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Soraka Build Guide by elcooleo248

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author elcooleo248

Mana-Plenty Support

elcooleo248 Last updated on March 22, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys, this is my first attempt at building a mobafire LoL guide, so please bear with me as I will be improving on it as I tweak the build and learn about what to put into the text.

This guide is built specifically for 5v5 bottom support... You CAN support the top lane as well as long as there is no jungler on your active team.

If you do not like this guide or do not approve of the things I say in this guide, please keep your comments to yourself... This is done purely out of boredom and sounded appealing to me.

Thanks for reading!
- Mike

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How to use support Soraka

Follow these pointers and you will have this build down in no time

    Keep your lane buddy at full health
    Keep your lane buddy's mana above 50%
    Silence the more bothering enemy; ie: mage
    Use Wish when a teammate is below 30% health

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Early Game (before the first tower falls and lane clustering starts):

Keep your lane DPSer at full health and mana... The only time you really have to worry about your own health is when you around 30%. Why? Because as support Soraka you do NOT want to push the lane, you want to stay back almost all the way to your turret. Keep your teammate in range of your heal and make sure to use bushes if advancing forward.

If your teammate is a mana user, make sure you keep his/her mana up at all times with your Infuse. This will keep both of you in the lane as long as possible (which is the whole point of early game farming).

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Mid Game (after the first tower falls and lane clustering starts):

There are a few ways to play the middle game with support Soraka. One way is to follow your most fed teammate around, assisting him/her in mana and health when needed. If you do this be sure to NOT KILLSTEAL. Why? You want your best player to have all the kills, because kills = gold... It's not like you are saving money to build ability power to nuke opponents, you are simply healing and buffing nearby teammates.

The other way to play Mid Game with support Soraka is to stay in your bottom lane, but assist the middle lane when needed. ie: Your middle laner gets clustered by two or more enemies and your lane is okay for the time being. After you fend off the attack, it may be wise to go back to your lane, as long as the rest of your team is okay and evenly matched.

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Late Game (level 16 - 18):

Here is where you basically own all the MP5 items on the list and need to start stacking health and armor, which one is really up to you. How do you decide? Let me explain:

For starters, lets look at the other team... While in the game, press and hold [Tab] to bring up the stat sheet, there you will see the enemies builds. If you see a ton of AD (attack damage); ie: Vayne, Ash, or Kogmaw... You want to buy health items with ARMOR not magic resist. However if you see AP (ability power) stacking on the other team; ie: Morgana, Ahri, or Brand... You want to buy health items with MAGIC RESIST not armor.

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Clairvoyance, how do I use it?

Clairvoyance is a very useful and handy summoner spell that can replace wards if used effectively. For starters, I will teach you how to use Clairvoyance in the early part of the game. When the game first starts, you must determine if the other team has a jungler... How? Look for an opponent with the smite ability. See him? Thats the guy that is going to try to hassle you throughout the early stages of the game.

Countering the jungle:
Whenever the other team falls back a little in the lane you are in and stops pushing so aggressively, this is a good sign there is a gank coming... You look at the map and quickly count one enemy in the top lane, one enemy in the middle lane and you know the two in your lane have slacked back a little. They are trying to bait you further from your tower so that you have to run a longer distance to make it back to safety from their gank. This is when you use Clairvoyance in the bush that is located in the river near your lane. Odds are the ganker is standing there waiting for you to proceed forward into the trap.

You can also do this for the top lane from the bottom if you are paying attention enough, and/or your ally calls for it.

Clairvoyance trick not many people know:
Let's say you are running from an enemy, and behind the enemy is a teammate of yours who is closing in ever so slowly on your pursuer. IF Clairvoyance is up and off of cool down and your Soraka runs through a bush... Cast Clairvoyance into the bush right before you run through it. Why? Think about it... Your ally is attacking the enemy pursuer, you are going to run through a bush, then enemy is going to follow you, therefore your ally will lose LoS (line of sight) for a split second as your pursuer passes through the bush, this is enough time for the champion to stop chasing because your teammate had right clicked on the enemy to pursue him/her but since he/she disappeared for that split second, your teammate stops in his/her tracks.