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League of Legends Build Guide Author Novellae

Miss Fortune- CUASE I'M WORTH IT!

Novellae Last updated on May 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Utility: 9

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I got tired of seeing all the MF builds that always seem to suck or bleed your mana dry before lvl 3, so I decided to make this. This build has worked AMAZINGLY every time I use it. It offers a nice blend of survivability and raw kiling power, without bleeding you mana dry during the laning phase. With this build you can easily dominate early game, mid game, and late game. HOWEVER, as a fore warning if you get hit by CC you pretty much have to sit and auto attack, because if you run, you don't attack, which means no lifesteal, which means you die. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. (Also this is my first build so if I dont have all that fancy stuff others do, tell me how to add it or take it as it is)

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Pros / Cons


-Great early-mid-late game presence
-works well in any and all lanes
-great early-mid game movespeed(believe me it is FAST)
-massive AoE damage ult mid/late game
-great tower pushing early-mid game(and late game because you are carry herp derp)
-CUTS HP REGEN (no need for executioner's calling or ignite)
-Exhaust for those pesky aniti carries
-Nice survivability due to runes, Guardian Angel, and Bloodthirster
-AoE slow
-GREAT FARMING begining around lvl 5
-Guardian Angel=second chance to own that pesky burst damager

-one Crowd Control and you are basically toast(very tasty well formed toast)
-Lacks straight health
-Lacks on hit slow like Ashe (you can opt for the slow hammer as one of you rlate game items if need be)
-Lacks stun
-NO ESCAPE SKILL(aka ground flash, this is why if you get hit by any form of crowd control you basically die)
-This build can not make up for for idiot teammates that feed(maybe for idiot teammates, but not ones that feed)
-This build does not work if you are a ***** and like running away from fights (running=no lifsteal=nosurvivability=dead)

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The Armor penetration marks and quints are fairly straight forward. At lvl 1, combined with your masteries, you have around 31 armor pen. Yah. Your attacks do A LOT.

Next up are seals. I tend to favor the straight armor seals, because I love to have that extra protection and survivability early game. If you find you do not have a problem early game surviving (e.g. you have pro teammates) then feel free to grab the armor per level seals instead. This is because MF is squishy. You can grab attack speed if you would like, but personally I like to be alive rather than dead.

Finally we have our glyphs. Magic res. You need it. People like to nuke you. I prefer the res per lvl runes simply because by level 10 the straight ones are outdone by the per level runes. Magic res is pretty much the only thing standing between you and death. I stress this to no end.

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You are DPS. You need to play DPS. That means doing as much damage as possible. Grab 21 in offense for that extra 5 % along with armor pen, CDR, Mpen, Crit damage, Crit chance, SUPER EXHAUST(gotta love an extra 10 armor pen). Now you may ask why Magic pen instead of attack speed. I view it like this, 15% Mpen>2% attack speed. Yah attack speed boost has nothing on that extra penetration from your make it rain spam.

Now the extra 9 points is up to you. I choose to have improved ghost(like a boss) improved spawn time(after watching phreak win a match as vayne simply because he had this leads me to believe that reducing the death timer is SOOOOOOOO underrated), improved exp, and a longer RED buff. You can choose defense if you want, however the extra exp boost REALLY does make a difference. Being able to hit lvl 6 before they can is a huge advantage(ex: I hit 6, use my ult on annie before she has tibbers, she dies, I grab another lvl before she comes back, she gets tibbers, but by this time I have outlvled her and can survive the burst).

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Skill Sequence

Now this is where my guide really differs from others. Double up sucks mana like no tomorrow. And the resulting damage simply isnt worth saying "oom" at lvl 3. If you have noticed there is no mana regen in the 4 core items above. This is because you do not need it with the skill sequence above.

I grab Make It rain at lvl 1. Why? It slows, AND can see into bushes.

I grab impure shots lvl 2. Why? It cuts regen. If an enemy pops their health pot, hit them with this. Now their health pot healed about 75 damage less(+whatever you dealt to them).

Make it rain at lvl 3 because you want that extra slow and damage for harass.

NOW. At lvl 4 I grab double up for one reason and one reason only. To have it. Sometimes that extra shot is the difference between killing ryze and getting killed by the tower he trapped you under.

Following that the basic order is this:

Grab ult whenever possible.

MAX Make it Rain ASAP.(this is your farm, with it you will be able to buy stuff soooooooo much faster)

put points into impure shots when you cant put them into Make it Rain. MAX impure shots after Make it Rain. This allows you to push towers easily. (not to mention the extra magic damage that is nice in a "chicken fight" 1v1 gundown between you and ashe)

Finally finish putting points into double up simply because there is nothing else to spend them on.

Why get Make it Rain and ignore double up? Double up is not only a mana sucking fiend. But it is extremely hard to aim it to bounce. Smart players know how to dodge this and as a result you simply wind up wasting mana.

BEYOND THAT, make it rain actually has a better overall damage out put. It hits ALL enemies inside it, for around 300 at maxed level. Given they will try to run out of it, but they are sure to take a good bar or two before they can.

BEYOND THAT, they get slowed, and with your super speed, befor they can move out of it, you shoot them once or twice while they run dealing around a bar or two worth of damage early game(or maybe even half their health mid-late game) and that is without counting the damage from make it rain itself.

Make it rain has around a 10-15 second Cooldown however. This is actually part of the genious of it. Because it has a longer cooldown you naturally save more mana, because you feel less of a need to spam it. It usually comes off cooldown around each time a minion wave comes into view so you can easily farm each wave.

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Summoner Spells

I choose ghost and exhaust. Ghost makes you run like THE FLASH and THROUGH minions. Like a boss. Exhaust gives you that lol spell when you are fighting 1v1 against a physical champion. Ghost is nice for catching and escaping, the same with exhaust. Exhaust means that anti carry on the other team is basically disabled, which means your team wins the team fight.

Now flash is a nice spell for MF. The ability to jump away from a mob of enemies trying to crowd control you to death is very nice. However it is not as useful for both offense AND defense. With a Carry you need versatility, you need to be able to both get kills AND prevent being killed.

The only other really viable spell you might want is Cleanse. It basically is "Get out of crowd control spam" Again crowd conrol kills you. However I feel that this has no versatility. It only removes Crowd control. IT doesnt make you SUPER SPEED! (and you could always get a quicksilver sash later if needed)

AS far as the rest of the skills go, you really do not need them. Ignite is almost pointless seeing as how you have impure shots regen cut. you arent jungling so no smite. you run SUPER fast so you dont need tele. You can kill a giant mob of minions in less than 5 seconds so you dont need fortify.

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OK. So an unsaid thing is this: BUY HEALTH POTS. They keep you alive and in the lane. whenever you can, buy 2 or 3 hp pots to help stay in there. Another thing that goes unsaid is this: if you are consistently pushing the lane and worried they might gank you, just buy a ward so you can run at the first sign of trouble.

Now the best part of this build is that it leaves 2 slots open for tailor made items.

For example lets say you are fighting a crowd control heavy team who is stacking armor. You can grab 2 of the following: Quicksilver Sash, Banshee's Veil, Black cleaver, Last Whisper. Now depending on how badly you neeed the Magic res you can grab both the magic res items. However, I would grab the black cleaver. If they have a lot of burst crowd control, long cooldowns, then I would grab the banshee veil for the extra health mana and instant block. If they have more consistent crowd control, let's say trundle with a slow hammer, I would grab the Sash. The advantage of the sash is that it works like cleanse. This means that you can use the sash, pop ghost, and get away scot free in a situation where banshee's would not have kept you alive.

Let's say they are building extremely tanky health wise, you could get Madred's Bloodrazor, with a stark's fervor for some extra lifesteal, attack speed and armor pen.

Really you just have to use your best judgement on what your last two items should be. You already own with just the four core items, so anything else you add will simply compliment the already existing build. HOWEVER, I would reccomend you get something with attack speed, it is always nice to hit them faster and harder.

EDIT: After much more trial and error I have decided to add in the Brutalizer as your early game damage item. This allows you to outmatch the doran's stacking pansies, putting you at 46ish(?) armor pen and +35 attack damage extremely early on in the game. Waiting for the B.F sword just takes too much time and is too hard to farm, so this is the best option I could come up with. This item will benefit you throughout the game until you finish your core build and wish to specialize, in which case you would sell it.


Wit's End-vs persistent magic damage (eg Ryze/Rumble)

Banshee's Veil-vs instant burst magic damagers and light crowd control teams(eg Annie)

Last Whisper-vs heavily armor stacked teams WITHOUT THORNMAIL

2nd Bloodthirster-vs thornmail(means netgain of health on attack is greater than net loss)

Madred's Bloodrazor-vs health stacking teams (eg Mundo, Swain, Vlad)

Black Cleaver-vs minimal armor stacked teams

Quicksilver Sash-vs crowd control heavy teams with many ways to pop banshee (generally banshee is better so you have to decide which to grab)

Mercury Treads-vs heavy crowd control teams (yes you will want to trade in your old boots for these, tenacity saves lives)

Frozen Mallet-vs speed based enemies(eg Trundle)
vs mild burst (700 health is nice)

Stark's Fervor- this isn't really for vs. anyone, but if your team is mainly physical damage, grab this. It gives life steal attack speed and armor pierce. TO YOUR TEAM. AURAS FTW.

SWORD OF THE DIVINE-vs dodge stacked enemies (mainly Jax). Jax is an overpowered *****. This is vital to kill him.

Infinity Edge- vs teams who are building no defenses whatsoever(it will rarely happen, but when it does you rape **** with this)

Thornmail-vs heavy AD stacking champs (eg. Tryndamere/Master Yi/ MISS FORTUNE, that is some irony)


Sword of the Occult-adds 100 damage at max stacks. Herp Derp bloodthirster adds that and lifesteal, while always having a constant base stat that is still good. Also you die. A LOT. It simply is what happens to carries. Yah, and you really dont need that extra 15% move speed(that is if you ever have maxed stats)

Youmuu's Ghostblade-I know it seems like a good idea to grab seeing as it builds from brutalizer and has a gold making item as a base. TUST ME. It simply doesn't keep up with the items you could have. 4 seconds of 20% move speed and 50% attackspeed goes by HELL OF FAST. Phantom is much better, so dont be fooled into grabbing it. (It might be better if you were a melee char who could push the active limit to 8 seconds, BUT YOU ARE NOT)

Cloak and Dagger-NO. Just no. It is such a waste of gold considering you could just have easily made a phantom dancer for only 1,000 more. If you want tenacity, grab the boots.

Atma's Impaler- You have enough armor. Not enough straight health to make this work better than lets say madreds. If you really feel you want some extra armor grab madreds instead.

Executioner's Calling- You already have HP regen cut. That is one of the best things about MF.

Rageblade- just because it has a coolname does not mean it works for Miss Fortune. Just say no.

Hextech Gunblade- You dont need AP or Spellvamp, and the damage is minimal compared to bloodthirster. It costs too much. You already have exhaust so the active is near pointless.

Malady- MF is not an on hit damage champ. If you want that go play Teemo.

Manamune- You do not need a **** ton of mana mid-late game so this just hinders your damage output.

Nashor's Tooth- You do not damage with spells, so you should not be spamming abilites. This build revolves around NOT spamming ablities, so if you do good luck with the mana costs you will face.

Tiamat- It's AoE is not large enough to warrant getting it, let alone the fact you cant life steal the area (would be awesome if you could xD)

Trinity Force/Sheen- You are not spamming spells, it makes no sense to grab these when you could do better.

These are the general fail items I see some MF try to build.

Furthermore, just be smart about your building. Do what you feel will be the best solution to the current team set ups.

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FARMING IS KEY. Once you get Make it Rain to around lvl 3 you will notice an instant increase in the ability to last hit minions. Make it Rain, if place coreectly can hit the entire minion wave, allowing easy last hits on all enemy minons as well as scaring away the enemy with the AoE circle of death. Once you obtain the bloodthirster your farming is so insanely easy you hardly have to think about it. You just set down your make it rain and shoot the ones with the lowest health/armor. This ability to farm so well gives this build a major advantage over the typical Double Up build that many cling to.

Now as far as jungling goes. Don't. You should not be jungling till around lvl 8, during which you will only do so if someone else on your team doesnt need the farm. You farm SOOOOOOO much better in a lane. Grab Red buff if no one else wants, and kill random jungle creeps if no one else on your team needs them. That is pretty much all you need to know about jungling as MF.

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Team Work

YOUR SLOW SAVES LIVES. If your teamate is running from a gank, use your slow in the path of the enemy.

YOUR ULT WINS GAMES. Your ult can take the down half the health of the average champ. If used in conjunction with a teammate's mass stun you can own their entire team in one shot making it that much easier to win the game.

YOUR SLOW COMPLETES GANKS. It hurts them to run through your slow, use that to your advantage in ganks, lay it a bit behind them in the middle of their escape route and then go after the easy kill with your buddy.

HP REGEN CUT. It is more useful than you would think. If you see a champ with a lot of life steal or regen(for example Mundo or Swain) hit them with your impure shots. Automatically makes them half as effective as they should be. If you see someone like trynd being a lucky bastard hit him with some impure shots so that maybe your team can finish him off because you stopped him from gaining that much health.

The back door. Sometimes if enemy teams have little map control you can lead the enemy into believeng your team will attack one turret while you go kill a different one. Course right after you do a fair amount of damage you need to run the hell away. Turrets can see you. The enemy isn't stupid, they just have no map control.

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Unique Skills

This build utilizes the easy farm that Make it Rain gives Miss Fortune, a typically over looked ability. This build also balances a fairly good lvl of surviability with a great level of damage output. Most DPS carry builds focus solely upon DPS ignoring the fact that if you are dead you can't damage anyhting. This build also leaves itself open enough so that Summoners can decide upon the best items for certain situations. This versatility is something that helps to make it amazing in ranked play as well as normal play.