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Build Guide by AznCoconuts

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AznCoconuts

Manamune Kassadin true hybrid

AznCoconuts Last updated on September 11, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is my first guide ever :)
please rate and leave a reason why so I can try to make better guides in the future!

Voide Stone: A great passive for a hybrid or dps kassadin because not only you take 15% reduced damage, but you gain a good amount of attack speed
Null Sphere: This is an incredibly annoying harassing tool during laning, just shoot that badboy at an enemy and they'll be wondering why the funk they can't use their abilities and how they took massive damage. Downside is that early game it costs quite a bit of mana, but it's all good.
Nether Blade: Not really that useful early game, but very late game it can help get you kills and mana. We max this last.
Force Pulse: This spell is great for kicking ***, especially since it can slow up to 50% to everyone caught in the blast and it's great for nuking runners, and has a low cooldown. It might look kinda useless since it requires 6 spells to be casted near you, but in team battles and late game that won't be an issue because everyone will be spamming their spells like crazy.
Rift Walk: This is what makes you such a freakin ninja, you can shove it in Kennen's face that his buff "He's a flippin ninja" doesnt do JACK SQUAT. One of the best tower diving spell there is since you can get a kill at turret and pop out as if nothing happened. Great for escaping and chasing, and an EXTEMELY LOW COOLDOWN. Although the stacks make it cost extra mana(max 10) it won't matter too much since you'll have lots of mana late game.

Reason for Runes

Magic penetration early game is important since some magic resist can already block out a huge amount of damage. Only 100 magic resist is needed to block out 50% of damage!
Likewise for the reasons of magic resist runes, they prevent hard harassment early game.

Notice: Sage's ring=Manamune, they just didn't have the picture out yet

Core Items

Manamune(Effects: +350 Mana, +7 Mana Regen/5 sec, +20 Attack Damage
Passive UNIQUE: 2% of your Max Mana is converted to Attack Damage.
UNIQUE: Whenever your champion attacks, they gain 1 max mana (2 second cooldown.) Whenever your champion uses an ability, they gain 4 max mana (3 second cooldown.) Bonus mana caps at 1000.) Very useful to gain that 1000 max mana quicker than an Archangel's Unique Passive because melee attack also gives max mana, and this will be a staple for Hybrid Kassadin.

Rod of Ages
Must get this as early as possible after Manamune because it takes it 15minutes to charge up fully, and that's a long *** time in a LoL match.

Boots(Sorcerer or Berserker)
I prefer Sorcerer Boots at the start because the extra magic penetration allows you harass in lane MUCH better, magic penetration is key for really annoying harassments. Later on the the game if they superstack magic resistance and 20 magic penetration isn't helping much, then you can switch out to a Berserker Boots for that later-needed-on attack speed.

Guinsoo's Rageblade
Very nice stats for its price, for 2235 gold it gives (after stacks) 93AP, 35AD, 32%AS-these stats will all be used as a Hybrid.

Nashor's Tooth
Gives AP, Attack Speed, and especially 25% COOLDOWN REDUCTION!!!
With your mastery tree you already have 9% CD Reduction, but with Nashor's Tooth you will have a nice 34% CD Reduction which will make your riftwalk VERY VERY annoying.

Trinity Force
Reason why I choose this over LichBane is because it gives multiple stats which you will use, can slow, and there is no CD per 130% attack damage increase. LichBane itself is a nice weapon, but it doesn't give Critical strike(nice lil added bonus), alot of Movement speed(Great chasing+rift walk, 12% compared to 7%), or extra needed health(because you are a squishy SoB which is also why you are granted with a sexy rift walk)


Frozen Heart
Great against a DPS team because of the 99 armor and passive, the 500 mana will help silghtly boost your Manamune's attack damage(+10 damage), and the CD Reduction is great, but it's overkill.
Great overall, but not I don't recommend it.

Infinity's Edge
Adds 80 damage, 20% crit which is nice, and the passive is very useful.
I personally wouldn't get this unless Im against a heavy anti-caster team, the 32% crit(infinity edge+trinity force) isn't going to hit majority of the time so don't rely on getting crits all the time.

Zhonya Ring
The best AP equipment...ever. 120AP+25% total AP= Complete Rape.
The passive is also VERY FREAKIN USEFUL FOR KASSADIN, 2 second of being untargetable, riftwalk has at most only 3 second cooldown(after all the CD reductions), very annoying Kassadin.


Manamune:[1040(Kas's mana)+300(trinity)+1350(Manamune)725(RoA)]*0.02=88.3AD

If we get infinity's edge
Attack Damage: 88.3(manamune)+80(infinity's)+20(trinity)+35(guinsoo's)+123(Base Damage)=346.3AD Pretty damn high
Ability Power: 30(trinity)+93(guinsoo's)+55(nashor's)+80(RoA)=258AP Not too shabby, but not good enough to nuke like a true Kassadin

If we get Zhonya's Ring
Attack Damage: 88.3(manamune)+20(trinity)+35(guinsoo's)+123(Base Damage)=266.3AD Still pretty good
Ability Power: [120(zhonya's)+30(trinity)+93(guinsoo's)+55(nashor's)+80(RoA)]*1.25=472.5AP This is 214.5AP greater than if you use an infinity's edge, and you still have the nice high damage(don't forget about Trinity's Force's passive)

Build Order

1. Mana Crystal +2 Potions(hp/mp or hp/hp)
2. Tears of the Goddess
3. Manamune
4. Boots(basic)
5. Rod of Ages
6. Boots(Sorc. or Berserk)
7. Blasting Wand-->Guinsoo's Rageblade
8. Nashor's Tooth/Trinity Force
9. Trinity Force/Nashor's Tooth
10. Optionals

Early game you will mostly rely on nuking, so always try to get the AP part of the weapon before attack
For steps 8/9 it depends on the outcome and how fed you are, if you are superfed and wanna get the most expensive go for Trinity Force, or unless you need health(because you keep dying, bad). Otherwise get Nashor's Tooth first since you want to be able to ult whenever you can for escaping or chasing.


-First rule in laning: NEVER leave lane until you are level six and super low health
You need your ult to get around quick, and once you are level six you will be able to Riftwalk from base to your lane quickly and efficiently, this will also help add stacks to your Tears of the Goddess.
-Always try to use clarity as soon as possible when needed since it'll take time for it to be useable again
-Start harassing once your Null Sphere is level 2 because at level 1 it takes up too much mana and doesn't do enough damage. Only use Null Sphere at level 1 if they are about to harass you or if they getting too close for comfort.
-Once you get Force Pulse, save it til level 3 or unless it is necessary to cast it early to save your life. Same as Null Sphere, Force Pulse at level 1 doesn't dish-out enough damage for its mana cost, and it also takes stacks which may take a while early laning.
-Harass the squishiest or the champion without health regen/life steal.
I personally like mid since Kassadin is known for being the best 1v1 champ, and plus you wont have 2 enemies all up on your *** since ur squishy. Once you hit level 6 and they are low health, and you are at a good amount of health with enough mana, Riftwalk in their face and give them hell. This will certainly scare them ****less, and keep harassing like this at APPROPRIATE timing to keep them back. Once they are staying far away from you or tower hugging, stand behind their minion to deny them exp and gold. If they dare cross the line, make them pay. Once you got them turret hugging or your minions are pushing their turret, go around town and gank some *****ess. Also for tower diving, only dive if you know you can get in and out QUICKLY while guaranteeing the kill.

You can be great at harassing here too, just stay wayyy back since the enemy will plan to kill you early on. If the enemy's harassment skill is a target skill, then stay in bushes and smack em with your Null Sphere, right after you hit them get out then back into the bush so you will be restealthed quicker. If you plan on killing an enemy, plan it out with your teammate and have him lead(assuming you are level 6 with riftwalk). Try not to initiate with your ult since it'll leave you to die. And turret diving in a double lane is risky if an enemy has more than half health left and can CC.

Top/Bot Solo
This will usually happen when a teammate decides to jungle, this actually benefits you. During laning be very careful at the start, but later on you will be several levels higher than the two enemies you are laning against and you can easily take them out 1 by 1. Only problem is double laning against a combination of a tank/semitank or tank/tank since they can handle punishment quite well and deal decent damage.

Team Sausage Fests

It is important to remember not to initiate. Allow your teammate's tank or semitank to initiate since that's what they are made to do. What your job is suppose to be is hop behind the heavy armored champs and knockout the squishy-heavy-damage *****es that gives your team a hard time. The nice thing about being hybrid is that once your spells are on CD you can use your melee attack to do some serious damage. This is the beauty of being a hybrid.
Also don't be a **** run away while your team gets pummeled. Try to slow the enemies with your Force Pulse, silence their caster, anything to help your team escape and prevent the enemies to be fed. But although I say that, it doesn't mean you should risk your life to save another because you feel like such a great person inside-when you really aren't that great of a person.
And especially, don't be greedy. If you see a champ with 200 hp in a mob of tanks and heavy dps, don't go for the kill. If you do get the kill, you will end up dying(trading kills) or you will just be dead without getting any kills.