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League of Legends Build Guide Author CombatBoots

MF - Solo Mid Control

CombatBoots Last updated on February 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction to MF - Solo Mid Control

Miss Fortune is still one of the best farmers in the game. And farming the right items with her early on, can lead to devastating results for the other team.

This build is structured around staying alive solo mid, no matter who you are against, and farming last hits. It takes practice, but if you can master the dance, you'll be a huge asset to your team by farming yourself to relevancy, not dying, and keeping your tower sparkly new.

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Runes - Speed Kills Them Faster

I take flat attack speed runes because it helps apply debuff's faster or time those last hit minions, pure and simple. Like cool-down reduction or pure attack damage, its pretty versatile.

No matter what item build you have to swap depending on your team, having greater attack speed will help you early and mid game. It also comes in very handy when jungling.

I also get Quints of movement speed. This is also very strategic. Movement speed is easy enough to get through items, but with diminishing returns. Movement spreed in quints is a flat buff, and quits are the only place to get it w/o spec'ing full support. It's also critical to early game domination.

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Masteries - It's all about the Minions (dying)

I take 22 0 8 for a simple reason. I want to farm mofo fast, and getting the extra XP from Support is useless at level 18, it's very helpful getting there in style. Because that's what we all care about right? Wins and Style Points along the way. :P

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Summoner Spells - Flash and Ignite FTW

I never take anything other than Flash and Ignite. It's mostly a matter of style, but playing this build requires you to dance a lot. In the chance that you miss-step, flash can save your ***, pure and simple. Or, if people take too much risk against you and pressure you too deep, flash and ignite can easily get you FB, if you know when to use them.

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Items - Why I get Boots First

I get boots first. I always get boots first. This is critical to your success as solo mid and plays into the prime directive : Never Get Hit. Not by arrows, not by javelins, not by traps, not by cleavers, not by Q's, W's or E's. Just dodge those suckers. Never Get Hit.

If you don't get boots first, or don't like dancing about and last hitting creeps, this build is not for you.

But if you want to drive your opponent crazy, this is the rage maker build to rely upon.

With MF's ability to run fast (as long as she does not take damage) and the move quints, you can basically dance around any situation early game mid. If you can't, then check your mouse or practice more at not sucking (and I mean that lovingly).

Because with practice, you should be able to dodge just about any hero spell out there. The target ones are also easy to dodge, because you just dance (temporarily) out of range. And when the other hero realizes you are out of range, you instantly come back in and take a pot shot at them if you can. One hit won't do a lot of damage, but it just keeps the honest.

Example : People who play Vlad, he seems so (cough annoyingly cough) popular these days, often rely on harass to push their opponent back or keep them weak while healing themselves. Well, the thing is, not many Vlad who do this are able to say to themselves, ok, so I can't hit her, i might as well patiently lane control or just keep the lane pushed and hopefully take out the tower early. Most of them get frustrated and take greater and greater risks. This sounds crazy, but it's almost always true. A dancing dodging annoyingly fast MF can be a burden to play against, even with that stupid can't target-you-pool-of-blood. Just get out of the way. Blood makes your shoes messy anyway (and therefore slows you!) and no one wants that now do they?

This is also why I take Impure Shots and Rain of Bullets first. 1: Impure shots helps A LOT with minion kills (also see masteries, as I buff minion shots there too). 2: Rain of Bullets helps protect your tower from the inevitable push. Most people will instinctively (correctly) run BACK and OUT the moment you cast Rain of Bullets. But don't target the hero, target the back three minions and if you can, the front three also. Use this sparingly, as it will not kill them outright, but if you have Impure Shots high enough, you can Rain once and hit each back minion with one shot for all 3 kills. Gold = Yummy.

I do NOT take Double Up for two reasons. 1 : it's unpredictable. You can say to yourself; self, if I hit this minion here, it SHOULD bounce to that minion or that hero there" and it sounds like a totally logical argument. Best laid plans of mice and men . . . But the truth is it just doesn't. And 2 : It got nerfed (big time). Now believe me, before the nerf, Double Up was OP. Even with the occasional miss, it was still worth it to spam that sucker as it did nice damage to a hero sitting (or so they thought) out of range. But post nerf, just not worth the mana / harass / farming reduction. Stick to the plan, dodge spells, last hit everything, and rain to protect the tower. Do not be afraid to Ult if needed.

So this is a lot of the strategy of how this build works in the section titled "Items - Why I get Boots First", but it's critical that you adopt a play STYLE for this build. Defensive Dancer, Annoyingly Out of Range, Spell Dodger, Tower Protector. Just remember, to call Mia's when your opponent goes elsewhere to look for a kill.

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Items - The Rest of the Stuff

Sooo, item build is very dependent on how successful you are at A : farming, B: not dyihng, C: killing people, D: jungling in your free time, and C: how well your allies are able to take down towers and / or kill the dragon.


Early game, you want to make boots relevant to your team / opponents. Assuming you never ever get hit, Attack Speed boots would make the most sense. But, lets be honest, you will get hit, stunned, targeted, and harassed at every opportunity. The 25 MR and CC - Reducer of Mercury Treads is just too important to pass up. Also, just like the movement speed quints, Mercury Treads are the only place to get this. Exclusive deals are usually exclusive for a reason. Go Mercury or Go Stupid.


Damage items are key for MF, as it buffs her ult. Although her other skills have AP attributes, no one in a team battle is going to be thankful that your one time ricochet does an extra 200 ap damage. It just won't happen. Her ult, channeling as it is, does take some practice (esp due to the nerf of the cone shape) in aiming, if you can land it with enough damage behind it, you will help out a LOT in a team situation.

So, get damage items.

As I mentioned, depending on your and your teams ability to make gold, you might swap a few items in the build rotation, but a bloodthirster is a decent place to start. Honestly, I often go straight for BF sword after boots and "go from there". I don't always make them in that order, but a cleaver or thirster is usually up there in rank.

If you do your early game right, skipping right to a BF sword is often a possibility.

Answer : that depends. If the other team skips past your tanks, ignores other team members, and your team doesn't do anything to prohibit them from getting in your face, a GA or a Banshee's Veil will help a LOT. I know that VEIL blocks a spell, and that's crucial to keeping your channeling ult going. HOWEVER Veil blocks the NEXT spell, no matter what it is. Sooooooo, it does not sit there waiting for a spell that would cancel your ult, it just blocks w/e comes along. Unpredictable. Remember, this is Control build. Your job is to never be in harms way, always control where you are, and defend your tower for as long as you can. Never Get Hit. In the chance that you do, I've just found GA to be a better item, esp if your team does not have a Zil (not like he'd cast his ult on you neway, but just sayin).

If the other team seems to let you shoot off a hollerin and a hooting with disregard for your damage, then screw defense and get w/e gives you more damage and the ability to kick ***. A seconds thirster, starks fever (if you have other AD or Hybrids), Madreds, Phantom Dancer (helps with movement) or even a Frozen Mallet will help. If you are able to make this choice, you are probably on your way to winning anyway.

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Items - For the Love Of God Don't Underestimate Consumables

Potions, Wards, Elixirs.

If you are the only ranged person on your team, and there is a need to get one of these (teemo shroom, other wards, etc. etc.) do not hesitate to get an oracle. It will help your save your life, clean out shrooms, and make a pretty sparkle above your head.

If you are full on items, remember to buy the other elixirs, agility, fort, etc. An extra agility before a team push can help, even if you are not full.

As this build plays solo mid defensive control style you will not need to worry about the from behind gank (much), so wards is not that critical early game, but mid / late game, plopping down a few key wards is a key strategic move. You or your team must engage in proper ward-dom.

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Summary - Never Get Hit

In summary, this build is about defensive control of the mid lane and never getting hit by your opponent.

Due to MF's speed boots, the rune build and first item boots, you can live a LONG time mid and farm the f*** out of that lane.

If you happen to drive your overly aggressive nerd-rage-tendency-opponent over the edge and he/she pushed too far, or over extends, do not hesitate to take thier life. Don't spend time typing or sayign thank you, cuz that takes away from farming or concentrating on last hitting.

I am being honest here. If you are not a patient player, this may be a tough build for you. You have to play smart, play strategic, and dance like mad. If you can't do those things, try WW jungle or go play YuGiO or MTG with your friends, drink some rums and cokes and call it a day (GTFO). But, if you are patient, and learn how to dance, this can be a very rewarding and challenging build.

Best of luck to you all!