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Morgana Build Guide by Roman1209

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Roman1209

Morgana - Black Arts Mistress

Roman1209 Last updated on November 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone. Let me introduce you to 2 off my builds. First one is my favourite one. Second is safe one that most people already probably know.

Before i start im gona try to answer some of the questions you may have.

Q: There is so many Morgana builds so why should i try this one??
A: Actually i dont want you try this build. I want you to try other builds and than come back. Most likely you gona switch to this one and upgrade it as you wish.

Q: Clarity?? You are not serious right??
A: Actually im dead serious. I heard so many times on ranked games "omg clarity you noob", "no clarity dude u need flash" and other comments. Thats why there is build number 2 included. If i have tough team like that i use second one. If something goes wrong during game they gona talk a lot of bs on you becouse of that clarity.
There is not a single item that gives you mana in this build so you really need it.

Q: If you are so confident about that build why dont you get Mejas??
A: I really think its a waste of money. Over 1.2k for an item that gives you 20AP. Pick it up if you want if opponent is really bad. By the way i couldnt find a room for it in my build.

As i mentioned in answer to the first question you need to try other builds/strategies before you start plaing this. That build is not for the begginer. Only advanced players after few times will know when to use abilities and how to use them. If you have no mana you are worthless to your team. If you master ability to retain it you will most likely own the battlefield.

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Nothing really to explain. I tried straight AP runes, more couldown reduction but i feel really comfortable with this ones.

If any1 wants to try maybe flat AP thats ok alsow. You gona be more deadly in the beginning. Thats probably gona give more kills and money for items. If you try it let me know and maybe ill try to do this alsow.

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Skill sequence

Nothing really to write about. If you know how to play Morgana you know that Q goes first in lane with a team mate and W first in mid/solo lane. Dont forget about your E. Its really usefull. Alsow dont forget to upgrade your W to lvl3 before u reach for your ultimate. Reason was explain to many times to write it again.

Ok so i just mentioned E is usefull. Yes it is. There are times when you need to pick it up fast. I had few times against Annie/Brand in the mid that i picked my W than E than W and than Q. Reason for that is some AP chempions like to have flat AP runes. If they start with Amplifying Tome check their AP. If its high that means damage will be high so reach for the shield before lvl5 (lvl5 is always W skill that makes it lvl3 skill no exceptions).

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How to use skills

Other words how to harase good. You just shoot your Q and than put W under. Nothing comlicated. If you read few other guides they might have said to put W first than shoot Q. That is really tough to do but is the best technique while plaing with Morgana and provides a lot of damage.
Other popular techinque is simillar to first one. You shoot your Q and while it travels to your opponent you make few steps forward and put your W under them. It should just be put when he gets binded. Its not really difficult but if you miss your Q you will most likelly make you lose mana when you use W and it want be that effective.

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The items you absolutly must have while plaing Morgana are Zhonas and Abyssal Scepter. No exceptions. After i started including them in my builds i found out there is no way i can play without them. Most likelly Abyssal will be just before Zhonas.

Deathcap: You can buy it as your final item and probably you will do it most of the games. I dont really think its a must item for Morgana though. If you know the role you play in the team you gona find out that catching opponents with your snare with higher magic penetration is probably better solution. Especially facing tanks.

Mejas: Waste of money. Theres to many good items for that price with a better benefits to buy it. Just like i said in the Introduction.

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Build 1

This is my favourite build. It works really well in the mid. Reason for that is at lvl5 your W can kill the enemy minion wave. You basicly put your W on their wave and go for the Harpies camp (unless you have a jungler, you can alsow check if you still can take that camp). Place W under them and start attacking the big one. When you kill the camp just go bact to the lane. You should have XP from a minion wave and from the Harpies camp. Than just wait for lvl6 and get your ultimate.
Now its time to kill your opponent. Be sure that your Clarity is up (in just a case) and ofcourse Ignite is not on cooldown. Everyone knows Morganas victims always run away with few HP. It alsow reduces healling of your enemy. That really helps;) Now kill your opponent. If your facing AP with a stun or fear or sth similar probably at lvl 4 u will pick your shield. That will help with a kill.
Probably if you succesfully killed your opponent you can go B and just buy some stuff. From this time just kill the minion waves and try to push lane at enemy turret. While they are bussy with minions start roaming. Even if your teammates are low HP after your ultimate stunes enemy champions they should probably finish them off. Pick a lane though that will have at least 1 guarantead kill. Noone likes to waste time and mana. Especially in this build.

Item rotation: You may want to change your Rylais with your Abyssal. It all depands from a situation on the field. Last item most likelly will be Void Staff but if your enemies dont build their magic resistance and you dont want to deal a lot of damage to enemy tank just pick up Deathcap.

Mercurys Treads: If you need you may pick them up instead of Sorcerer Shoos. I bought them few times to lower damage output of my anemies. They are perfect agains cround controll. In the end of game you can always sell them and buy other ones. It all depands on the field.

Blue buff: Pick it up as often as possible. With a nice damage output proivided by your items, extra couldown reduction from buff and mana regeneration you will be able to put a fear in the enemy champions.

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Build 2

First item probably will be Dorans Ring. A lot of people complain that you should start with that and blablabla. I usually start with Sapphire Crystal. That makes my Rod Of Ages build faster. Other items are like Build 1. You may need to switch them depanding on the battlefield situation. If u need armor get Zhonas after Rod. You need magic res get Abyssal. Your team is owning them get Rylais so its more difficoul to escape. Pretty simple.

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Build 3

I kinda started messing around and i made this build. I came back with runes from when i was learning to play Morgana and tehir pretty usefull if u have Lich Bane on you. Its really fun build but u alsow must be verry confident while plaing. Mosta likely after u build ur Lich Bane and next item if u doing good and your team isnt to bad your enemies will surrender. Honestly i never had this build finished so i dont really know if its all working. The game never toke so long;)

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Squishy Morgana

Build 1 makes your Morgan really squishy in the beginning. Build 2 makes her more difficult to kill in the beginning but it doesnt give you all that strenght comming from Magic Penetration.
Now all the thruth about squishy Morgana. Thats completly not thruth. Your passive makes you really hard to kill. If you use Build 1 your enemies will most likelly run away from you. I had a situations when i managed to kill champion even when i was facing 4 of them attacking me. The amount of damage you do heals you really nice. Lets not forget extra helth, armor and magic resistance you will have later on in game. Your ultimate and Zhonas help a lot too.

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The End

Im gona try to get some screens with my csores using Build 1. Im just plaing different chempions recently and use Morgana from time to time to get a daily bonus;) or if i just want to own opponent.

Please try this build few times before u vote and comment. Its not easy to master especially becouse of lack of mana.

Thats my first build and ill try to update and upgrade it as often as possible.

If you want to know more about anything in the build just ask me a question in the comment and ill add it to my build with an answer.

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August 21 2011:
+ Added Build 3