
- neverending mana
- insane riftwalk stacking

- slow start
- your damage wouldnt be as high as you are used to

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Skill Sequence

My sequence is preety weird, I know.

Max first W? Are you crazy, dear sir.
I might be. But I just love it. It got damage boost, which is preety nice early game, but scales terribly with AP. Since you wont have much AP till the start of later game, your spells hit less anyway. That is why E is leveled so lately. Your main utility is its slow, which you have stacked almost always thanks to W (you should activate everytime it's out of cooldown, maybe wait only before battle), so you rarely use it without need of slowing. Q's leveling also increases duration of silence, that's why it's priorised after W. Your spells are half the game just utilities at your disposal.

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I go for 11/21/0 build. Additional defence is awesome, especially since you are building defensive items quite lately, usually after (first) Archangel's Staff. Also, I love both Ardor and Tenacity. You could argue, that for mana build, Utility tree is better, mainly due to Exposed mind (which can give free 100-200 mana). Unfortunately, other talents arent as effective. Mana regen is least useful stat for you thanks to W's passive, HP regen isn't quick enough in Dominion, cooldown reduction is nice, but you hit 38% reduction with full build anyway. And movement speed isn't very useful for uber Riftwalker, Texas Ranger, known as Kassadin. If you really need Awareness and Exposed Mind and you feel like CDR on Summoner Spells is really worth it, go on and use utility tree. But I feel like survivability is number one issue for you in Dominion.

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- Manamune

Manamune gives you quite a high AD early on and allows you to stack your 1000 Mana bonus with autoattacks. That is main reason, why you get it 90% of time first. You need to get that stacking rolling as soon as possible, so you can hit it's cap quickly.

- Archangel's Staff

Cool thing about Archangel is, that it's effect isn't UNIQUE, when it comes to mana>AP. With amounts you get (3500-4000 by the end of the game regulary), your AP get's high enough to do satisfy lack of AP items. So, if you want AP instead of AD, sell your Sheen and get yourself second Staff.

- Catalyst the Protector

Your first pick every game. There is no reason why you shouldn' pick this fabulous item early on. HP, Mana, can be upgraded into awesome stuff and keeps you fightin' with it's healing effect.


- Frozen Heart

It's just so great vs always popular AD meele champions who are making your life hell. Meele champions can be troublesome first half of the game and you rarely engage fight with them alone, but with Frozen Heart, you are much less worried. And CDR is great too.

- Odyn's Veil

Insane vs. AP characters. With your passive, Odyn's Veil passive and tiny bit of MR, you have just defeated AP characters. You have no need to worry to engage them in combat now. And what is even more awesome, is it's active.

- Rod of Ages

When you are doing great early and you know you don't need Veil later game (for example team of AD characters), you can try it. I usually buy it only if I have gold till 6th minute of game. I just find it not worth it later on.

- Sheen

Sheen is awesome item in hybrid builds. I usually get it after Manamune to boost that meele damage early on. And hey... if you get the gold, you can go for Trinity Force, why not? :D


- CDR Boots

My favorite choice. You might guess "Hey, Kassadin's CDs are preety low anyway, it wont make such a big difference". Well, it does. It allows you to have almost always your W popped up working and your Riftwalk's CD ~2 sec. Not so big difference, eh? Well, you never had so mana before. You want to riftwalk around enemies as much as possible. 2 sec Riftwalk can turn into insane damage, that counterparts your lack of AP or AD due to hybridness. 6 stacks aren't rare. And that is just awesome damage.

- MPen Boots

Choice number 2. You do, after all, a lot of magic damage, MPen is very very useful. If you are not sold by CDR, go for this.

- Mercury Treads

Choice number 3. If you know your Odyn's Veil wont be enough to fight opposing casters or you struggle with their CC, go for treads.

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Summoner Spells

There is no choice.

You pick EXHAUST and IGNITE. Always. Every time. This combo helps you balance a lot of your problems. Meele fighters now are a lot easier match, especially early, when you have no way to defend yourself. Ignite is just that push you need when you lack your AP to do the last damage. Both solve situations you have otherwise problems solve and thus, you use them every time. No negotiations :)

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Well, I hope you will have a lot of fun with build and I look forward to see your success with this version of Hybrid Kassadin :)