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League of Legends Build Guide Author Karkun

Morgana AP

Karkun Last updated on May 12, 2010
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Morgana can take on just about any thing!

Morgana can be very tough to play determining on the situation and can be frustrating.

I will start off by how to use her summoner abilities.

Dark binding (ability #1) is a key part in being able to start to even kill your oponent. Follow that up immediately with Tormented Soil (ability #2). Then try and finish your oponent with Soul Shackle (ability #4). Now, this is where it gets a bit tricky Morgana's ultimate (Soul Shackle, try and make sure you stay near your enemies and do not let them get to far unless your chain breaks and you do not get the second burst of the ability off. Also, while doing this it may help to use your Shield (ability #3) so that you can be protected from magic spells for a short while. You can also help out your teamates if they are in need by putting your shield on them. Make sure that when you use Soul Shackle yuo can kill your enemy. It is up to the player of Morgana to decide weather or not to continue for the kill if the situation gets a little risky. Also, whenever you get Deathfire Grasp you can move it to slot number one in your item box and simply press #1 do use it effect. A good thing to do s use it at the beginning process of taking an enemy down so you can deal 30% of their maximum health.

It is always good to have back up when you play Morgana because she is a lil squishy.

Now, I chose these runes due to the fact that if i use ability power items i can use cooldown reduction runes. Since cap for cooldown reduction is 40% and by also having a lot of mana Morgana can stay on the field for a long period of time and not to mention the summoner ability clarity which also helps. I also, chose magic penetration runes to do more damage to my enemy and one thing to keep in mind is that most people do not stack magic resist items so it helps.

As for the second summoner ability it it mainly up to the player to decide what they think is best.

I also, do not use my shield until late game because its durability is based on ability power, but then again can be used early game to save a life or two if the enemy decides to gank.

I have been using these sequence of items for my character lately and it has been working out so far. I chose Rod of ages to start off with due to the fact i get good HP out of it and is useful for late game. Now i havent decided what order is best between Zonya's Ring and Void Staff. I have done 1 before the other and I do not see much difference. Now at this point Archangel's Staff is good to get because by the time you get this item you will probably be doing alot of team fights in return using a lot of abilities which gies more mana. I use Deathfire Grasp mainly to help in cooldown reduction and some ability power but is very useful in taking down your opponets with a lot of health. I do not get Mejai's Soulstealer due to the fact that I do not ned the 15% percent cooldown reduction smf with this build i get more ability power and dont have to worry about loosing stacks consequently loosing ability power.

Now, if you have any questions please leave a comment this is my main character that i play with and i do really good. If their is ny advice to help me again, please leave a comment. I also, can take criticism so if you have a negative opinion please leave a comment all feedback is good.

Thannk you hope this helps you be a better Morgana player.