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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lord of Foolz

Mordekaiser the Painkiller

Lord of Foolz Last updated on February 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Reasoning Behind Insanity

Hello I am the Lord of Foolz. Why have I chosen this name for my strat handle? Well I make strats that are not that popular not to mention i don't want people to know my LoL game handle. Also the strats I make on this is more theory craft then real strat.

So first off lets get in the mood.

Now that Judas Priest is in the back ground we can begin!

Lets talk about AP Morde. I personally have never seen one besides me. I have seen AD mordes and that's just silly it makes me giggle. All his skills are based on AP, but that's a rant for another day.

So you look at the runes and the 9/21 masteries and day to yourself, wait this looks tanky. You are correct. Why you ask? Mord has a nice little aura of "OMFG ITS MORDEKAISER KILL HIM WITH FIRE!!!! MORE FIRE KIIIIIIIIILLLL"

So my theory behind the is that instead of a normal caster build we have a tank build. I actually use the same masteries as my tank morde except for a few changes with vet scars an Ardor. my runes are diferent tough i don't ahve magic pen in my tank build nor as much CDR.

So the point of this little bit of insanity is to survive the inevitable focusing of Mord, not to mention this strat is ment to either solo mid or go 2v1 if there is a jungler. And you want to be able to live long enough to become fed by minions if not by kills, hence why my skills are so focused on his W, it gives armor and MR.

Now for the explaination of my summoner spells. Exhaust is needed so that you can keep in range of enemies you want killed.

Heal is not manditory, but my suggestion for survival. This cna be replaced by Flash or Ghost if you want to have something that will be more usful late game.

Another suggestion is ignite becuase as every good mord knows ignite is wonderful with your ult. I don't ahve it on this one becuase I would like more survivability but if you want to do it more power to you.

Anyway Next chapter.

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Begining lvls 1-7ish

Ok you are soloing something you should be able to farm minions with your W by placing it on a minion and having them do the killing for you. or if the enemy does the OMFG its mord and focuses on you, you an then place it on yourself. other than that play farmor john your time for ownage has not yet come...

Start with an Amplifying tome and a health potion.

This stage is boring you push them to their tower and just farm. nothing special just follow the skills of massive AoE if you kill an enemy fantastic. Just get gold and get your hextech revolver and sorc boots as soon as you can.

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Middle lvls 8-17

ok now you do some damage. Time to kill. you have your boots and soon your crystal scepter. Lets put them to use, pick the weak zebra out o the herd and club it. That's all you are going to do along with assisting where you can. Don't forget creeping death it now deals ~110 damage per second. thats almost as much as 3 sunfire capes. and that's on anyone you want to protect for 6 seconds and you still get the shield to keep pushing.

It also triggers the slow from the crystal scepter so there is no escape.

Get yourself a WotA and you are done with waht i am calling the core, congrats keep on killing. Oh and don't forget about the lizard buff, makre sure they can not escape your rage!

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Late game, Level 18

Your next step is the death cap. this will give you allot of AP.

Now there are a few things you may want to do at this time after you get th deathcap, assuming the game is still going on.

A) get lich bane and just kill them without mercy


B) solo baron.

IF you chose A you already know how to kill, get a lich bane and down some towers you don't need me anymore.

if you chose B or are like WTF you do that? Get a hex tech gunblade. get the golem buff and make a B line to baron. Start off with your E then Q so you cna quickly get shield, then use your W. rinse and repeat for about 20 seconds and there you go, you are almost dead, but Baron is fully dead and your team has the buff and hte enemy team is like WTF they don't ahve a Yi?? and are now very mad.

Its time to end this if you chose Path A and got your lich bane then get either an hourglass or abyssal scepter

if you chose to solo baron then go get yourself a lich bane and end the game

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I have to leave now, but I will fill this p with soem mah later to show the numbers and show that it really does work.

Mull it over for a little bit I'll be back this evening.