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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author changen

Modification of Westrice's Akali Anti-Carry Build

changen Last updated on May 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 15

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 6

Expanded Mind
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Presence of the Master

Utility: 9

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This build is a build influenced by many builds, such as "Akali - You Were Trying To Kill Who?!" and The most Famous Akali Player Westrice's "Akali-The Super Anti-Carry". Westrice's build is very good, but i believe some points in the master tree was wasted on Critical Damage and attack speed and can instead be used on the Defense Tree

Now To Akali!

Akali is considered by many to be one of, if not the best burst damage champions in the game. At lvl 18, you can burst up towards of 1500 hp in one single combo. All of your abilies, minus the stealth are below 3 seconds, making Akali a very good and consistent Burster. She as has a stealth ability which also increases her Armor and Magic Resistence.

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-you are a ninja
-really high burst damage
-viable in all lanes
-good farmer late game
-good at lane control, especially against squishy ranged carries
-great a ganks after early game
-can turret dive at early mid-game against mid-health, low defense champs

-somewhat squishy in early game
-no chasing or ganking abilities at early game
-hard to master
-very expense items for good build

you will enjoy playing her, but will sometimes go WTF as a melee DPS rips your face off in a 1v1 when he has blood thirsters and Inf. Edge (cough, Yi, Jax and Tyrndamere)

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Her Passives are The Twin Disciplines.

When she gains 10 Bonus AD (from Weaspons, Runes or Masteries), she gain 10% Spell Vamp, and for every 5 extra AD after, she gains 1% more spell vamp.
For her other passive, upon obtaining 20 Ability Power, her basic attacks deal 10% bonus magic damage, increasing by 1% for every 5 Ability Power gained thereafter.

With this build of Runes, you will have more than enough AP to activate one of her Bonus Damage, and through her AD Runes and the Masteries in the Offense tree, you will activate the Spell Vamp

You can change some of the Seals to Health Regen, if u wish to give her more staying power in lanes early game

Thanks to all the comments for me to change lvl health seals to flat dodoge

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The masteries are balanced in Offense, Defense and Utilities. She needs the Offensive tree to activate the Spell Vamp Passive, without buying extraneous items such as Doran's Dagger, which doesnt help out her build. The Build of Westrice had points in Critical Damage and Critical Strike Chance and also Attack speed which really doesnt matter much to a Burst Damage Champion like Akali, which gets all of her damage from her Quick Combos and Abilites.

I put 6 points in the defense tree because she is really squishy early game and she needs the little extra help to survive

Playing as Akali, you will have to sometimes sacrifice yourself to kill the other team's ranged carry, so it's worth it to put points into reducing the respwan time. The extra experience is great and the Buff duration point is good for late game when u really shine with the Blue Buff and can spam away at your Q like no tomorrow

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Skill Sequence

Your main damage skill is Your Q, so max it first. Your E is the main farming tool at mid-game so get that next, get your Ultimate at when ever possible and your W last. It is a really good escape tool, but not worth anything else beyond one point in early game.

Your combos at mid game should be Q>wait for cool down>R to dash to opponent>auto attack to activate the mark>Q again>then Auto attack>finish off with E, and that should be around 500-1000 HP(depending on items)gone at around level 10

at early game, just last hit with Q on low health minions. Don't be aggressive unless you have a Rammus with Taunt or Alistar with Throw ganking in your lane

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Now Before You vote me down for Building an AP Only Akali, listen to my reasons

As a Burst Champion, you get all of your damage from combos and ablites, the extra Spell vamp from the AD/Hybrid build doesn't not contribute at all to your killing abilities. Around 500 AP, you can burst to 1500HP in ONE COMBO. Any champion below half-health, especially squishy carries will be obliterated. Your job is to kill the carry and nothing else, and you don't need the extra Spell Vamp for that

Get an hextech revolver early in the game, the extra Spell vamp does stack with your passive. so the extra life steal will help you out greatly in lane early game(with the upcoming patch 118B, i am not sure if it stacks anymore, please tell me the comments below)

Then go for the scepter, taking the belt if you aren't doing so well and the staff if you are kicking butt. The Sceptor is vital to killing enemies and for tower diving, the extra Health, AP and slow, will improve your survivability and get you kills. the Rest are the usually AP build items, such as the death-cap, and void staff. Lich Bane will be the Bane of your enemies' existence. You simply doubled you Q combo's damage out-put with Lich Bane. The gun blade is helpful for late game staying power, you can simply kill minions for the health and since there is no mana for Akali, you can stay and fight

If You are "sacrificing" yourself for the team near the end of the game to kill their squishy carries, make sure to grab a Guardian Angel, so you can get a second chance at life, once you return to base, sell it for some AP or magic pen. items, because the Guardian Angel is basically worthless for another 5 minutes

now comes the question, should i or should i not get the soul stealer...don't get it, not even when you are raping face. Do not rely on snow ball items for Akali, because she is a very high risk champion in team fights, often jumping into the middle of the entire enemy team during team fights. If you are playing defensively, go for it, the assists will add up, but if you are playing aggressively go for more conventional items so you won't become useless after a death

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Summoner Spells

Flash is usefull for early game when you don't have your ulti, you can flash to them, activate the mark, Q again and activate for some really heavy damage

Exhaust is really important, because it decrease the MR of the target making them even more squishy to your combos

Ignite is also good, but you will be forced to take away a point from the other tree to get the improved ignite

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Akali is versatile enough to lane anywhere. She is best especially to lane with a support with stuns, taunts or fear (Alistar and Rammus, although they are usually banned in ranked play).

Do Not lane against beefy champions like Garen and Mordekaiser, mostly because they are too beefy for you too kill early game. Warwick is also another no-no, mostly because you are a melee burst, while he has massive melee life steal.

With the right items, and teammates you can probably get first blood without suffering much damage, considering the amount of Pots you can take at the beginning of the game

to get 4 pots at the beginning, you must wait 10 secs for the extra 10 gold to buy the pot, your boots and the extra experience gain should make up for the less of exp

with a good lane partner, you should not die all, and will be fed like a baby
most of these games were early surrenders, where we had a good team comp...
the only game i lost was when i laned with Teemo, and no one picked a tank...
that being said, you are only as useful as your team comp.

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Important Rules

1. Never Initiate Fights

Yes, you can burst down the guy with half health in about one second, but you will die when his teammate gang-bang you the moment he dies. Let the tank and your teammate do their jobs and your job is find and take out the weakes tamoung them

2. Target of Priority

If they have a oracle, you are screwed. Tell your teammates to kill the enemy first then you can clean up after.

3. Save Your W

yes you are stealthed, but only for 8 seconds, and the cool down is well over 15, meaning 15 seconds everyone sees you and you will be obliterated

4. Cool Tricks

Recall is 8 seconds, and your stealth is also 8 seconds. Do the math, you can recall home without being seen in enemy territories.

5. Don't Roam

Don't roam for too long, farm and gank at the right times, just because you can gank doesnt meant you should gank, Akali is too item depend for damage so farm for as long and carefully as you can

6. Dont do 1v1

Again, you are the clean crew, not a solo champion, anyone melee champ with multiple blood thirster and Infinity edge can chomp you to pieces, ranged carries are your targets.

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Any Question/Comments

This is my first Guild, so if I forgot anything, please comment and tell me