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Morgana Build Guide by Deathchock

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Deathchock

Morgana Bully in the lane

Deathchock Last updated on December 22, 2011
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Congradulations, if you are reading this then you have found the powerhouse character Morgana to be the pwning queen that she is. This guide is just a quick overview of how I personally play my morgana and all the success that I have had with it.

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From what I have seen from the other Morgana builds, I have noticed a general liking for the same runes. I'm just going to go over why I use these runes along with my masteries. For my reds, I use flat magic pen marks, which gives Morgana the needed Magic pen for her pool to get minion kills. For my Yellows, I use mana regen per lvl seals. This gives my Morgana the mana regen that see needs to basically have infinite lane sustain for every wave since you get more mana back per pool after lvl 4 then you will use. For Gylphs I use AP per lvl, this gives Morgana better late game AP and still great early lvl AP for laning. For quents, I take flat HP for the early game sustain with that good early boost in HP. I find this better then the AP quents for it gives me a little bit more early game survivability since I don't start getting the shield till level 4. Really does help better when facing ranged pokers like ez, vayne, cait, etc.

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For masteries I have tried many different builds for Morgana, wither they be on purpose or just forgetting to switch pages before matches lol. The utility page from my experience gives Morgana all the different stats that she needs to be even more overpowered. Couple of things that I like to differently then others is that, I always want the extra gold per and starting gold for Morgana. Main reason is that since Morgana is such a great CS farmer, this gives her that extra gold that I personally need to get my core items faster even without kills. I don't think that the spell vamp is worth the 3 points that can go to the gold, since morgana already starts with 10% which other mages have to spend 2k plus gold to get. Also starting with that extra gold makes it so I can start with an extra HP pot along with Dorans, which gives me that good level 1 and 2 poke sustain until the pool gets to level 3. The main reason that i take utility however is the CD reduct. Morgana's spell do have a fairly long cooldown. This gives me the CD reduct that I need in Team fights and also main thing and most important. It makes morgana's ult nearly on the same CD timer as the Hourglass.

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Morgana builds from what I have seen from other peoples are very similar to mine overall, however the main difference that I see between mine is the rush for Hourglass. Now some people have told me, "WTF, how is hourglass going to help you in the lane, its only good in Team fights". Now they may be right on that fact for the hourglass's use effect. However by itself that AP and armor that it gives morgana, along with her shield makes her nearly impossible to push out of a lane. It also gives her that REALLY early AP to bully the other player out of the lane. The way I play my morgana the more times I can force the other out the lane the better, not trying to get as many kills as possible. With the needless rush along with boots, it makes morgana's pool able to even take down early game tank minions.