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League of Legends Build Guide Author sako

Mastering Olaf [JUNGLE/TANK/DPS]

sako Last updated on May 1, 2011
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Olaf is the best DPS jungler, and will be a valuable asset to any team. He can dish the most amount of damage out of all the junglers and all of his skills aid him in doing so.

With this build i have literally 1v5 teams and scored pentakills, too bad there is no replay system i can't prove it, but you can always try this build for yourself and see if you can do the same. GL :) with this guide, you probably wont need it.

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AD QUINTS and MARKS very important, dont need any extra health because you want less health at the start to use Olaf's passive.

I find mana regen seals, even though i have blue buff, since when i occasionally don't have it, it assists me with mana for axes to throw (WHICH IS VERY IMPORTANT). This can be replaced with Armor seals if you want.

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Skill Sequence

It is VERY important that a good Olaf player master his ability to throw axes. It deals very generous amounts of damage and applies the extremely important slow. Too many Olaf players I see rely on Frozen Mallet to keep units in range when I've found that it isn't even needed. The slow on undertow is perfect if you can continually pick up and throw to keep up with fleeing champions, just make sure you don't miss - thats the only difference between securing a kill and letting them run away.

The second point in vicious strikes at level 3 is not needed, but it is helpful for early jungling and helps survivability, if you feel you don't need it then get another point in your undertow which is way more important.

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After you have finished your Ghostblade the fun really starts to begin, you become an absolute unstoppable force and your DPS just sky rockets through each of the enemy champions heads. Many games you will find you will not need anymore items. Ghostblade is invaluable, it helps jungle, kill turrets, chase and most important deal MASSIVE amounts of DPS to fleeing champions.

Warmog's is what I choose to maximize health to improve Vicious strikes, it gives the most health to boost the stats substantially. Most people get a frozen mallet, and that is an option but if you are proficient at throwing your axes then warmogs is the way to go. It will make you harder to kill, it will make you hit harder all the while you gain more and more health as you gain stacks. I say, frozen mallet can wait.

Now, this is usually the end of the game but to put the cherry on top of the cake, I get an Atmas impaler. I cannot get over, how well this goes with vicious strikes and warmogs...its a perfect combination and its the best only for Olaf. By the time you get this you should have almost fully stacked your warmogs with the blood of a 30 dead champions, Atmas will just take your damage way over the top, they should implement a new visual effect for Olaf in the game simply because when you get this item, you are now god.

To finish it off, you get an instant 700 extra health with your now abundant amount of bloody gold, buying your not even needed frozen mallet as the finisher. No one, can run from you, they can flash, ghost, teleport what ever.. nothing will be fast enough to get away from your MASSIVE onslaught now. As an added bonus you get more damage from your atma. If olaf had an evil laugh, this is where he would use it.