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League of Legends Build Guide Author Melooo

Melooo's Vladimir AP

Melooo Last updated on January 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Alrite this is my first build,so try not to be too harsh on me as I'm nor pro nor better than you, I just wanna give you a little hint about how Vladimir could be played (plenty of other way to use him) and how it works for me.

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Magic Penetration is a must have for a champion who can harass that early and easily. It will be much appreciated for both harassing and killing, you just can't avoid that.

x 9
As he gets Magic Penetration, Vladimir needs AP to be a good harasser. He'll get Seals and Quints.

x 9
Once again, early game is decisive for you and your team. Vladimir has a very good ability to be a damn pain in the *** early and mid-game, and the cooldown reduction will allow you to spam your Q and later on your E to get the job done. You'll end up with 2.4s cooldown on your Q by mid game without Spirit Visage, which is just ridiculously low.

x 3
Quints could be many things for Vladimir : Life, AP etc. I chose AP since with those runes you'll be very annoying to your lane opponents and will give you a huge asset to win the first part of the game.

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Summoner Spells

With the described item build and the runes, Ignite will really help you with the Early Game kills. If you don't really succeed at using it, you can sacrify Ignite for an escape which might benefit you more in the late game.

Most of Vladimir's builds include Ghost : mine don't as Flash has statistically given me more kills/saves than Ghost. Sure Ghost not only help you with escaping but with the pool's speed, but it's easy to spot when activated. Playing Vladimir will often create situations where you could pwn your lane opponent but you can't cause of tower. Just Flash, hit REQ and get back with W which gives you the skill and the right to be alive.

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Skill Sequence

I won't get too deep in that as it's a complete no-brainer.

Transfusion HAS to be maxed out as early as possible as it's Vladimir's biggest weapon.

Sanguine Pool will get a first step at level 2 as you need the escape/slow early if you get ganked or do gank.

Tides of Blood can be very interesting but spamming it will really lower your HP.

I'd rather then equilibrate between the pool and the tides so that you can use the first one to kill/escape and the second to get some more damage during fights or last hit creeps when nor transfusion nor auto-attack can do the job.

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[*] This build is based around AP, and a +20 AP boost on the start is just what suits Vlad. He could get some more HP, but his Transfusion just make you stay on the lane for ever considering the damage/heal amounts given by your tome.
Health Pot could be completely useless if you don't have that of a big harasser on your lane, as his damage will easily be compensated by Transfusion. If you have no real threat against you, just don't pick the pot and save the precious 35po.

[*] No-brainer if you're going with AP. You do need the Magic Pen boost (together with your runes) to start being harmful on your lane and for later in the game. Cooldown reduction boots are pretty useless with Vlad as his Transfusion will have only a 2.4s cooldown when maxed out.

[*] I've been picking up the mask lately and I've been really pleased with its power at early-mid game. You end up with +48.55 Magic Penetration and some reasonable AP at mid-game and your transfusion will just consume your ennemies' health with a 2.4s cooldown - can it get any better ?

This is where your awesomeness starts. One could discuss about picking up two of them : lack of health and armor. So yeah, sure if you're focused all the time, die too much or don't have any teammate who can you help performing better with heavy stuns, silence or whatever, you'd better skip one of those. Warmog/Spirit Visage will definitly be more suited. But if you're doing OK-Good, well 2 Caps will just make you incredible. Your transfusion will be as effective as any other nuke from other champions, but yours has 2.4s cooldown and no cost xD

Considering the low AP boost from this late game item, you prolly understood it was more about the spell vamp. And hell yeah that spell vamp is good ! It gives you better regeneration on your Transfusion and the 'hit and run" tactic will turn them all crazy.
This item can be acquired earlier if you feel you need more harassment than killing power at mid game.

One or the other, really depending on the situation. Whereas Warmog will give you big HP and a small AP boosts, Spirit Visage will provide you more resistance, higher lifesteal and lower cooldown. As you can prolly ignore the cooldown reduction, the resistance can be very important late game.

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Lane/Team fights

Different builds already explain greatly how to act as a Vladimir. I won't get too much into that, even though I'll just quote the main points :

- Try to always have Transfusion on cooldown.
- Use Transfusion to last hit and harass before your firsts shop runs.
- Harass with Tides of Blood and Transfusion become crazy with your Boots and your Mask - spam !
- Remember that your Ult takes 5 secondes to harm. Use it as early as possible before you or your teammates could be in danger.
- Adapt your last items according to how dangerous your opponents are.
- Do not forget your Ignite early and mid game !

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Alrite hope you appreciate it and you'll be pwning with Vladimir and have as much fun as I have playing that bastard :p

Constructive comments are welcome, the others are just not.