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Teemo Build Guide by Ensky

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ensky

Map Control Teemo.

Ensky Last updated on June 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hey there guys, this is my first ever build on MobaFire. I've decided to make on my most favorite champion. Teemo! I'm full aware of how diverse Teemo could be played. For example you can play him AP or DPS. I've tried many build with him at first, but I have finally found the way I love to play him. As you can tell Teemo is known as the "Swift Scout" Many people play him differently, but I feel that Map Control/ Speed movement is possibly the best way to use Teemo.

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What others might think/say.

Now before you say it, I know for sure people are going to say... "Map Control Teemo? That's stupid, Teemo should have Map Control... Or a "good" Teemo should be placing his Shrooms everywhere! Now here is the thing about that.. Many Teemos I've seen DO place shrooms around and about, but most Teemo play the role of the carry in some situations. Meaning that they focus more on killing with their poison darts or blinding darts rather then their mushrooms. Or once they place it, they continually forget to replace them. OR, they use the mushrooms to kill. (AP Teemo) I feel that Teemo should play the role of Support, giving his teammates the extra edge, so they can either initiate a team fight, pick off stragglers, or to be able to get the heck out before you get facerolled 1v5. The whole purpose of Teemo to me is to give that edge. Although some people do place shrooms in good places, they'll forget late game due to team fights. And later, they'll be pushing your inhib's while you are to defend. At this point it'll be too dangerous to go out, for who knows, you could get ganked. The whole purpose of this guide is to prevent that, so your team is the one pushing the enemy team.

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The role of Teemo

The role of Teemo is complete map control. When I say complete map control, I'm saying that you should be placing shrooms more often then being stuck in a lane. This will give your team the upper hand to necessarily everything. Ranging from Baron, to the jungle, to Dragon. But of course you shouldn't be absent from any team fight, for your blinding darts are extremely helpful.This guide is to open a new play style of Teemo, or should I say a more serious play style. Your team will be depending on you for sight on the enemy. Teemo can change the game around easily I believe. This is my guide on how to play Teemo.

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Pros / Cons


    Complete Map Control
    Fast movement speed
    Excellent DPS
    Mushrooms piss people off
    Could win certain team fights due to your mushroom placement
    Good farming ability

    Could be countered by Oracles
    Could be focused easily

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Summoner Spells

Ah, Flash is such a great summoner spell. This could get you out of ganks, or either get through walls to escape death. You could even finish your kills with this. Since you already have a built in ghost, I find this spell very useful to Teemo.

What can I say? Improved Exhaust is great for Teemo. Not only does it add a slow, weakens, AND reduces armor and magic resistance, it can completely shutdown any carry. This spell is your ace in the hole. Let's say you find an enemy team in your jungle that just stepped on your shroom. Move quick towards them, and then BAM, you come out exhaust + blinding darts? Complete shutdown. This is going to give you a lot of kills. What else could you possibly ask for?

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These are your core items. This will give you the attack speed and movement speed that your looking for. These are a key item to Map Control/ Speed Movement Teemo.

Boots of ol' mobility. These are important boots for Teemo. These will get you around the jungle extremely fast. Don't forget you have move quick as well. You'll be running around like a little midget that's on drugs or something... Oh wait.

Yes, Sword of Divine. Not only does it add a passive 100 bonus magic damage, but if you activate this little sucker, your attacks can't be dodged, AND an extra 30 Armor Penetration! How awesome is that?

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Skill Sequence

Now some people have been saying or are thinking.. Why blinding Darts at level 4? What if you go against a Vayne or a Xin Zhao? The reason why I chose to max this last, was because you should be focusing on last hitting. So when you "B", you'll have enough Gold to buy your items. As soon as you hit level 6, your going to be ganking and shrooming it up. This is the purpose of this guide. Not to carry and get tons of kills. To have complete Map Control.

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I chose to use the 21/0/9 masteries, because don't forget, your DPS Teemo as well. You might as well pick off some people while your shrooming, right? I have also found out that 9/0/21 masteries work as well, getting CD on Flash, and more movement speed. Both masteries are good, but I prefer 21/0/9 masteries, just because I wanna have some damage as well.

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These runes will rip apart your enemy's, shred their Armor with these babies, and you'll be hitting a lot more than usual.

These will add onto your attack speed. The more DPS, the better right? Attack speed runes are what gives you that little extra attack speed to make your darts fly a lot more faster then without.

Cool down reduction for your beautiful mushrooms and to move quick more often. Cool down is extremely good for Teemo.

These just add more Armor Penetration to add a little bit more upmh to your attacks. Watch your darts drain your opponents HP away with these babies.

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Mushroom Placement!

Things to remember!

    Try to grab blue first, before you start your shrooming spree!
    Remember, your a scout, so don't get caught so easily! Use the brush to help you!
    Don't try to go on rambo and place shrooms only in the enemy jungle, work on major places where people usually try to gank or get dragon!
    Use your passive to move more quickly and add more shrooms
    Have good Map Awareness, if you see the entire team go into the jungle, don't go in!
    Always wait until you get 3 mushrooms so this way, they'll die out at the same time. (Instead of you constantly moving back and forth)
    When you first start off, make sure to shroom the enemy's jungle and your side of the jungle first
    Make sure to switch lanes with your teammates often so you can shroom the other side of the map

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Team Work

Teamwork is necessary for Teemo. You'll be in and out of your lane, so you'll need someone to hold it for you while your gone, right? Tanks, Carries, AP Carries, or anyone who can solo is your perfect laning partner. You'll give them more farm while your away, and possibly more kills. BUT. Make sure they're comfortable having a semi-solo lane. If they're not, look for someone who wants the semi-solo lane or who is capable. Remember, you'll be in and out often, but make sure your not on the opposite side of the map. Make sure to switch lanes from top to bottom, or bottom to top. So this way you can add more shrooms instead of having the lane your in completely solo.

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Now, since you'll be out and about often, make sure you grab some of the creeps in the jungle. If the enemy has a jungler, make sure to be more careful and rather to steal some of his creeps. If you have a jungler on your team, ask them before you take them. You don't want your teammates to get mad at you for stealing their creeps! While your in lane, focus on last hitting, which shouldn't be so hard since you have poison darts. But remember, if you don't farm enough, you might end up behind levels, or just creep kills in general.

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This is how your going to get your items mostly. While your shrooming be aware of how the enemy team is doing. Are they at half HP? Did they use their summoner spells already? Take these factors into account as you watch for a possible gank. And of course, if your teammates asks for one, wait until they push up, and you can possibly get the kill/assist!

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Who do I focus in Team Fights?

Well, I usually tend to focus the carries/squishes in team fights. You just run in, throw exhaust, and watch they're HP drain away. If the enemy has an Oracles, I tend to focus for them first. Enemy's that have oracles > Other enemy's.(UNLESS!! If the Enemy is some unkillable tank, go for them last in the team fights) Oracles can counter Teemo to a certain degree, but I don't think that it is enough to completely shut down Teemo.

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How to counter the Enemy's counter!

We all know this by now, but Teemo can be countered with Oracles. But I figured a way that works usually 90% of the time. So let's say a ranged carry on the other team gets an Oracles. You see them killing your beautiful shrooms. What do you do? The question is simple really. If you place your shrooms out in the wide open, of course they'll kill them. But if you put them in the brush, 90% of the time, they'll step in it before they can actually see it. Now, your probably asking yourself, where do I place the shroom inside the brush? Anywhere? The answer to that is no. Your going to be placing it towards the outside of the brush where people will walk into as soon as they step into the brush. As soon as they step in BAM. Smacked by your shroom and you get some lovely sight on them. 90% of the time, they will step into before they can see it. 10% of the time, they'll have a fast reaction and step back and kill it.

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Things you should remember

Remember, your not rambo or anything, so make sure you don't go in and scream "FOR NARDIA" and try to start the team fight. This will literally get you killed so fast, that it won't even be funny. Remember, your fast, move around outside the battle rather than inside. You can 1v1 possibly anybody with exhaust so remember, you can 1v1. Once a shroom gets stepped on, make sure to replace it. AND, if the Enemy who has the oracles is a tank, don't be stupid and go for them, focus the squishes/carries in that situation. Focus the tanks after the carries are dead. Remember, common sense is key to playing Teemo. If your not careful enough, you'll most likely end of feeding.

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To sum it all up, I believe that Teemo excels in the support role. While this guide can get you many kills, you will have complete map control throughout the game. I hope you enjoyed my first guide, and I would greatly appreciate any feedback, comments, and some rating, and even a subscription! I'll be working very hard to give you guys better, well-thought out guides in the near future.

Thank you,