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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Vayne Build Guide by Silentnight29

AD Carry Marksman Vayne

AD Carry Marksman Vayne

Updated on July 2, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Silentnight29 Build Guide By Silentnight29 6,370 Views 1 Comments
6,370 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Silentnight29 Vayne Build Guide By Silentnight29 Updated on July 2, 2015
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Hello this is my first MOBAFIRE guide. I've been playing League of Legends since S2 and ranked since S4. At the moment I am D5 and in this guide I want to share my experience with you, so let's get started!
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These runes are pretty standard. Attack Damage for last hitting and trading, Attack Speed runes scale better with Vayne than flat AD but we need some AD in lane. We take 5 Attack Speed glyphs because we don't need more than 4 MR glyphs. If they have Zyra or another heavy magic damage support then you may take 9 MR glyphs.
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Best and standard for ADC's. You need 9 Points in defense. And of course we do put 21 points in offense since we are going to deal damage.
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Vayne has a pretty "one way to go" build. You start with Blade of the ruined King. This item is the best item for Vayne since it gives Life Steal, Attack Speed, some AD a nice active and passive which is one of the main reason why Vayne is a late game monster. Note that this item is more important than your boots so you may skip your boots to buy it. Buy boots before your second item.

Next we grab Phantom Dancer. A very good item which gives you Crit and Attack Speed. There is nothing more to say about this item because it gives everything we need. If your team lacks wave clear and you are behind, then you may consider taking Statikk.

Your next item depends if they have armor or not. If they dont have, take Infinity Edge. If they got some armor then take last wisper. Your next item will be the other which you didnt take. EXCEPTION: If they got many thornmails, then go for Bloodthirster instead of Infinity because you dont want to kill yourself.

As an Adc you normally take one defense item. As Vayne you often take Quicksilversash. I highly recommend to buy this item before your third item if they have strong cc.
Banshees Veil is a good item if they have hard engage like maphite ult.
You need a Guardian angel if you get insta deleted all the time and Banshees cant save you. This can be a fed rengar

Finally sell your boots for Zephyr if you are fullbuild.
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Skill Sequence

Maxing W will max your dps. Maxing Q is not recommended (although it gives you more stealth oppotunities during your ult). If you struggle in lane, then put 3 points in Q (QWEQQR...) and then go for W. 3 points, because it lowers the cooldown and it makes it easier to lasthit under turret. Maxing Condemn is useless. Skill R at 6, 11, 16.
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Early game

It is VERY important to farm well. You don't need to win early to be effective later on (you reach late earlier if you win your lane). If you manage to have a good farm, you'll be fine later on. Just don't give free kills and remember that you should not take free hits (which means you should hit back or just stay out of range of the enemy ADC). You depend a lot on your support. He can make your laning phase an easygoing or a nightmare. In a Vayne lane he's supposed to make it hard for the enemy bot lane to harrass you. But if you play like a ****** he can't make up for your mistakes so be smart and don't flame your support even if he fails from time to time. Early game is the hardest phase for Vayne. You need some games to figure out how you have to play to survive.

Mid game

As soon as you get your BotrK you can duel most ADC's IF they are not more farmed/fed than you. Just push your lane and apply pressure. Go with your team, if they need you (dragon etc). DONT TRY to 1v2 or make some flashy plays if you are not sure you can win, because it will give the enemy an advantage if you die.

Late game

This is where you are at your best. Thanks to your W and BotrK, tanks shouldn't be a problem at all and your kit allows you to duel most champs. Just go for it if you're sure you can get a free kill. If you die late game, it can be over, because your team won't likely win a 4v5.

Playing an ADC...

...means that you are not the frontline. You are in the backline and you are damaging from there. You always need to kite people around you. Apparently it is not really difficult as Vayne. Always remember: Hit, what's in front of you and don't dive in. Prioritize squishies over tanks if both have the same distance to you.
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Your kit allows you to duel other champs. Points to remember when doing this:
- Use your E correctly, whether to stun people or interrupt spells like Pantheon's W. This is actually the most important point. Landing a crucial condemn can be the main factor of the outcome of your duel.
- Use your BotrK. The heal and slow are amazing. It also makes it easier to aim for your E because you can simply position yourself better while they are slowed.
- Try to change directions every time you go into stealth. It makes you more unpredictable and confuses the enemy.
- Kiting is most important if against melees. Dont let them get near you. You have condemn, BotrK and your R + Q.
- Dodge incoming skillshots. You have + 90 Movement Speed if you chase them so use the amazing movement speed buff!
- Dont use your Q when you land your E stun, but right after it ends so they can't attack you.

In order to be succesful you need time and practice so stay positive and keep going!
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QSS rmeoves all debuffs from you. Simple but not always easy to use effectively. You may ask yourself "When should I use this?". Here are some points you should pay attention to:
- Use QSS if you get hit by a CC (e.g. Leona ult) and the enemy team can follow up.
- Use QSS if you would die to a dot (e.g Ignite)
- If you QSS a CC, immediately get out of there since they could put another CC on you. Also try to QSS as quick as possible, so it's harder to put another CC on you. (This may need some training)
- QSS does remove surpression (Malzahar / Urgot / Warwick)
- QSS doesnt remove Vi or Nautilus ult. You can't QSS knockups either.
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During your career as Vayne you will face many other ADC's. I'll list a few matchups and give some explanation to what you should pay attention to.


If you let him get kills early, you will probably suffer hard in lane. The key is to survive until you get a gank. His range isn't higher than yours so just avoid his Q by simply tumbling backwards. Remember not to trade if he has his Q up.
Keep in mind, that he has an insane burst. If you manage to dodge his Q or his ult, then you win. For example: After 6, if your Flash is up, you can all in him with your support. Don't do this if they have something like an Annie.


Super annoying to play against. Generally you just want to farm and wait for a gank. His damage is strong early and even better late (He can one/two shot you). But here is how I lane against a Draven. Draven players tend to harrass you with their Q up. So having a Janna or a Nami as a support will mitigate the incoming damage AND it allows you to trade back. In the early stages of the game he does not have a lot of Attack Speed. So you mitigate his first attack and fire back 3. "but Silentnîght! How??" As he hits you, you hit back.(1) Then you tumble and get a second hit off(2). Now he has to walk back to get his axe. Hit a third time or E him away so he misses his axe. Repeat this a few times and he can't trade with you anymore. With Nami you even have a really good sustain.


If you manage to tumble his Q in lane, you win the trade. He is a lane bully so you should try to farm until 6 or wait for a gank. Don't give up any free kills and you are fine after 6. You outscale him and he can't do much against you if you have a lead once.


Her range is super annoying. Try to farm until 6. You can do the same trick we used against Draven. But this time you have to E her away because her high range will allow her to hit you back if you just try to walk away. Keep in mind that it costs a ton of mana to pull this off. Also don't let her hit you with her Q. Once you get a lead, she shouldn't be a problem anymore.
Note that it is important not to take free hits!

*more matchups coming soon*
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Always remember you are an ADC and do not dive in 1v5.
Playing Vayne is not easy and you need time to improve yourself, so don't be frustrated only because you fail once. Even pro players have bad games. Just keep trying.

This guide isn't complete yet. I will update it over time :)
Thanks for reading.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Silentnight29
Silentnight29 Vayne Guide
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Marksman Vayne

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