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League of Legends Build Guide Author RedfangOC

Morgana- 2 seconds till' death

RedfangOC Last updated on December 21, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hey mobafire. This is my first build.While I've been lurking this site since I started playing LoL, I never bothered making an account. Since the MF community has been such a help, I figured I may has well try to give back! Now while I consider Nidalee my main, lately I've been playing Morg more-so than Nid. I have my own build that serves me very well... So without futher ado, here we go.


Masteries for Morg are just about all the same. Standard caster masteries. I take greed because I figure it's only one point, and usually amounts to about 400 gold per game. That's alot for ONE point. Other than that, there's nothing that really needs explained.


What is that? No escape mechanism you say? Think again. Sure I don't take ghost, flash, or even cleanse, but why do I need to? You have a snare, you have Black Shield, and if you REALLY, REALLY NEED TO GET AWAY, you can waste your ult for the slow. Chances are that won't be necessary though. Clarity will make you unbeatable in a lane, and make it so that you don't need to buy mana regen. Ignite is arguable. It can guarantee an early game kill, but you deal so much damage late-game, it can be replaced. Ghost can be taken to catch up to people to ensure a kill, or teleport can be taken to always be where you need to be.


I take Amplifying Tome and a health pot as my first items, with the intent to build Mejai's at the next return to base. Remember, your passive gives you 15% spell vamp. amplifying tome gives ap, ap lets you deal more damage, thus healing yourself for more. I don't like taking dorans ring simply because it's only useful for a few levels, and one it becomes useless, it doesn't build into anything else. It just ends up being a waste of gold. Trust me, the sooner you get Mejai's, the better. Sorcerer's Shoes shouldn't need to be explained. Morg is a mage. Magic pen is good. Nuff' said. Next is Zhonya's, which I feel is her core item. Run into a team fight, ult, and use your Zhonya's in the midst of it all if start to get wrecked too much in order to survive. Will of the Ancients gives ap and MORE spellvamp, making your passive even better. Rod of Ages makes her pack more of a punch, and gives her the tankiness that she needs. Rylai's is another good mage item, but I use it because of it's slow. Tormented Soil+Rylai's= AOE slow. What's not to love? The sixth item is just whatever. If the game progresses this much, I'll be surprised. Deathfire just gives another nuke, but Soul Shroud, Guardian Angel, and a dozen other items will fit in this slot. It's all about preference.

I put one rank in my W, and one rank in my Q, and then proceed to level W to rank 3. At rank 3, your Tormented Soil can whipe a row of caster minions by itself. After W is at 3, I proceed to rank my Q to 5, getting one rank of my Black Shield around level 9. I selected level 9 because this is about the time team fight's start. Level 9 is not set in stone to get your shield, just make sure to get one rank before team fight's start happening. Also, if you're laning against a caster, by all means get a rank much earlier. Obviously take your ult at 6,11, and 16.

Morgana can either be extremely hard to learn, or you can pick her right up. If you aren't used to playing mages, you might have to take a few games to get her down. You know... When to ult, how to hit with your skill shot, placement of your dark binding, etc.
Your harassment amounts to throwing down your W, and hitting them with your snare, prefferably in that order. Your W lasts 5 seconds, and your snare lasts 3 seconds- so if you know that you can get them to stand there for 2 seconds before snaring them- do it.
The ideal time to use your ult is in team fights, seriously gimping their entire team in the fight and dealing some signifigant damage. Dont' forget that you can use Zhonya's, and cast other spells while shackling. As far as Black Shield goes, use it on anyone that is being targeted by a caster. Ryze, and many mages like him can be totally shut down by it.


Morgana is a great support mage that brings tons of utility to team fights, and can have a major pressence in a lane. I love playing her and I hope some of my knowlege will be useful to others who want to play her.