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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nine

Miss Fortune: Crit ownage.

Nine Last updated on September 13, 2010
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Hello, and welcome to my second guide. As mentioned on my first, any spelling/grammar errors are to be blamed on me being Greek, so try to be kind enough to overlook them.
This time, it's all about Bilgewater's Miss Fortune.
I decided to write this after trying out several builds I found on here, that for me, they simply didn't work.

Pros of Miss Fortune:

    High damage.
    High critical chance and critical damage.
    AoE Slow.
    AoE Ultimate.

Cons of Miss Fortune:
    Even more squishy.

Part 1 : Manamune sucks.
Why? Because sure it helps with her mana problem, but it doesn't take care of her main needs which are high damage, critical chance and the ability to stay on the lane for a tad longer early and middle game . All games I've tried with it I failed epically and all MFs I saw with it did so as well.

Part 2 : The actual guide.

Start off with a Vampiric scepter and head mid. Use your Double Up whenever you get the chance to harass your opponent with it (For example when the whole creep wave is dead and there's one last left and they are close enough for the 120% damage). If done right, until level 6 you'll have them low enough to flash in, use your exhaust and finish them off with your Bullet Time.

Return to base whenever you have enough to buy your BF Sword. Remember though, that's not always a must. If the enemy team doesn't have much beef and you don't think the extra damage is needed that much, get a zeal first instead of the BF for all the goodies it gives.Personally, I don't return to base until I have enough for both a BF Sword and a Zeal, unless I'm forced to. From this point on, you know the deal. Get some kills, help your teammates by clearing their lanes, carry the game as you would with any other carry champion, finish your dancers and have fun. Once you get your IE, that's it, game over for the opponent team.
Remember to get yourself a Lizard buff (and maybe a Golem if you think that's needed) because the slow from it will make your life much easier.

In short, MF is an AD+Critical based champion. Her Strut makes it possible for us to skip the boots early game and go straight to the important parts of this build.
If played right and smart, you will be entering team fights almost as soon as they start, be getting most of the kills and leaving them with only a few scratches (if any).

Part 3 : Q&A
Q: Why skip the boots until endgame?
A: She doesn't need them. Her strut and items will make up for the lack of them.

Q: Why those summoner spells?
A: Originally I tried ghost+flash because I wanted to be as agile and as able to escape potential rapes as possible. Then I tried ghost+ignite, which are the summoner spells I choose for my Vlad and Garen.The outcome? Melees could easily kill me and people were still getting away from me because they had ghost+flash themselves. The blind+slow combo from exhaust makes escaping/hunting 10 times easier and flash just makes you more ninja-like, which is what she needs if you consider how squishy she really is.

Q: Why those runes and masteries?
A: About the runes, I went for CD reduction because together with Sorcery from your masteries, it will make you able to use your ulti more often. Armor penetration to deal with those beefed out or to simply watch the squishies go bye bye in a few hits.
And the mp5 because of the lack of a manamune (explained in part one >__>).
About the masteries, being able to re-spawn ,regenerate and exp faster as well as being able to deal some extra damage never hurt anyone, right? I completely skipped the defense tree as she's way too squish and it simply wouldn't make a noticeable difference if I leveled there.