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League of Legends Build Guide Author dante10kk

Mordekaiser the invincible

dante10kk Last updated on April 5, 2011
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The one thing I need to state here is that. Mordekaiser is a off tank. and to be effective at all you cannot go completely tanky. If you do you will just be the last person to die. ask yourself this whats a tanks purpose. tanks are supposed to die for the team if nessassary so your carrys and main DPS can survive, if the off-tank/tank doesnt get focus'd he isnt useful. so then you ask how do you do damage with mordekaiser and still tank. Well #1 his passive generates a shield depending on the ammount of damage. and #2 going a hybrid build Tanky-AP.

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Team Work

you being in the team fights and communicating with your team is a crucial part of your teams success to the game. If the squishy carrys are getting focus'ed first then you cannot win the game thats all there is too it.

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Summoner Spells

Q = This skill is based off of a ratio of AP + AD damage it activates when you melee attack an enemy or neutral champion/minion
W = This is a shield It gives you Armor and magic resistance. It also does damage to surrounding enemies. this skill is increased by your AP. If you plan on turret diving or you enter a team fight i suggust you put it on yourself or thoes who get focus'ed more than you do.
E = This skill is an Area of Attack in the shape of a cone. it strikes anyone with in its range.
R = this skill siphons life from an enemy mostly effective when used on squishys and combined with Ignite. when you kill the person you use this skill on it will give you a ghost to control you get 25% of their damage so lets say theres a tryndamere or a gangplank or somone who has high DPS effects you can murder the team. Infact I can tell you I solo'd a entire team by killing olaf and using my ulti on him. Foolishly their team for some reason felt that the ghost was doing alot of damage so I used my Creeping Death (W skill) to give it survivability. after killing 3 of their squishys only their tank and blitzcrank survive and decide to run.

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Simple chapter.

This has to do with your skills.

only use your E on minions when you are sure that the skill will connect with your enemy laner.

use your Q to farm and push out if needed.

Only push if it seems that the enemy minions are stacking up and about to push your turret.

basically Last hit.

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What items to Rush?: Your first item should be a HP Regrowth Pendent and a HP Potion. and also the second item should be another regrowth pendent.
After that get either Magic Penetration Boots or Boots of Swiftness.
If they have a AP user thats not doing damage get a Sunfire Cape if they do get a force of nature then a sunfire cape.

If you did not get the force of nature get a sunfire cape then a warmogs. and sell your remaining Regrowth Pendent.

Summary of Early-Mid Game Items / Tanky Items.

Boots Of Swiftness / Magic Penetration Boots
2Regrowth Pendents
Sunfire Cape
Force Of Nature

These are your possible choices but together dont make an actual build.

We got past the tanky survivability items. You need to get these first or you wont survive long. in early game team fights.

Now for your DPS items / HYBRID TANKY/DPS items.

After your 2nd tanky Item. Sunfire or Warmogs get a Rylai's Scepter everything it gives benefits you (health, AP, and a slow on spell hit)



I PRESENT TO YOU: THE GOD OF ALL COMBO SLOWS: THE RYLAI'S SCEPTER COMBINED WITH FROZEN MALLET (if you hate it when people get away) Frozen Mallet: This gives health attack damage (your Q ability is dependent on AP + AD) and the Slow effect stacks with Rylai's

Abyssal Scepter: Good for everything. espically if you have AP users on your team.

The Zhonya's Hourglass: It gives armor Ability power and its active can be good if the enemy team is really beating on you.

Rabadons DeathCap: Thats alot of AP..... Miss Fortune Says "You have dangerous eyes Mordekaiser, I like that."

Hextech Gunblade: This is good for surviving through a team fight. It gives Attack Damage Ability Power. Life steal and Spell vamp. + its active is decent for getting rid of thoes pesky DPS's that cant be put down. use this when you initiate a team fight.

Lichbane: I saw a mordekaiser with a Magic Pen Boots, Thornmail, Warmogs + 2 Death Caps and I said damn this mordekaiser has a decent build.......... then guess what he got Lich bane.... WHY? apparently because of the active it has on spell use. Dont get me wrong im sure its a decent idea but 3k for just hat isnt worth it. So

LichBane: No


The trolls guide / Backdooring Verson of Mordekaiser.

+ your tanky items

Mallady: The AP + Attack Speed and the on hit effect its not a bad item for back dooring or focusing on one player but for team fights your AP wont be anything.

Guinsoo's Rageblade: This is actually an alright item. Not Great but alright. but if you do end up getting the mallady i do suggust getting the Rageblade aswell. Even with team fights you can rape with this combo.

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Skill Sequence

Level 1: E
Level 2: Q or W
Level 3: W or Q
Level 4: E
Level 5: E
Level 6: R
Level 7: E
Level 8: W
Level 9: E
Level 10: W
Level 11: R
Level 12: W
Level 13: W
Level 14: Q
Level 15: Q
Level 16: R
Level 17: Q
Level 18: Q

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I perfer Utility Mastery over Defense but if you want to be a harder tank defense is the way to go.

Utility Mastery: 9/0/21

This mastery tree is the same primarly used for vladimir.

Defense: 9/21/0

This is good for a better tanky version of Morde.

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This chapter ties into what ever boots you have gotten and assumes you get the Marks suggusted in this chapter

Possible Quint Combos = 4

Complete Magic Penetration: Sorceress Shoes + 14 Magic Pen

Complete Movement Speed: Boots of Swiftness + 1.5 Movement Speed Quints x 3

(I perfer this)Hybrid Magic Penetration 1: Sorceress Shoes + 1.5 Movement Speed Quints x 3

Hybrid Magic Penetration 2: Boots of Swiftness + 14 Magic Pen

Marks: Magic Penetration

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Pros / Cons

He can tank
He can DPS
He is a tanky DPS
+ your passive is a ***** for ppl to deal with in mid lane.
and hes a great solo'er

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that just about sums it up you yanks.

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I am the better mordekaiser

and you know it.