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Mordekaiser Build Guide by games4worlds

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author games4worlds

mordekaiser always 6v4

games4worlds Last updated on February 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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hello i played mordekaiser over 500 times. and i can say. he was op before the nerf of him.
everybody said morde is bad and why morde mid? if you play morde well

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Always start out with a health potion and a regrowth pendantif you go back the first time you need to buy sorcerer shoes. (sorcerer boots does more damage so your shield will charge faster)
now we need tank items. lets build warmogs armor. (most time you can only pick the health gem)
after that you can tank abit. we need more healthregen and charge our warmogs armor. we need force of nature. it gives health regen, speed and magic resist. after that we need thornmail. it gives huge armor. you can block the carry easily now. now we can dive the tower too. is the game still not over build hexteck gunbladeand after that the game might is over. not? pick guardians angel. it will help your minion to continue fighting while you are getting ressed. now the game must and soon. we got full build and i hope it is a game that we going to win :)

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why morde?

morde is a good damage but he dont got cc. he cant escape. if you are morde you can always take items such as quicksilver sash . this is game bound. so i didn't showed such items.

morde can farm pretty good. and on lvl 6 his ulti and ignite can kill players with 35% health

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skill order

1. (E)-Siphon of Destruction

2. (W)-Creeping Death

3. (E)-Siphon of Destruction

4. (W)-Creeping Death

5. (E)-Siphon of Destruction

6. (R)Children of the Grave

7. (E)-Siphon of Destruction

8. (Q)-Mace of Spades

9. (E)-Siphon of Destruction

10.(W)-Creeping Death

11.(W)-Creeping Death

12.(R)Children of the Grave

13.(W)-Creeping Death

14.(Q)-Mace of Spades

15.(Q)-Mace of Spades

16.(R)Children of the Grave

17.(Q)-Mace of Spades

18.(Q)-Mace of Spades

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who says mordekaiser is bad? with morde in your team and the other team got a carry you fight 6v5 in teamfights. mordekaiser its hard to balance damage and tank items. morde need high damage and tank items too. i hope u understand mordekaiser now :D

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mordekaiser and his team

mordekaiser is the best mid cause he is ap and he cant jungle, ofcourse he isn't suport either. nor the ad

in youre team champs like warwick and malz are pretty good, they can kill somebody and you will get the pet if you use your ultimate on the person who is getting killed.
(the stats of the ghost are better, (means picking a mage dont do much. yes you get some ap but if you pick ad you can use them to kill more people

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pros and cons


morde is a tank with high damage
morde is good the whole game (early,mid,late)
morde got good aoe damage
spells cost health. it mean you can spam your ablilties
good laner
hard to kill


if the other team dont got carry morde isn't verry good
mordekaiser dont got cc

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playing ranked

most players dont like morde mid. they think he is bad. if you play morde on ranked be sure they got a good carry. and to learn mordes ulti learn all the passives in the game. the ghost you got still got his own passive of the champ.
never pick morde if they got somebody with truedamage
if you got somebody in the others team with truedamage it isn't good. they can kill you easilly

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summoner spells

why ignite? why not exhaust,

morde needs ignite , if you do ignite and mordes ulti you will kill them if they got 40 % or less health left. if you do this you get a strong ghost (best used on ad) you can command the ghost to atack people or minions

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The story of morde

Mordekaiser, the Master of Metal
During the winter solstice, on the darkest day of the year, a being like no other emerged from the forgotten alleyways of Noxus. Standing eight feet tall, and concealed within a razor-sharp armored shell, he came to be known only as Mordekaiser. The nature of what lies beneath his carbonized carapace is a popular subject of speculation. Many allege that he is a mortal man with a heart that has hardened to iron. Others insist that he is a dark specimen of the undead. But there are some who whisper warnings that he is merely a foreshadowing of something terrible and unprecedented yet to come. Despite the public conjecture and curiosity, none have discovered what lies beneath his alloyed exterior. What is known is this: Mordekaiser arrived unannounced at the Institute one day and, with a rasp that crept ice up the spines of all within earshot, requested to join the League of Legends.

Upon glimpsing his fearful visage, most keep their distance, fortunately unaware that his touch bears a sinister scourge. Those who stumble within his grasp fall victim to incurable maladies. In fact, Mordekaiser seems mystically attuned to sickness, as if it feeds and comprises part of his chilling essence. He now stalks the slums of Noxus, drawn to the plague-ridden and diseased. However, there is something in his clever tactics, something in his noble stance, something in the tone of his unearthly commands that has led many to believe that Mordekaiser is more than just a foot soldier. Some see the distinguishing characteristics of a general. While many have learned to accept the evidence of this unsettling possibility, a lingering question keeps them wary at the witching hour: If Mordekaiser is a general, what nightmarish legion lurks at his command?

"The common perception is that the encompassing armor protects him, I fear that -- for the fragile time being -- it actually protects us."

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thank you for reading this guide, i hope you now know how to play morde.
if you like this guide can you plz vote its good :)
if you disliked this guide dont vote okay? :)