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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author linabx

Mommy, There's a Rabid Chipmunk on the Loose!

linabx Last updated on August 29, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Introduction: Hey guys and welcome to my DPS Teemo guide. This guide will explain everything you need to know to play Teemo. This is your Sparknotes to learning how to play Teemo:

Summoner Spells:
Exhaust: You are capable of harassing any champion at level 1 with Blinding Dart. At level 3, You and your lane partner can go in for the kill. You pop on Exhaust and Rip you enemy into pieces.
Ghost: A well-round summoner spell that is useful for mobility, chasing and fleeing. Stacking this with Move Quick will result in a 500+ Movement Speed. Am I going too fast for you?

Mastery Explanations:
3x Deadliness: Occasional Critical Strike may put you at an advantage against squishy characters.
1x Cripple: Armor reduction by 10 for 3 seconds? Pretty good for me. Deliver your killing blow while their guard is down.
4x Alacrity: Attack Speed
1x Sorcery: This mastery is useless, I only put this on to get Havoc.
3x Sunder: Armor Penetration, take that you tanks.
2x Offensive Mastery: Clearing minions waves faster. This allows you to push champions back to their turret.
3x Brute Force: Plus 3 Physical Damage. Teemo start off with like what? 50 something damage? This will give you a little boost.
3x Lethality: Extra Damage for you Crit Chance. Blah blah blah
1x Havoc: 5% increased damage, so, lets see: 55.7 Damage? Cool.
3x Perseverance: Promotes Teemos staying power and prevents lots of recalling.
1x Good Hand: I hate waiting to respawn and watch other champions steal my kills.
4x Intelligence: 5% extra exp. Level up faster = kill more.
1x Greed: Money! This will help you reach your B. F. Sword faster (just a little)

Item Order with Explanation:
1. Regrowth Pendant: You: "WTF? Are you effing crazy? Whatever, Im not reading this noob build." Haha, but wait read this:
Regrowth Pendant vs. Vampiric Scepter: Personally I believe, Vampiric Scepter requires you to be active and attacking in order to regenerate health. However, what if you were laning against gay champions who harass you every second? This will then force you to stay back near you tower and sit there, not lifestealling that much health. However If you took the Regrowth Pendant, You could be aggressive or passive. Aggressive regenerates health, Passive regenerates health. And plus, Lets say you have just 200 health and your staying back at your turret. Your lane partner needs to recall for mana and your opposing champions are pushing into your tower, and they are clearing the last of the minions. By the time they reach your turret, you will have recovered at least 50~100 health to fend off the opposition. With Vampiric Scepter, you run the risk of the two champions tower diving and kicking you butt.
Regrowth Pendant allows you to stay In your lane almost forever. I see no point in recalling for mana from levels 1~5. You will just stay in your lane and farm minions with toxic and an occasional Blinding Dart (When you mana is up).
After you have collected exactly 1990 gold, recall (hopefully for your first time) and buy:
2. Philosophers Stone: This item increases your health regeneration and mana regeneration. And an extra 5 gold per 10 seconds. Comes in handy I promise. (640 gold)
3. Boots of Speed: +50 Movement Speed. + level1 Move Quick = 403 MS. (350 gold)
4. Madreds Razors: Haha again, Youll might not think this is usefull. But building this into Madreds Bloodrazers is really usefull. (1000 gold)
You should be getting some kills, if not, then shame on you.
5. Madresd Bloodrazor: +4% of maxium health. I use this as a good anti-tank item. 10,000 health Chogath would do 400 extra damage? Hmm.
6. B. F. Sword + 50 Attack Damage, What could be better?
7. Beserkers Greaves: +20 Movement Speed and 25% Attack Speed.
8. Black Cleaver: At max stacks -60 armor Anti- Tank.
9. Sword of the Occult (Only if youre doing well)-Gives110 Damage at max Stacks along with a 15% Movement Speed (Optional)
10.Frozen Mallet- Gives you durability and makes you less squishy. Prevents any of you kills to escape your grasp.
11. Sell your Philosophers Stone for a Malady. +50% Attack Speed, and 15% Lifesteal.

Ending Items:
2. Berserkers Greaves
3. Madreds Bloodrazer
4. Black Cleaver
5. Sword of the Occult/ or another AD item.
6. Frozen Mallet

Important Statistic Boost:
Attack Speed: +50% Attack Speed(Malady) + 25% Attack Speed(Berserkers Greaves) + 4% Attack Speed (Masteries) +40% Attack Speed (Madreds Bloodrazer) +15% Attack Speed (Sword of the Occult)
Attack Damage: +75 attack Damage(Black Cleaver), +35 Attack Damage(+4% Targets Max Health) (Madreds Bloodrazer) +20 Attack Damage(Frozen Mallet) +110 Attack Damage (Sword of the Occult)
Armor Penetration: -60 Armor Reduction (Black cleaver) + 17.6 armor Penetration (Runes)
Health: +700 Health (Frozen Mallet) +97 health (runes)

Gameplay Tips and Tricks:

Early Game:
Start off with Regrowth Pendant and hopefully you can get the solo lane, if not then pick a Melee DPS character or a tank to lane with. I do not recommend you to lane with a caster or another Ranged DPS because both of you are squishy. And usually, if one of you go down, both of you go down. (From my experiences, unless you tower hug). Blinding Dart in early game is your main harassment tool. Usually in early game, If your laning against a melee DPS, play aggressively and keep up the constant harassments. If your playing aginst a Ranged DPS, then I would consider playing passively (tower hugging) or dancing: hit, then run back, then run back in, then hit, then run back then run back in etc. etc.

Mid game:
If you are being feed, skip to the sword of the occult. If not continue on the list. Mid game is the most fun part of the game. Your job as Teemo is to ward Baron, Dragon, and both golem and both lizards. Remember, since you are DPS, your mushrooms will not deal a significant amount of damage. In your lane be cautious of MIA Champions. Utilizing Noxious Trap as temporary sight wards and preventing ganks are extremely effective.

Late Game:
You should be fed well by this time. Late game involves: "Push Mid!" or "Lets Baron". If your team wants to Baron, it is smart to lay mushrooms around the perimeter of the baron nest and in the bushes to prevent a gank and a baron kill steal.

Additional Information:
3 seconds after you recall you will be camouflaged. So technically (if opponents dont have Oracles or a Vision Ward) recalling only takes 3 seconds instead of 8.
Blinding Dart does not prevent spells. Very effective against DPS.
Blinding Dart does not apply Toxic Shot.
Please comment on my build, this is my newest build and I am open to any suggestions.