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Mordekaiser Build Guide by bsurma

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bsurma

Mordekaiser - Just Add Metal (Includes Alt. Builds!)

bsurma Last updated on March 24, 2012
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Hi, and welcome to my first guide here on MOBAFire, starring Mordekaiser, the most Brazilian piece of metal in existence (with a Mace of Spades equally Brazilian). In this guide you will find general tips on how to play this character and a full build with many alternative set-ups.

Why this guide over many others, you ask?
Well, I'm trying to make this guide as much beginner-friendly as possible with many useful tips on how to handle a lane by yourself, farming and so on, and so on. If you want to learn
If you happen to find any mistake, please write in the comments. Constructive criticism and/or tips on how to improve my guide in any way are highly appreciated.
Let's move on!

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WHAT does Morde do? Analysis.

People like to contemplate about who he really is.
[/end P.O.S. fluff that doesn't make any sense anyway]

Now, for the actual in-depth analysis of the above-par champion that Mordekaiser is.

Mordekaiser has the attributes of a caster. He has two quite spammable spells that make up for a large burst. These are Mace of Spades and Siphon of Destruction. In, addition he has one shield ability with many uses - Creeping Death. It can give him or an allied unit Armor/MR and some AoE damage. And to top it off - his ultimate, Children of the Grave. It steals a portion of HP from the enemy champion - the first half initially, and the second half over time. If you manage to get that champ dead with the use of Children of the Grave (doesn't matter if you take the kill, or your ally), you get an ghost of him serving for you, like a mere, useless slave. Huehuehue! It certainly is fun, isn't it? Not to mention the ghost takes some stats from his body (and some are given to Morde, too!), once alive. So...

You see an AD carry. Tasty... Oh, so tasty, with his mere 1800-2000 HP.
E>Q>R> Ignite ghost huehuehuehuehuehue!!!1111 *proceed to [censored] enemy team*

Not to forget about the passive, though - Iron Man gives him a built-in shield which is generated when Mordekaiser deals damage. Yay for tankiness! It can also be a bait for the enemy if you're low enough, so you can take this to your advantage.

My findings are (and yours should probably be, too): Morde is an ANTI-CARRY.
He lives on destroying those pesky damage dealers that screw your team over and make them his own slaves. You mess with Mordekaiser, he messes you UP! His ultimate can even be game-changing and is sometimes underestimated. It is also a good tool when solo-ing your opponent at top lane. With the help of Children of the Grave, you can then destroy the tower with ease if you manage to get the ghost.

Let's move on to Mordekaiser's next trait, which can be his upside and downside at the same time - he pushes exceptionally well.


Yeah, that is quite an obvious statement, but Mordekaiser's pushing habits can give you a bit of a headache when going top.

  • Primo. If you push too hard, you just shout out to the enemy jungler "MORDE IS READY TO GANK NAO". It is not recommended to push if there is too much risk involved (Most likely there will be enough risk not to push, you should only if you can escape easily enough).
  • Secundo. If you push too hard, the enemy solo top will probably fall back to his tower. This is bad for you, as you cannot E him to death anymore.
  • Tertio. You should also give some ganking choices for your jungler! It works both ways, as you can see. Another reason why pushing is not good unless you're sure you can get the tower.