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Miss Fortune Build Guide by SephithDarknesse

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SephithDarknesse

Miss Fortune - Pirate? WHERE?!

SephithDarknesse Last updated on August 30, 2011
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Due to popular demand, here is my first guide. Didnt really care too much for making one, but too many people ask me how to build Miss Fortune after matches, and it would be so much easier if i could just link this. So, yeah, here it is. Ill also add that this is a guide built for a middle lane. Taking the sides can easily be done as well, but most descriptions here assume you've taken middle.

Boring stuff - About me.
My names Sephith. MF was one of my first charactors, and ive only just started playing her recently. Im Australian. Im not the greatest player, i have my bad moment like everyone, but generally i can pull through most unrated games if i play the right champion. Usually MF (middle run) or a jungle Tryndamere. Otherwise, i main Malzahar, Warwick and Amumu. Hope this guide helps, otherwise, keep playing what works.

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Pros / Cons

Pros (good stuff)
Large damage output
Great pushing ability with impure shots
Long ranged abilities, able to hit beyond tower reach with Bullet Time
Able to hit enemies behind minions with Double Up
Slow ability (its not incredibly reliable, but it can secure kills often if used right)
Potentially the fastest champion in the game, with her passive
Is not a useless auto-attacker if facing thornmail (due some some of your auto attack damage being magic based)

Cons (the bad stuff)
With the first build, incredibly squishy
Passive is useless if you take any damage
No stuns, and an unreliable slow effect
Build is rather expensive

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Basically self explanitory, most MFs ive seen use this setup.

Strut (passive):

This basically gets you your movement speed advantage. 70 bonus movement speed is quite a large boost, and will mean you will outrun anyone until the moment you first get hit. It also means you wont need boots of swiftness to keep up with people that have it.

Double up :

Getting this will make your enemy run back often. When you have spare mana, chase them behind minions and fire this at the minion. It deals a decent amount of damage early game, and will keep your enemy unsure of where to stand. You can also use this for the extra dps.

Impure shots :

This is what makes you feared. The passive increases your base damage by a set amount, increasing with each consecutive hit. Although this damage doesnt add damage to your consant crits, this is what will get you into your godmode stage.
In addition to this, you have the active. Increased attack speed, with your own ignite healing debuff on your normal hits.

Make it rain :

This is your slow effect, with a bit of extra damage. Early game, this makes fairly good harassment and could get you your first early kill, if you manage to close the gap and use impure shots.

Bullet time (ultimate):

This ult seems bad at first at first glance, especially in a 1v1 situation, but its superior range can sucure you a few kills. This ult is favored not only for its teamfight damage, but its a great farming and pushing tool. Scout your enemy team on the other side of the map? Finish off your minion wave, ult the second wave, and you can basically be on the tower already. Taking advantage of impure shots at this time can beat down a fair bit of the towers health before they get too much time to react.

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Summoner Spells

I find it fairly hard to pick masteries for Miss Fortune.

Ghost is probably the best choice, as it means you can outrun anything. Ghost+Passive means you can keep up with anyone, and it lets you have the movement speed advantage after you've taken damage and lost your passive.

Flash works well. I figure you know what its good for.

Ignite isnt too effective, since she already lowers hp regen with her w. The extra damage helps i guess, and i still use it occasionally, but its not too important.

Exhaust seems to work rather well, easy to see why.

Any of these work pretty well, just try a few, pick something that will add balance in your team.

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Simple. Pick masteries that compliment your summoner spells, and follow the general trend. The only main differences you can pick are attack speed or ability cooldowns. Personally, i find the former more useful.

As i dont find summoner spells incredibly game changing as MF, i dont see the point in going 21 in utility.

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Short and sweet. Id hate to be the one for short and sweet explainations that dont really explain much, but yeah.


At a closer look, attack speed could work, armour pen could work, and crit damage/chance could work well. I personally find the armour pen most attractive, but MF does crit a lot with this build. End game you'll find yourself with 67% crit with the full build (which i see a lot, with a mixture of a bad team, and being feared by the enemy) Attack speed compliments the extra damage from your w.


Attack damage could work here if you find you arnt as mana hungry as i am, but i choose mana regen per level over the flat damage increase, as i dont play too aggressively early game (as mid, i find CS (creature score, or minion kills) much more beneficial and easier to achieve than the early gank)


Again, i choose mana regen. Havent considered too much else here.


Again, armour pen. There are other choices out there, but im still too poor to afford them, sadly, and i have higher priorities. I feel that other choices wont be too much more beneficial.

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Finally, the item explanation. Y U CHOOSE GUNBLADE IN THE SECOND SET? U NOOB. Ignore that.

Lets deal with the general build (the first one) before going into that.

Doran's blade gives you the hp, damage, and lifesteal that will help you early game, allowing a lot of early game harassment. Its not a must, but its what i choose to do.

Your next item choice depends on how well your enemy is doing. If they have boots, go ahead and buy yours second to keep the movement advantage with your passive. Otherwise, go straight ahead and buy that second Doran's blade. If you find your still far ahead of them, and manage to make them return, push to their tower and buy a third blade, but only if you have that movement advantage.

After you've finished however many Doran's blades you want, finish off your boots into Berserker's Greaves

Next is zeal, followed by phantom dancer. This is a must have for Miss Fortune. It gives you the two things you want most. Movement speed and Attack speed. Attack speed, combined with your w gives you a large damage output, and activating impure shots will increase your attack speed by a percentage, meaning you'll get more benefit from this the more attack speed you have. Stacking AD will give you an equal amount of damage from impure shots, but attack speed will give you more from the passive.

Next, you might need a little more survivability, so buy a Vampiric Sceptre. This will allow you to sustain yourself (hopefully) long enough to take a B.F. sword next time you go back to fountain.

After this, you want your first B.F sword, which will give you a large damage increase, followed by a Cloak of Agility, which will be built into Infinity Edge, your third core item. Since this build is crit heavy, this will give your damage a large increase from its passive.

From this point, you can choose what to do next. Finishing your Bloodthirster is a good choice if you are sure you wont die, but if you manage to keep ahead, you'll end up being focussed and die a lot. Instead you can skip it and go right ahead into building that bloodrazor. The attack speed and %damage makes you able to simply shred tanks, as well as most other players.

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Simple guide to early laning

Basically, the most important thing you can do is stay alive. Watch the enemy lanes, dont bother waiting for someone to shout out that someone is missing unless you are playing with people that are reliable. Practise keeping that eye on the minimap without losing too much focus on what you are doing.

What you want to do in the middle lane is get as much gold as possible. Miss fortune really shines here early game, due to her high attack speed and the bonus damage from the passive. Dont hit the minions if they are at half hp, sit back and wait till you either know you can get the last hit on it, or hit the higher hp minions once each to speed up the process.

Once you hit level two, and get make it rain, you can start any major harassment. If they get too close, drop it on them, and take a shot or two if you can get close enough, but dont charge too hard. If it means your going to miss some of your minion kills, dont do it. On placement of your make it rain, always try and land it on the minions AND the champion if at all possible, but thats fairly obvious. Dont rely on it for minion kills, and do use it so much that it runs you dry of mana. Stop using it for damage at about level 4-5, and reserve if for its slow effect.

At level 6, at any time if you find the enemy in the middle of a fresh minion wave, feel free to ult them, wiping out all of those minions. this is a great way to farm, and is best used right at their tower on that fresh wave, without being too close to hit the tower. This gives you a few minutes to run out and get a gank in anouther lane. You can also use this immidiately after the enemy leaves the lane so your minions die to the tower, putting you a fair bit of exp/gold ahead.

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Mid/Late game

From level 6, you should be able to outfarm anyone. You can push any lane that is lacking on your own. Dont hesitate to use bullet time on minion waves, especially if you have more than one wave of minions. Itll basically get you every kill in that wave, and allow you to build minions. Try to avoid walking in unsafe areas on your own unless you can see where everyone is. Run to the lane thats been pushed the most and hopefully either get a kill, or get them low enough to teleport back home. Blue buff allows you to farm at a very rapid rate, and red increases your damage output, although, get blue for someone else in your team unless really necessary. I find that people dont tend to listen much anyways.

Im not going to explain every teamfight tactic in the game, but untill about level 11 or 12, dont focus too much on teamfights unless your team is ultra aggressive. focus on making them run, stop them from farming, stay away from the pack of enemies that normally builds up, and keep farming.

Push as many towers as you can. If you see a teamfight back at one of your towers, but minions near one of theirs, rush their tower. It will not only force them back, but you'll likely get the tower in the process. Since you have so much movement speed, its not much of a problem to run in, get the tower down, and sprint away.

You can also kill dragon as often as you can from the moment you get infinity edge on your own. Just make sure you carry a ward or oracles to rid yourself of whatever wards theyve placed there, but dont waste too much money on it.

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Most people will instantly look and tell me that its a bad idea. Gunblades are too expensive. Thats pretty much it. You can get more damage off other items.

But more often than not, i find myself carrying teams. If you make it that far ahead, take build 2. 2 gunblades mean you will out dps any other champion, and youll come out of any fight with full hp. Hell, if you manage the second one you can tower dive with ease. Even solo towers. Wait for their minion wave to come, attack the tower, wait till half hp then kill the minions to heal. Its the only way to carry a team through a match, and it doesnt matter how bad they are, as long as your enemies arnt too fed. Occult doesnt do enough for me. Also, the ability power scales really well with your passive from impure shots. 4x4 is 36. 36 damage every hit doesnt sound like much, but its all magic damage. Also, if you fork out for Gardian Angel, when you come back to life, you can basically get an instant kill and regain full life.

Only do this is you feel you have way to much extra money. The money is usually better saved for the other carry if they can get a hold of it, but if you have enough gold to buy gunblades very late game, do it.

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This guide is still in construction.

Stuff thats coming

    Your target champions
    Your biggest threats

Please feel free to comment and give whatever constructive advice you like, or tell us about your experience with this guide, or Miss Fortune in general. Im always open for new ways to play her and i constantly change my own builds in regular matches to extend my own knowledge of what can and cant work.

Hope you take out something from this guide that helps your play style.