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Mordekaiser Build Guide by ipvp

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ipvp

Morde Mid Madness

ipvp Last updated on February 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is actually the same thing from my first Guide but minor adjustments i

my first guide i hope you guys enjoy it.

Ok so basically this build is targeted to out lvl and make quick gold to by the nice AP items for Morde.

EARLY MORDE ::: To Start, Boots and 3 health Potions- This should last you until you get enough gold for the Revolver without going back to base or dieing.
The goal of having the boots to dodge as many atks as possible while getting CS. Note:: getting the CS is the MOST IMPORTANT thing for this build because it will allow you get items faster and lvl faster then anyone else.
While dodging atks and try to hit the enemy and minions with E. together. this allows you to be aggressive and push without taking much dmg. When you see that your minions are attacking his Tower go to your Wraiths to gain more CS while the enemy tries to push your minions back. Wraiths give you 4x cs everytime so make sure to kill them as much as possible(note: If your minions are still too forward feel free to get the wolves too)

MID GAME MORDE::: Ok by now you should already have Revoler and Either a Tome oor Boots of Lucidty ..

Basically at this point you want to roam as much as possible while keeping an Eye on your Turrent. Personally by lvl 7 i can get the Mid turrent down if dodged and cs the whole time mid. This opens me up to Gank Top or Bot whenever i want.. Try to Time your R so you make the enemy run away from you then Flash and E kill him. do not Open with R because you will never make ghost, Also when selecting what to kill in teamfights try to aim for the Ranged AD, this allows you to take cover while your ghost deals most of the dmg. You can easily get double and triple kills even with low health as long as you picked up the revoler.

The Item sequence you choose Mid Late Game will determine how you play the rest of the match.
If you've been playing Aggressive and getting Killling Blows with your R you should Rush Souleater, but if you really do not have many kills go for Will of Ancients ( This allows you stay in the field more without going B and it gives your teammates for AP in team fights as well. ) Giants Belt and then Ryails . for Survivability.

Ok well keep in mind BE AGGRSIVE! Use your abilities without being afraid of its cooldown I promise it will always be available when really needed, thats the point of this build.
Be aggressive by poping in and out of fights, remember YOUR NOT A TANK!! your main Dmg for your team so play like it.

Thank you for reading this i hope you guys @ least try out this build out of most Morde builds i have seen and tried this one allows me to be the most aggressive possible with High Damage output..Also, keep in mind this is my first guide so i apologize for all the typos and if i set it up wrong. Try items, build, runes play smart and you'll love it!


This mastery build is intended to lvl quickly and provide more DMGG by reducing cooldowns.
Do not be afraid to use your attacks even with low HP and it looks like your going to die, it can always be a turning point for your teammates to pick up the kills.

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Follow the Buying order it works... the only thing i change depending on the type of game is the FoN as the 3rd Item and then Ryails. but no matter what always always get Revolver First! just farm until you have 1200g.