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Mordekaiser Build Guide by tim45

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tim45

Morda CD;AP;Tank;AD

tim45 Last updated on January 26, 2012
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Chapter 1

Philosophy is to keep the shields on the MAX, accused of creeping death and push the *** between the hostile past, you can siphon through harrasowa and weaken the enemy champĀ³w, and watch out for the porch, the best lane for a mid mug, shield and aoe skills will quickly push the killings front of the enemy turret, max shield guarantees a long lane-keeping and possibly punched killa try to keep watching the enemy movements and figure out their tactics, such as Ryze standing motionless under the turret can afkowa OR wants us to just think and wait until we take the snare and was instrumental, then the guy will do the snare, and we are in the ***.

Of course, also advise against diving turret against the opponents of stun or snare him because, as he has been instrumental will stun / snare i. .. We are in the ***. If the Whip niemilca and we have the spirit to halloo to the turret, the spirit fills up, but if you jump out of a niemilec it retreated, but if it is niemilec stun or snare is not hit it as long as neither you nor the spirit of doing no harm to him is a turret does not beat you, or wait 2-3 seconds for stunie and washes out and let the spirit of beating the enemy.

How is the moment where you do not yet have such a fight only one at each orbit, and then you yourself harrasuje harrasowa using Siphon.
Ideally want you to initiate a fight because you're a lot tougher than most tanks unbuffed.
Of course, before you enter it before Punch Mace of spades and a creeping death, it should keep you alive while cc.
Try to aim Siphon covered by most opponents, ulti-imposed on focusowanego dps-a (to take his spirit who can kick butt good opponents.) Try to shove between the opponents (by creeping death and sunfire cape-y zadaway even deadly dmg)
Where TF cares opponents you are focusing all their skills on a paper DD (eg, twitch, pantheon, etc.), preferably consume everything, ignite, ulti, it's important you as soon as it finished, then use the spirit against the rest of their opponents.

If you're in you can midzie gankowa opponents on the bottom or top, of course, when poking level 6 and, if you have already sorecerki, but before you throw a cast for a moment out of opponents, particularly on their HP. Porch must be reliable and consistent. Before wkroczysz the lane with the victim use the ghost, and then try to focus on what will be easier to compress, treat, and ulti ignite if the first die to use his mind against the other if the other will flee away into the depths you can destroy the turret.

To use it backdooringu spirit that will take on Klata turret.

In the opponent's
If the opponents run away at the nexus / RESP is better to be addressed or turretami inhibitors (in this case, you take on Klata a dive away allies turret) if you are nafeedowany and between you and your opponents is the difference upgrade lvls 3-5 in your favor, you can easily se romp on the enemy base and dziuba inhibitors (even if the allies had gone with the opponent), if the opponents throw at you wanting to save inhibitors (usually parks or threes, throw) to start their smear certainly escape into nexusowe turrety, and you will se further hasaj nothing like the base, usually if they do surrender.

In the case of massive porches
Do not try to run away (as you have to die to escape it and will not help you) try to massage the skills of the opponents if the opponents do not use the cc effects are you lot gonna survive, ultimata throw or something that has the highest max hp, or an opponent who has very little hp in this case should be mixed with Ignite and its focus their attacks, if somehow you have the spirit to send him the weakest, if you're lucky you can tapestries some enemies or kill penta stick (and possibly get a few insults on the part of opponents). Alternatively, the allies manage to come help you.

In the event of unusual circumstances, use epic artifact (what? And that) sometimes draw from many zafajdanych situation.
And one more thing, this guide does not guarantee you that you will always win and had a statistically 30/0/60, sometimes it turns out that you noobowski team, regardless if you try to do a button.
Remember also that you happen to fight these enemies with whom and you do not give advice (each game is different, some people use tricks worthy of a ******, najwredniejszym to walk haksiarze or others) so if such a thing happens to remember , not everyone is perfect, maybe I myself am pro murder but if I happen to have a statistically 1/8/0

Last look like people rather ignorancko refer to the fact that murder is impossible to stick Quadra / penta kill, what is this art? Well, all that is based simply on ***sie and well used, and the stupidity ulti opponents, Ultima need to hit the enemy's best melle or ranged dps-a and then use Alt + Right click on someone to send the spirit of the least hp, then another, with the triple killu opponents may resort so you have 40% chance of Quadre and 20% for penta, unless I skampia August when nexusowych turretach just send the spirit, it should give advice if zwiej the "fountain" you can let it go beat their opponents as quickly healaj and the spirit will die soon from this ridiculous laserka.

8) Tips

* Siphon of destruction will help check the bushes, and was instrumental in the bushes, and you dial up Regni it means that something is Kampi, in the best case it will Wardy or fungi, in the worst gang of hungry opponents.

* Try to choose the lane where there are no enemies at all costs who would you cast out from the minions in early can kill you.

* How will feed you, you're practically unstoppable, generally until there is a five with the addition of the Focus cc effects that you will live, whether you taranowa teemosa mushrooms, nothing will happen, katarina uses ulti? Ucierpisz not much. You can play a more daring and assist fleeing allies. The best agreement with the allies that you first go out and when you take on Klata biggest bomb that kills allies and reaching the poor with a cooldown.

* How do you buff it red and attacks will be applied debuff spirit of the Red buff, use it, just as it is useful to the Blue continued reduction buff.