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League of Legends Build Guide Author theManuxav

Mobile Vayne

theManuxav Last updated on November 23, 2013
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Hi. This is the first guide that i'm making.

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More understanding of Vayne.

Attack Range: 550
Passive: Grants movement speed when moving towards a target.
+ Auto-attack reset ( Tumble )
+ Invisibility
+ Late Game Monster
+ Deals massive amounts of damage
+ Condemn
+ Great amount of movement speed

- Requires a lot of protection
- Rely on silver bolt
- Short range
- Needs to position well
- Hard to master

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Summoner's spell

Flash: Great for escape and can be used for potentially outplaying the opponent.
Barrier: Great for baiting.
Cleanse: If the enemy has a lot of crowd control.
Heal: Better for a support to take.
Ghost: Gives a lot of mobility.
Ignite: For Securing kills.

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Life steal runes: Better Sustain in lane
Flat AD runes: Good for trading
Armor Penetration: Good for dealing raw damage
Armor Runes: Absorbs quite a bit of damage, good for trading.
Magic resist runes: Good against other ADC such as Kog'Maw and AP Supports

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For masteries, u may want to go for the usual 21/9/0


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