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Singed Build Guide by Coolbreeze95

Mix Mix Swirl Mix - Singed OP

Mix Mix Swirl Mix - Singed OP

Updated on December 10, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Coolbreeze95 Build Guide By Coolbreeze95 2,655 Views 0 Comments
2,655 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Coolbreeze95 Singed Build Guide By Coolbreeze95 Updated on December 10, 2011
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Hello there and welcome to my first guide.
This guide will teach you how to stomp with singed in solo top lane.
"Following this setup, you will be tanky at all stages of the game, and deal tons of damage"

Please leave a comment, and be nice considering this is my first guide.
Sorry for spelling errors, I'm not American so, yeah :P
Ingamename: CoolBreeze95 (NA Server)
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Runes & Masteries & Summoners

I dont see it a must to go deep in the offense tree because you will not be a DPS, but rather a tank, but to make your poision any usefull, taking magic pen and ap is goodie, i go deep into the defensive tree as prenamed reason. This setup along with both defensive MR + armor runes, in addition to offensive Magic Pen + AP runes makes you even more tanky, yet deadly.

For summoners, you should ALWAYS get Ghost and Teleport. Ghost to cath upp to enemies (more effective than flash as long as its not for crucial moments / walls, but this does not occur often when u farm solo top 24/7) And teleport, for easy getting down to dragon if a teamfight breaks out, or getting back to lane to save tower, or simply farm.

Alternatives: If you think you could live without teleport, you can basically get anything u want, even tho Cleanse is not that usefull because of your already high CC negation from ulti, unless they have a INSANLEY hard cc team.
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Item Build

Starting with a Sapphire Crystal will give you the base for your cataclyst into ROA, aswell as a mana pot and health pot will make you able to sustain longer in lane.
You can swap out the boots of swiftness for merc treads, this should only be done if the enemy team, (specially enemy solo top) has a lot of cc. as your ult will pretty much negate the CC in clutch moments, making mercs less usefull than Swiftness boots.
Once you got your core items, Swiftness and Roa, you should build Will of the Ancients for spellwamp, making you a GOD in skirmishes and lane sustain.
Now you are left with 2 stats you need to fill, MR and armor, wether u want to get FoN or Sunfire Cape first is totally dependent on whatever threatens you the most, if its pretty much 50/50% get the FoN first, for even more movespeed. Then round off your build with Sunfire and Rylai for HP, armor and AP.

PS: You might want to swap out Ryli for GA if needed.
PS: You might want to swap out Ryli for Spirit Visage if you want more healing. (Effective against squishy enemy team comp)

Or keep Ryli for CC. (Effective for kite-able enemy team comp, or if your team simply need some slow)
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Skill Sequence

Pretty obvious, max poison Trial for dmg, fling second for same reason, and aoe slow lastly. Wether you choose yo max aoe slow before fling is personal prefrence, important thing is to get q first. Obviously getting R whenever you can so you can engage trollmode.
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Press Q, right click.

No but seriously, thats all you do when you get enough mana for it. just be sure not to get oom. lasthitting with your bulwark (autoattack) is fine too.
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Teamfights / Skirmishes

So there will be a lot of 1 on 1 and 2 v 2 skirmishes upp top, inloving, enemy top, and the junglers. all you need to do is to try to make em go in your poision and fling em, its all highly situoational.

I don't often say this, but there is a FEW champs that you can go hero mode with, and singed with ulti is one of them, its basically no cc, mana regen, hp regen and ap bonus + + + + + .... USE IT, dont use it only to escape or chase, use it for more damage aswell, it can make or break a skirmish

Teamfights, allright so now its happening, the clash of legends is about to commence, wtf are you suposed to do?

1. Press Q
2. Press R
3. Press E, right click enemy squishy
4. Press W if needed to catch upp to squishy
5. Right click all over the place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, 5. is actually positioning, but this is higly situational, depending on the enemy movement. but you basically wanna cover so mane bad guys in your poision as possible, Champs and minions alike
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Allrighty, thats it, you are ready and set for facerolling.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Coolbreeze95
Coolbreeze95 Singed Guide
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Mix Mix Swirl Mix - Singed OP

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