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Nocturne Build Guide by Avagantimos

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Avagantimos

Melee burst?

Avagantimos Last updated on April 15, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi, this is my first build I have done, so please be gentle because this is my first guide it will lack some style or flare other guides may have.

Nocturne is one of my favorite champions and the first one I bought. Due to Nocturne`s low health and low armor/magic resi. he can be easily pushed out of a team fight or is the first one targeted.

This guide will show how to own, and if you only have your nexus turrets left? well if you use this you can win

NOTE: the above statement is true with this guide i was able to lead my team to victory when the other team had 4 towers besides the nexus towers

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Summoner spells

The reason behind the heal and clarity? Simple the heal is to (somewhat) make up for the lack of armor we have by helping escape a CC at low health. The clarity may not be something you may like but note this is (for me anyways) a safety net because most of the time early and mid game (levels 1-11) most of the time when a kill is in sight I have no mana for Duskbringer and the kill eludes me. A possible replacement for clarity if you think the above problem wont effect you include

Surge- grants extra haste and damage great to help your kill if you think they might escape soon after you start a fight

Flash- helps you get away and is a nice gap closer

Exhaust- helps get those pesky ghost/fast champions when they start to escape

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first things first buy Doran`s shield for the extra armor and head on out to your lane. Now during the lane-ing phase consintrate on getting last hits on minions and poke with Duskbringer accordingly (try to line up low health minions up with the champion your poking for faster gold) NOTE* Unless you have a partner with a stun or a opponent`s HP is lower than 30%, is a high priority target and the team will benefit greatly from his/her death and with (possibly) you and you have full health NEVER tower dive for the kill as at level 1 the tower can kill you in 4 shots at full HP and will leave you with less than 1 bar of health and easy pickings for anybody who might be nearby.

After 14 or so minutes (depending how many kills you have gotten) you should have enough for the BF Sword and the Berserker`s Greaves (personally I like to buy them both at the same time but if you find your damage needs to be boosted or your getting chased to much buy 1 of the 2 items accordingly) now here is where things start to get fantastic as soon as you have both items with you you are now ready to gank if needed. Keep doing what needs to be done (ganks defending ect.) until you can buy Inf. Edge. (buy the pickax when you can for extra damage) Now that we have Inf. Edge we should be able to kill anyone who has overextended without worry (someone with high burst and relatively high health I.E Heirmedinger should not be approached if he/she is very skilled) you should be set to own as long as stay with someone (so when you escape certain death they have someone else to kill) buy in this order: BF Sword to get Bloodthirster 2 phantomdancers (the extra phantomdancer is to replace our boots we will sell after we sell Dorain`s shield when you ran out of room) and now where you become godly the Ionic Spark then finally buy the Ghost Blade. If needed these items can be bought in any order the above is just my preferred choice

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Skill Sequence

This part will be divided into what to do depending on the health of the opponent and is using the default key settings

Full to scratched- E,W(if they have harmful spells),Q,Q,E and if they attempt to escape and you have vision on them, or if someone is trying to KS use R

Half- R,E,W(if needed),Q and if you have full build should have them dead assuming they have not built tanky

Almost dead- R,Q and then they should be dead from your auto attacks
Note* Unless it is Tryndamere or Anivea who has her egg buff on do not use your ult as they might be able to escape due to Trynd`s ult and Anivea who could have teammates nearby coming to help use your ult when they attempt to flee

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Pros / Cons

Pros- Amazing 1v1 and even 1v2 (depending on who the other person is) capability
100% crit rate
Over 500 damage assured per hit meaning with our attack speed its over 1k damage per second
great sustainability from life steal
can take down towers with 1 minion wave as a shield
great ganks
epic chaser

Cons- weak to great amounts of burst
Low health
virtually no def capability if caught off gaurd
No escapes
during team fights you may get targeted first

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Team Work

this really boils down to the usual stuff spotting M.I.A.s defending towers if needed don`t go off alone during late game unless everyone on the team is accounted for and is being handled correctly

The most important thing is to not KS if you can help it I.E if someone is about to kill an enemy and will get the kill don`t rush in and deprive them of a earned kill

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This is what you should be doing all throughout early and mid game when not poking or securing kill and not wasting time on someone who will escape

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Ranked Play

I have not used this build in ranked play as I am not level 30 so if someone who is try this build out and let me know how it goes tell me and i will include what you say along with your in game name and/or Mobafire name will be included in the "Thanks to" section

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Thanks to

Thanks to JhoiJhoi her guide that helped me write this can be found here-

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If there is anything you would like me to change due to updates, spelling/grammatical errors, or something you would like me to cover or cover in more detail please let me know as I will be happy to do so, also if you are unsure of what this should look like in game please feel free to add me to your friends list my name is the same here as it is in-game