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League of Legends Build Guide Author XxRuinxX

MIsstress of Destruction

XxRuinxX Last updated on October 4, 2010
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Alright this is my first time using this site. So i'll do my best to explain everything.

-Early game you will want mid lane doesn't mean you have to have it. Yet it is useful if you can help get early kills to help you gainsword of the occult faster. Your gonna wanna finish tear of the goddess and sword of the occult before the 15 min mark. If your not doing well you still can get a long sword and tear they aren't that expensive. Till you can farm up some money. I normally get Boots of mobility at the 11 min mark if I'm farming. If your doing a well get a giants belt. Yet the main things to get is sword of the occult and tear of the goddess.

-Mid game this is the 25 min mark at this point you should be able to have a pretty good idea what to go for and how your team works with you. You're going to need at least one person that can get enemies off you. You should have manamune, sword of the occult, boots of Mobility and a giants belt. If your doing well you should have a good number of stacks and notice that you don't have BF yet and you can hurt people easy with your double up. Your gonna wanna rely on your double shots and well placed ultimate. Even if you can't kill people getting asts for stacks is just as nice. The more they feed your sword of the occult the better. During mid game slows and damage are important. So finishing Frozen mallet and guinsoo are my main focus. You can try to knock down towers or spend your time in the jungle. Never pass up a chance to get more stacks though. That is your bread and butter.

-Late game- If you are at late game its already 45 mins in. At this point 11 stacks of sword of the occult pays for itself. Granted you want her fed at 15 or more. Yet 11 is a nice place to be if you can't get yourself fed. If you have FM, Guinsoo, sword of the occult, and Manamune. You should be hitting for atleast 270. Depends on your stacks. Say its low should still be in the 200 range. So your gonna need a thunder horse. Black cleaver. BF will change everything. Make it a black clever and you'll notice a huge difference. Squishy players go down like flies to your double up and ultimate. Tanks off tanks such as Xin, Olaf and garen. Will have tougher times getting to you and trying to kill you when you have BF plus FM. Do keep in mind people will notice you will take them down much quicker so you will be their focus. Try to avoid that at all costs or use it to your advantage by making them run into your team mates. As you use strut to avoid them. One well placed ultimate in a group of five. Will rip them to shreds.

Closing- Kiting and avoiding close combat is your main focus. You want them to stay as far away from you as much as possible. Taunts, slows, stuns and up close burst damage are not your friends. You want find your self avoiding these things as much as possible. Even stay out of team fights if you can't see all 5 of the enemies. You will notice if your doing quite well. They will just go around five man rolling to come kill you and only you. Its happend too many a Fortune. If you can keep distance and find yourself not in traps. This build will eat other teams alive.