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League of Legends Build Guide Author TwistedScorpio

Miss Fortune The Carry

TwistedScorpio Last updated on July 8, 2011
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This guide/build is made upon own skills on the meanwhile playing Miss Fortune since level 13. To level 30.

Miss Fortune is a great DPS (Damage per Second) champion, and is also a great carry.

There's alot of people that usually doesn't plays Miss Fortune good enough, and ends up being awfull, or even feeding the enemy team. Commonly we see Miss Fortune, with a build like Manamune, or even AP items.

This guide/build is dedicated to those people that really likes this champion, and needs in a hurry, a guide to play her good enough.

NOTE: I've tried this build with Caitlyn, Tristana and works as great as on Miss Fortune. So I would say use it with any DPS / Carry.

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Miss Fortune can be a huge DPS to kill squishies on the enemy team, and may also deal great damage to a Tank or to armor stackers.

I personally use these runes, like any other DPS champions, full rune page with;

Marks (Reds): (Recommended)Greater Mark of Desolation (+1.66 armor pen).

Glyphs (Blues): (Your choice, for solo mid)Greater Glyph of Clarity (+0.055 mana regen / 5 sec. per level (0.99 at champion level 18)

Seals (Yellow): (These ones can save your life)Greater Seal of Evasion (+0.75% Dodge)

Quints (Big Ones): (Recommended)Greater Quintessence of Desolation (+3.33 armor penetration)

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These masteries will help you live longer on any land, as you can see I add up a mastery point on Exahust so I can get First Blood even on the 5 minutes of game play, commonly on 2 (Mid Lane).

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This is by most the most important point on being a great DPS with Miss Fortune, Ashe, Caitlyn and Tristana.

Default Build: (Recommended)

Start off with a:
It'll help you stay in your lane for longer than you think. Besides allow you to go straight to a Bloodthirster, which is one of the items on this build.

NOTE: Try to stay in your lane until you get atleast 2,500 G or 3,000 G. If you see that you may protect your turret for longer.

After you went to base for first time, get;
Berserkers Greaves (+25 Attack Speed, +2 Movement Speed)

You might aswell have some extra money, so would rather suggest get;
B.F Sword

If got extra money, some health potions and a ward. Or even aI commonly get 2 Health Potions, a ward and a Dagger allowing me to deal more damage, in less time. And also push turret faster.

In the meanwhile, try to afford now:

But it's on your choice, you can try going straight to:
OR, I rather going Infinity Edge, but sometimes I go straight Bloodthirster so I can barely heal myself when it's on full stacks.

Afterwards you should be having these items:

If the tank is stacking armor, or an squishy is. But the tank is dealing some damage, get a:

It's really good, and will help you deal 450+ Criticals to a tank, like Alistar.

If not, then get.

Helps you on getting criticals, and moving faster getting around 450 movement speed or so.

Your build must be almost ready. Your next item will be:
, it's really good against champions too.

Whenever you didn't got Last Whisper, go straight to another Bloodthirster, you by now will be dealing huuge damage to anything in your way.

And the final build is:

DPS Against Armor Stacks Build:

Attack Speed:

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Skill Sequence

My spells sequences are kinda weird, since I only useand. When you can't give a point to both spells go.

Be up for always full Double Up and Make it Rain, Impure Shots when you can't give points to other spells.

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Summoner Spells

MID / Other Lanes:

If you like escaping then:

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First Blood (Mid Lane) May work other lanes aswell

When your mid lane, and haven't been First Blood, always be passive. Don't harass your enemy, and besides, don't touch their turret unless he touched yours.

Randomly 1 hit your enemy, so it's like you will be making his health go down slowly, if he has Heal always hit him, until he uses it.

When that enemy champion, no mind who I've dealt many. If he's 60%- HP, use Make It Rain alil in front of him, but that it hits him, then Impure Shots + Double Hit, Exahust + Ignite, and then Ulti. You'll get him in your hands, and then First Blood!.

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At early game, you'll have 59 or 62 AD, so enough to deal some damage to minions, as you have Vampiric Scepter, I would say hit minions until you heal yourself.

Of course, hitting minions at the back, that your minions aren't hitting. Then prepare yourself to last hit minions with 20%- HP.

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Unique Skills

Always be squishy, no matter what your enemy is, try to deal them some damage in reasonable times, and don't use Make It Rain, unless it's to support an ally, or yourself. Or don't let them escape.

Always Ignite to the enemy if it's certainly less 30% HP, and exahust it if necessary.

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So this was my first guide ever of League OF Legends champion, feel free to comment.

Dedicated to Ugly Miss Fortune Players!.