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League of Legends Build Guide Author Eddie Shoe

Mordekaiser - You can't kill the metal

Eddie Shoe Last updated on August 21, 2010
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Mordekaiser - You can't kill the Metal, 3v3 Guide

If it's the first time you play Mordekaiser, I suggest you read through the spells so you actually know what they do since some of them can easily be misunderstood. This is also my first guide so tell me if you think I do something wrong, and no flaming please :)

About the items:

Depending on what you meet in the game, you buy Warmog's or Force of Nature. For example, if you meet a champion that uses alot of spells (Ryze, Vladimir or whatever) you buy Force of Nature. Since they do around 56% reduced magic damage to you with it. Otherwise, if it's only melee wise you can switch it out for Warmog's wich is better against them of course. I highly recommend if you meet a nuke-basic attack character, like Master Yi or maybe Tryndamere, switch out the Malady for a Thornmail.


SoD: Siphon of Destruction (E)
MoS: Mace of Spades (Q)
Shield: Creeping Death (W)

Early Game:

Start of with a Regrowth Pendant (+15 HP5) and go for first blood, or up to the upper lane tower (I don't know what you do). I usually stand near the tower before minions spawn since I usually lose first blood, but it depends on your teammates and their team. When the minions spawn, they will meet up halfway at middle lane like always, then you start spamming SoD (Try to hit the other champion with it). When later on, you get MoS wich deals alot of boosts your damage and jumps to additional targets. This is the best creep farming abilities you have as Mordekaiser. I dont pick the shield until later since I think it's rather useless, but we all have different opinions.

Mid Game:

After ~10 - 15 minutes you should have the Sorcerer's Shoes and Warmog's Armor/Force of Nature. I usually, but not always of course, have atleast one kill by now. I usually kill all of the minion waves really quick now, since your SoD does around 300 damage at the highest rank. If you are over level 11, you can go down and help your teammates for a gank, or help them push. Since Mordekaiser is quite overpowered if you time your spells perfectly, you probably will win all of the team battles by now. But remember, your teammates must be 100% sure what to do aswell. You probably can kill gankers rather easy now, since your ultimate makes a copy of them spawn, wich you can kill the other 2 easy with.

Late Game:

You probably have a Frozen Mallet now, and maybe a Malady. When I have Warmog's, Frozen Mallet and Malady I usually solo dragon as much as possible. You can do it with only Warmog, but the lifesteal from Malady really helps alot. If you havn't won by now and the match may exceed to over 30 minutes, you need to get an ace and then push really fast. Mordekaiser is one of the easiest champions in-game to push with, so if you have an ACE you can probably get a tower or two if the enemy have over 30 seconds to respawn. Remember to hold down the TAB key to check their respawn time all the time. Mordekaiser can carry a team to victory by himself, since he can solo 3 people really good. Try to get a tower each time you kill someone with your ultimate (alt-click the tower and the ghost will attack it aswell).

1v1 battles as Mordekaiser:

When I engage a 1v1 combat, or the other champion gets aggressive and attack you, I always start with MoS and then directly after use SoD. Then you pretty much spam these 2, and when you see the enemy is under 40% HP, I use my ultimate and then directly after my Ignite. If you have of course, you can use your shield since it ticks around 100 damage each second at the max rank. An easier method you activate the shield on yourself is to press ALT+W. It will the auto use it on yourself.

Teamfights as Mordekaiser:

If you're against some pretty heavy basic attack champions like Master Yi, Twisted Fate or Tryndamere, tell your team to focus on them first. If you use your ultimate and a ignite, you can pretty much win the teambattle really easy after killing them. They get a % of your damage, + their own. Then they can kill the other teammembers really quick, wich is pretty awesome for being an ultimate. I once took down a Twisted Fate with my ultimate, he had around 300 attack damage when I got him and ~2 attacks per second in attack speed. I then managed to kill the whole other team with only him in 5v5. So using your ultimate on a basic damage champion is the best thing you can do.

Thank you for reading my guide, it's the first one so it can be really messy. This is how I play Mordekaiser, but feel free to comment if there is anything you think I can change in this guide to make it better. I have won about 95% of all my matches with this build, so if you get into it you'll probably notice that it's pretty awesome. A good match for me is around 10/0, a decent one is 10/5 and sometimes it's all **** and you end up with 0/20. It all depends on you, be careful and don't charge up and think you're OP :3

Good luck!