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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kerinith

Maokai- Utility /Tank /Harraser

Kerinith Last updated on April 11, 2011
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Hello this is Kerinith and I bring to you my first "Guide", Maokai- Utility /Tank /Harraser.It of course is not a set in stone guide. Please play it and comment before voting. I will be adding to this guide as time permits. So any constructive criticism is welcome.
Thank you

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Pros / Cons

- Great Initiator
- Very Underestimated
- With the right laning partner always has a self heal on hand
- Fun as all Heck
- Can turn the tides in team fights
- Can disrupt many ults on opposing team

- Not really a pure tank
- Semi-Item dependent
- Underestimated by your own team
- Different play style that is hard to get used to

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Summoner Spells

Because you are more Tank / Utility I find it best to use Teleport / Fortify. Although Teleport / Exhaust does work just as well if you find you are lacking in CC on the team.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence is of course your preference but with the above order I have found that you can harass more early game. And as the game continues your ability to set-up kills for your teammates just gets better.
Some players like to get Arcane Smash up as soon as they can for the slow. And that is a perfectly good thing to do, but I use it mostly for it's mini knock-back. And if you use it correctly you can get the knock-back and slow onto the same person.

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Now here is where people are gonna be like OMG WTF why did he get a CoH and ROFL why doesn't he get more health.
Easy first I get the CoH so you can spam your spells all game and not really have to worry about not having mana. Early game it makes him almost able to throw continuous saplings and late game it lets you keep your Ult up as much as you need it.
And I don't get more health because with your passive, amount of health regen you will have, and your Damage reduction via Items and spells you really shouldn't need alot of health.

Ok, down to Item build.

  1. First I start off with Meki Pendent and 2 health potions for the Mana regen to harass and the Lane staying power incase the other team can harass back.
  2. Then I normally port back at 500+ gold and get a Chalice of Harmony and if I have enough Basic boots
  3. Now you want to build up about 1000 gold and on your next trip back either get a Philosophers Stone or a Heart of Gold
  4. Next trip back get which ever of the last 2 items you didn't get and either start your Frozen Heart or Force of Nature depending on what the other team make-up is.
  5. finally I finish out the items in what ever order I see fit.
With the gold production of farming, assists, Items, and maybe a few kills you should be able to easily fill out all 6 items as fast as a true carry that is racking up massive amounts of kills.

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Team Work


Always try to lane with a high cast partner. The more casts that they throw out the faster that your passive pops and even with lowish health can sustain you in lane for quite some time.
The best partners I have worked with have been.

  1. Renekton - His Ability usage is often and his damage and stun sync well with your root and slow
  2. Jarvan - The harrassment and abilities of him sync real well with you.
  3. Lee Sin - His casts, ability to port to you and all play-style is good to work with.
  4. Ezreal - The shear number of casts and maneuverability make a great laning partner
  5. Karthus - Even though he is a mid lane toon if he does get pushed off to a side lane the massive amounts of casts, his slow, his aoe and his ability to do damage even after death make him a devastating laning partner.


Now of course your big thing in a team fight is the DAMAGE REDUCTION of your Ult. Not Really. Even though it does make for a great utility, your biggest asset is your root and knock-back / slow. Those two spells alone can make another team hate you. ANY channeled spell can be forcefully ended by Maokai. That means Katrina, Nunu, Fiddlesticks, Janna, Warwick and Malzahar will hate you with a passion. If you see any of these toons starting their ult slide over to them with your root and hit them with the backside of your slow to knock them up. Walla instant waste of a channeled Ult.

Now back to YOUR ult. A lot of people think this ult to be a little lackluster. Well it is if used incorrectly it can be. The placement of it needs to be done well to get the full effect out of it. Generally people tend to just center it over the team fight and let it go. NO you don't do it that way. Generally a good rule is to place the area around the team fight but put the majority of it where the other team would tend to run if things do go well. That way if you do see that carry get beat up and run away you have a little time to react and blow them up. The damage reduction is great but killing a running carry and doing decent amounts of damage to the remaining part of the team is just better.

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Other Things

As this is my first build please feel free to comment and help me make it better. At least in what information you want /need and overall layout. Any suggestions on Items and runes I will play with and see what they do for "THIS" type of play-style. Please do not comment here on AP builds and what not for this is not an AP build.
I will be adding:
1- Correct spell usage
3- Some character combos with the above toons that make the pair devastating.
4- A bunch of other nonsense