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League of Legends Build Guide Author shadows fiji

Miss Fortune- The Bounty Mistress

shadows fiji Last updated on February 26, 2011
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Miss Fortune- The Bounty Mistress

Welcome Summoners, My name Is Shadows Fiji

Welcome to my third Build on a champion. Miss Fortune is one of the best carry's in the game and she fun to play with. This build goes in depth and hope you may able to find all the information you need.

IF you need a Ashe build or On how to play Lol please check my others builds

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- Great Pusher
- Good Carry
- Harder to catch
- Good in team fights
- Farmer
- Ranged

- Very Squish
- Positioning For ult is important
- Slows once hit

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Strut- Miss Fortune gains an additional 25 movement speed after not taking any damage for 7. Great for back dooring tower when team fight starts because Miss Fortune is so fast. Miss Fortune ramps up speed with her passive Strut if she isn't attacked by an enemy target. Avoid getting hit to move very fast.

Double Up- Miss Fortune fires a shot at an enemy target, dealing physical damage and 115% of that damage to another enemy target behind the first. This is her main move to harass with which does lot of damage. Double Up applies on-hit effects, making items like Frozen Mallet and The Bloodthirster very effective

Impure Shots- (Passive): Miss Fortune deals magic damage to her target with each attack, cumulatively stacking up to 4 times on the same target.(Active) Miss Fortune's attack speed is increased for 6 seconds and causes her attacks to lower healing received and health regeneration by the target by 50% for 9 seconds. Use the active of Impure Shots to take down turrets but also in team fights to provide the reduction to healing.

Make It Rain- iss Fortune fires hundreds of bullets into the air which rain down at a location after 0.5 seconds, great move to slow and then use ult to keep the enemies in your fire. Use Make It Rain before using Bullet Time to keep your enemies in the radius of Bullet Time.

Bullet Time- Miss Fortune channels a flurry of bullets into a cone in front of her for 2 seconds, dealing large amounts of magic damage to enemies. This move does heavy amount of damage, can be a fight changer if used right in team fight

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- i use the mark of desolation because it give great armor penetration which help Miss fortune to have a strong early game.
- This is also a good mark but i don't use this. Gives bonus attack speed and is also a great choice for Miss Fortune.


- Its one great rune for mana regeneration which helps Miss Fortune to spam her abilities. I get these as it helps me in the start alot.

- Also a great choice if you think you don't need mana you can always go with this rune. This Rune enable Miss Fortune to farm more and if need push a lane.


- I get this rune for myself. Need more mana this is one rune for your Miss Fortune, great to harass enemies with your abilities.

- Good choice, for your cool down. I don't usually get this rune because i think this rune only helps if you have lots of teamfight and in a 5 v 5 map you really don't have that much of team fights.
- Another good choice of rune, gives good mana in end game but usually you can get mana items to cover it up.


- I get this rune for Miss Fortune as this helps me to take out tanks faster.

If you think i need to change my rune tell me.

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Summoner Spells

Good Choice

- Is one of the best spell, gives blind for 3 second where Miss Fortune can do lots of damage and also good for chasing someone.

- Good choice, helps to position Miss Fortune to do her ult, run away from ganks and flash through walls. One of the most annoying spell in game. I R ADDICTED- Dewo :P

- Ghost epic escape or to chase someone. Good for Miss Fortune if she gets hit you can always use ghost to run away.

- Epic choice if you want to back door a tower or farm more. Great spell helps alot in the begin where by you can lane more which mean more exp and more gold.

Other choice

- Good spell but i find it not that usefull on Miss Fortune but many people usually use this spell.

- If you don't get mana rune then get this spell so you can lane more.

- Ain't a good spell but get rid of exhaust which is good but no dots ;( eg mord ult, ignite, teemo's dot would pretty much get you.

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Item And Why I Use

Berserker Greaves- Boots give more attack speed which Miss Fortune needs in the begin but i usually change the boot to lonia boots in end game for my ult cooldown.

Infinity Edge- Want more critical and damage this item is in the list for Miss Fortune to kill caster and range dps.

Blood thirster- For more survivability, lets Miss Fortune to lane more and gives descent amount of damage.

Phantom Dancer- Give more movement speed , critical and best of all more attack speed i think this item would go well with blood thirster and edge. Idiots who u trying to catch :P.

Frozen mallet- For more survivability which gives more health and slow the target by 35% good item for Miss Fortune.

Madreds Bloodrazor- For any champ on the other team with tons of health. Madreds give good damage with attack speed and gets 4% of the maximum health of he target.

Banshees Veil- Great item to block a casters ability, gives health and mana bonus also giving Miss Fortune to lane more.

Ionian Boots Of Lucidity- Great boots as it reducts your cool down and you can spam your ult more often. I usually get this boots when the game is about to end.

Mercurys Treads- Too much casters on the other team, get this boots gives magic resistant.

The Black Cleaver- Having Trouble with tank, lets shred their armor and kill them. One of the best items plus the Madreds Bloodrazor.

Pretty much this are the only items which a Miss Fortune is to get as she is a dps and not tank. So stay back and do your job.

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Item Sequence

Start off with Vampiric Scepter and head to your lane. Try to stay in lane till you get enough to get boots then tp back to base. Grab boots of speed and some potions, also try to get a ward if they have a jungler on the other team or just to make you feel safe. Stay at your lane till you get enough to get a bf sword and don't try to gank or push alot. On your third tp grab the Berserker's Greaves and zeal. Now you are ready to gank , you should be level 13 and in mid game. Build your infinity edge as soon as possible and farm as much as you can. Farm as much as you can and grab phage if you are getting ganked alot or just build your blood thirster to lane more. Also after your infinity try to get some elixirs. Get your phantom dancer; now you are a dangerous ckick you can own nearly everyone 1 v 1. Your next item should have health so try to upgrade your phage into frozen mallet and for your last item get Madred's Bloodrazor.

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Early game is a critical time window for Miss Fortune. Between levels 1-9 you should primarily focus on farming up gold. From levels 1-5, try to harass your lane opponents as often as possible yet not enough to where you get harassed back and possibly have to return to base. You want to try to maximize your experience gain by staying in the lane as long as you can, so reduce the damage you take in any way early on. Remember, you can always ask your teammates to gank your lane. Keeping them moderately around 40-50% would be fine, but much better if you could keep them lower. Once you hit level 6, you're going to kill one. Depending on the lane your facing, this may or may not be an easy task. If you're against two tanks or a healer, don't even worry about harassing; just farm and try to push the lane up a bit. Remember to take advantage of your passive. If you're finding it hard to attack the lane creeps, simply save up your critical strike chance and last hit with that. A good way to kill them is to try to bait them into your tower's range. If this happens, you can shoot them with an bullet in tower range so the tower hits them, too. It's not bad to sacrifice some health to draw them into the tower. Simply hit them with your ultimate, Double Up, and attack. Stay close to them so that when they run you have leeway in getting your attacks off without the chance of them running out of range. Remember you can have some fun with your ultimate, too. Try helping other lanes from a distance while maintaining your farm in your own by shooting your ult at them. If you hit, it initiates the possibility of a kill while you're on the other side of the map.

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I know this build isn't complete. So if anyone else thinks i should add another section , add more rune or item change or anything plz tell and ill do so. Because from what i think no one is prefect, so help me to make this build even more effective.

I will give credit to everyone who help to make this build

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I love Miss Fortune in lots of ways, one is that she is a good carry and is very fast but not as fast as nidalee. Second is she is fun to play with as she is a range. She remind me of diablo 2 where my bowzon take a pally down :D ....

I ask you to first vote, when you've tried this build, instead of just downvoting because you don't like the items, or the way I'm telling you to play him. I hope you guys can give me some constructive critism, and tell me what I can do different, and good advices.

Good bye!

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2/27/2011 - Miss Fortune- The Bounty Mistress Is released