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Shen Build Guide by SamsunGalaxyS

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SamsunGalaxyS

Mission I'm possible-CarryShen

SamsunGalaxyS Last updated on December 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Viable way as AS Shen

Basically, this is a different perspective of playing Shen. It gives you a hell of a fun time, and IT REALLY FREAKING WORKS. However, this is risky and should not be used in ranked play under any circumstances. DO NOT ATTEMPT IF YOU CANNOT LAST HIT ALL YOUR CREEPS EVEN WITH A FREAKING BF SWORD. This is still pretty good for carrying Lvl 30 normal games, and is viable for anything underneath. People expect Shen to just be a walking nuisance who taunts you and shields his team, and that's about it. Not anymore.

With this build, you are able to carry your team.

Be forewarned, here are the precautions you need to do :
-Ensure your team doesn't feed excessively.
-Tell them you are not the team's main tank at champion select.
-Make sure u can take last hits with daggers and normal attacks.

Now go kick some ***.

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Standard Carry runes, you can switch around the quints for pure damage if you have trouble last hitting. If you are looking to go more aggressive you could get alacrity seals/glyphs.

Scaling MR blues for resistance against pesky casters.

Flat Armor yellow for early lane trading power.
You could swap around scaling/flat for yellows and blues based on your preferences.

Marks - Armor penetration.
Quintessences - Flat damage if you have last hit trouble, if not desolation/alacrity.

You can also swap blues or yellows for alacrity.

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Basically offensive tree alongside the movement speed utility as its important to keep in distance to rape your target. Get the critical chance tree if you are planning to transition into critical chance after your onhit dmg is complete. If not, forgo that in favor of Havoc and CDR, but either way make sure to finish up swiftness which is of absolute importance to deal your dps. A slow shen is a useless shen.

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Boots 3 pots start. This follows into a recurve and wits. Finish the onhit damage with Sword of the divine and malady (remember to pop SoTD's active). Somewhere in between finish zerkers. Then you have a choice of your last few items. Mix around the rest of the items as seen above as all are useful. Madreds if tanky, if not mix and match.

Crit chance is also a viable transition with Phantom dancers and infinity edge. If having trouble with 1v1, grab some lifesteal.

If you have trouble last hitting in the early stage, don't feel afraid to grab a dorans blade or two, or even start with one, but be sure to have those boots asap.

Generally core = Zerkers + Malady + WIts end + Sword of the Divine
Luxury = Crit chance through Phantom dancer + infinity edge
Luxury = Further atk speed through Madreds + Dancer
Luxury = Complete with a little bit of tankiness through Guardian Angel
Luxury = If you are a beast at farming = Thirster IE Youmuu GA

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Skill Sequence

Why no self-shield?

You want to maximize the duration of the stick and amount of dps, if you are dying too easily, it just shows that you are diving too much(greedy) or you have 0 map awareness (getting ganked and dying). Shen is naturally slightly tankier than the average champion.

Dagger maxed first as its a spammable no mana nuke.

Keep your energy up if you wanna fight, never go into a fight with 1/4 energy left.

You want to stick to a target, eliminate him, get to the next squishy and rinse repeat. Basically, you are the tanky carry.

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Summoner Spells

Teleport gives you the best map presence together with your ult then can turn the tide of a teamfight. Ghost is taken over flash as anything your taunt can't get you out of, flash can't either. Ghost is good for finishing off targets and chasing whereas flash provides at most 1-2 hits only.

Other notable summoner spells would be Exhaust for the 1v1 or lane fight situations, or Flash if you are really an addict and can't do without it.

Don't be afraid to use tele to get back into lane whenever its off cd. Only save it after you are really sure the enemy team is grouped and getting ready to pick fights. The longer u stay in lane, the more exp, the more money, the more creeps, and the more awesomesauce you become.

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Lane solo top or with a support dual bot. Make sure to take the creep last hits and get your support to do some zoning and harass. That way, you get easy access to creeps. If faced with a hard lane e.g. dual melee against dual ranged, use your dagger to last hit creeps. It is a good technique to learn to use dagger as a last hit. Just time it roughly a second earlier than you would right click or a click the creep desired.

If solo top, you can make sure to keep your opponents hp low with constant dagger harass. If he comes forward to take creeps, give him a dagger to the face. HELL YEAH *****. If not just hang back and dagger. For this stage of the game, it is acceptable to not get any kills. Focus on your creeping and you should be top given the ease of cs with Shen. You have a painful dagger and your melee animation is instant. (One of the fastest in the game)

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If you are far away, try and ultimate into a dying teammate or teleport onto a creep.

You don't wanna be the initiator, try and sneak in after the first blows with your taunt, hitting as many people as possible. Following that, start going to town on the squishies. With your items, your dps is deceptively high and with the lifesteal from vorpal blade, more often than not you will destroy most people who attempt to 1v1 you.

Remember, get the damn thought of tanking out of your head. You are a killer. If your target burns summoner spells to run, and you cannot clean her up fast enough, DO NOT CHASE.

TURN AROUND. HELP YOUR TEAMMATES FINISH THE REST. It is better to come out of a teamfight even then to have your whole team dying just so you could get the kill on the janna that just so happened to kite you so well.

If you are leading the game in creep stats, that's a very good thing. You should only be actively wanting to participate in teamfights if forced to. Only after you are seeing the true dps kick in (after all your onhit damage and maybe a luxury item or two), then its time for rape.

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungle shen is completely viable. Get a lantern and proceed into the above build. Now with the weak *** jungle, start clotharmor + 5 pot, and anything should work. Remember to gank. The route can be a red start into a level 2 gank (adding taunt).

Or you can proceed to clear jungle and just gank if a lane is overextended. Be sure to have full energy and alert your lane in advance that you are initiating. If faced with a team of people with severe tunnel vision, you are better off either perma farming jungle or stealing their creep last hits in lane.

Spam dagger whenever possible. Once you have lantern, you do not require any more potions. Keep dragon warded, and when your enemy team is roughly about level 15 and above, keep baron warded at all times. When you want to do dragon, make sure to pink ward the dragon, and clear the ward first. Ask your support to lay down clairvoyance on strategic chokes to ensure that your security is not being compromised. YOU ARE A CARRY. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO KICK *** AND NOT DIE FIRST.

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Pros / Cons

Pros -
- KICKASS 10000%

Cons -
- You damn right gotta farm, and farm hard and well.
- If you can't take meaningless insults from everyone around you, don't try this.
- High skill needed.

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There are no words to describe the priceless reactions your opponents type out when their opponent's Shen just quadra-killed them. Bring down the pain in a fashionable style.

You will get flamed but trust me, if played correctly, the results are stunning. You will shred any carry in a matter of seconds and force them out of the fight.
Now go kick some ***.