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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MidnightFenrir

Midnight's Twitch The Team Player Guide.

MidnightFenrir Last updated on July 27, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Twitch the Team player.
This guide is intended for people who wish to have Twitch as a main champion to play as. This guide is not intended to help the lower leveled players who are learning the game. Infact, I make this guide for people who believe that Twitch is useless as a team player and as well as a useless champion in ranked games. You either love Twitch or you hate him.

Authors Notes
I'v been looking at some of these Twitch guides, and all I can say is wow. I made this guide to help us higher leveled summoners. I'm going to say this right now. With this guide you are not going to get 22/2/18. Don't even think about it. That's right, I'm talking about a 5vs5 Premade RANKED game. This guide would still apply to normal games as well. I caution you that Twitch is NOT over powered. He has low health, a very squishy rat and will always be the first one who will be attempted to get shut down first. Fear not fellow players, Shall we show those silly players how its done eh? I personally believe that you should ONLY follow this guide if you believe that you are committed to play as Twitch for a main. Knowing your champions limits by heart and knowing when you can fight, and when you cannot will either make you the dominating rat of on the battlefield, or the dead rat of the battlefield. Lets get started.

Before you pound me on why there is no armor penetration. I personally believe the 412 crit every other arrow will make up for the armor that gets penetrated. Attack speed + Crit + Life steal makes you a force be reckoned with when we face a tank such as rammus or shen.

-Dying will apply benefits to the team.
-Great ambusher
- A second set of eyes for the team.
- Back dooring changes the tide of battle
- Effective team battler.

-Hard to master
-Oracle will make it just a bit harder.

Summoner spells:

What you NEED.

Teleport: This is an option, but is my number one choice. If you plan on taking the middle lane, which I always do, I expect you to take this. Why? Early game you can always stay in the middle lane and out-creep kill the opponent. Another benefit to this is to quickly push a lane, teleport to a different lane and push another.

Flash: Consider this you're finishing move or you're get out of jail free card. Use this wisely. I can't explain to you how many times flash has helped me get that last kill for the ace or how many times I had to get out of a 4vs1 situation.

Things you COULD have.

Ghost: This can replace you're flash spell. I would consider ghost more of a chasing option. Use this if you are confident that you will have 90% control of the communication with you're team.

Heal: I wouldn't honestly recommend this, but you can still use it if you are scared of dying alot. Which you shouldn't if you follow this guide.

Exhaust: You may replace this with flash if you wish to pick off champions 1 on 1 to confirm a kill.

Cleanse: Something to consider aswell if you really are having a hard time vs any stun heroes

What you should NOT have

Ignite: Just no, don't even think about it. Stop right here.

Revive: You best be joking there junior.

Smite: The day a twitch can jungle is the day pigs fly.

Fortify: Leave this spell to the support/tank.

Rally: Nope.

Clairvoyance: This spell is a big deal for premades. Let the support/tank handle this. You need to worry about yourself not feeding the enemy.


So you are gonna ask me why NOTHING but attack speed almost and why are you going for crit items. I'll tell you why and very simply trying to get this in you're head. Twitch's abilities already give him increased attack speed, and with you're runes you should do everything malady thought it could do. Doing 512 Crits every other arrow takes the enemy champion down in a matter of seconds. CRITS also increase life steal. A 2vs1 Shouldn't be a problem with you.

Early game Lvl 1-8

Alright, first item you get is the vamp scepter. Then you should carefully build in for the Executioners calling. Why? You got the life steal you need and the crit. Probably one of the only options for Twitch because it will increase you're chances of surviving early game. DO NOT attempt to get a early kill until lvl 6-8. You are permitted to shoot 1 or 2 arrows at the enemy champion who is taking middle with you. You cannot show the other person that you are not aggressive. If you show yourself as a completely defensive Twitch. They will take so much advantage of you early game. An example would be an ezreal blasting you with his skill shots. Concentrate you're time getting last hit kills on minions and trying to out-creep the opponent. If you are doing very well heading back to base and get you're boots of mobility. YOU DO NOT NEED BERSERKERS GREAVES because of you're runes. I find this the most effective way of being across the entire map in a matter of a few seconds. You're boots will be your friends because no one should be able to out run you if you setup yourself correctly. While you are taking middle lane I recommend stealthing and using stealth as a farm tool due to increase attack speed. When you hit your should stealth and head for a different lane to get an early kill. Middle lane won't call MIA right away (or atleast shouldnt) because he should be used to you using stealth for a long time, then coming out to kill minions to farm. Deceiving the middle laner is key before they can group up. Never let your mana run low. Try to get golem to keep it up to continue without coming back to base.

Mid game 8-14

By now you should start communicating with you're team and start clocking kills. That's if you are communicating with you're team. YOU are only AS good as YOU'RE team. By now you should be heading into a phantom dancer and you're scepter. Phantom dancer should help you with attack speed and crit. Doing 312-419 Crit every other arrow will dominate the enemy.

Late game 14-18

This is really if the game lasts this long. I would say you should be done with you're bloodthirster and be going into your infinity edge. You may either go Infinity or another blood. If you are doing not so hot in the game, I recommend the extra life steal. If you are on the offensive, then go Infinity. Depends on the situation.

Champions to avoid killing alone:


Pretty much any tank with insane taunt and stun. We don't have much Armor Pen so tanks are gonna be a problem with us. Fear not.

Countering the tanks:

Yes yes I know. Tanks....our enemy. This is where you become a shining star. Try to catch tanks off guard and follow them. You can't take him alone, but if you catch him off guard for atleast 10 seconds. TALK TO YOUR TEAM. Prepare yourself for a gank on him. You are the second pair of eyes for your team.

Countering THE ORACLE!:

Ruins some of the fun for us. They will probably attempt to shut you down quickly. Fear not. The way I counter this is think of it this way. If I don't try to gank early....and I DON'T let them get 1 kill on me. I'm 400 gold automaticly starve the enemy. Although you don't get the early feed you need and you are starving as well. You get that extra crumb of bread than what he has. Eventually you will catch them off guard, and then they will ask themselves at the end of the game. "Where the Oracles really worth it?". Premades usually get paranoid and will ALWAYS have 1 oracle on there team. Fear not like I said, follow the steps and remain calm. Tell you're team to concentrate all fire on the oracle carry. But remember. Taking the biggest threat is first priority than getting the oracle carry. Usually oracle carries are tanks. There slow but hard eggs to crack. Stay cool and calm and you will get him.


Never risk you're life to save a friend when its 3vs1. If you have ANY doubt that you can't save him. DON'T DO IT. You are a team player, and if he got into a sticky situation then its HIS fault. Do not risk yourself to die to someone elses stupidity.


Cheap? Maybe. Effective? Yes. Never doubt it, do it when you're team is at the disadvantage. Divert the attention of the enemy team thats probably pushing the last middle tower. This let's you're team regroup and handle the minions and get the dire situation under control. If you die, ITS OKAY. REMEMBER! IF YOU DIE...YOU RESPAWN, THE TOWER DOESN'T.

Final thoughts

I'll be adding more and more as I get the time, I made this guide with as much time as I had. I will be updating this guide as patches come in the future and will also try to improve the guide.