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Morgana Build Guide by Jca613

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jca613

Morgana Dominion

Jca613 Last updated on September 28, 2011
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Hello to all League of Legends Players i want to introduce to you the very first Morgana Dominion Guide. i am sure you all read the forums on people saying that Morgana is not fit for Dominion well they are entitled to their own opinions. I have been playing her for a long time. i wouldn't call myself a pro or anything but, i am positive this guide for her will be helpful if you play her in Dominion. On the Record this is my First ever guide so i apologize if i make mistakes.Any information/ Useful Advice is Welcomed since the Guide is still Under Construction. Any votes are fine but if give me a down vote i would like to know why a least/ what i can improve :D

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Summoner Spells


If you like hurt people and last hit them if they are very low on life this skill is for you. i use this skill when i snare/then ultimate the person/team. i use the skill on the lowest life person.


Heal will save your life believe it or not. the reason why i say that is because i remember facing a Jax in dominion he was taking away my life fast and i almost had him killed him. i used heal to keep myself up longer and hit him again to drop him. yes we know Morgana has Spell vamp but this will help keep her alive still.

This Skill Can Help you a lot when your defending and or trying to capture a point.

This is pretty useless in Dominion. the reason why i say that is because you are either just sitting there defending or attacking the points and getting killed. either way you should have plenty of mana

Good For Escaping
I personally don't use it, but if you feel like you have hard time running away from champions or they slow you. i would recommend using this if you are not good at getting away.

Good for Escaping
The Same reasons what i said for Ghost are the same reasons why you would pick them. Also it allows you flash near opponents who are running away

Promote is pretty useless i have used it before to try to take a point and it can just die fast it doesn't give you much gold.

This spell is pretty much worthless for Morgana since you will be playing her as a AP carry/mini support. besides Dominion gives you items that give you stealth detection so you can always trade off the ring for one of those AP ones
Under Construction...

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Pros / Cons

Dominion Pro/Cons for Morgana
She is very good damage/crowd Control
Great for bot lane to defend
Easy snare people and let point turret kill attacking opponents.
Her Shield is great support
Almost unganakable (unless your laggy as hell Dominion
Great for Interrupting capturing of points

Cons :(
She is Squishier towards AD Champs like Jax,Xin,Cat,Vayne and Talon
Her Skill Shot is hard to hit even harder in Dominion because of the larger Lanes.
Focused on a lot.

Pros/Cons for the Build


Great AP Damage
Will help you kill people faster
Helps keep you mana up
Decent Defense Against AD
Anti AP Carry

Not Much Magic Resist Compared to Armor but your Shield Solves your problem

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Team Work

Team work is key for Morgana.You do need a good party and people who know what they are doing. You are Able to go with anyone that can do a lot of damage or has good CC. My last game me and a Kassadin wrecked the bot lane. i would snare them and then torment soil while he would go in and attack them for the kill or get them running almost dead. Anyway you really need a good team, but if you are

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The Greater Quintessence of potency that gives the flat AP Work Great early game for her.

I Chose the Hp Per level Seals about 6 of them and then 3 of the flat out Armor ones. the Reason why i chose those because it will give you tons more hp to take more hits and you can take More AD damage with Flat Armor.

The Magic Penetration Marks Work wonders for every AP Carry.

Of Course You know Morgana has huge cool downs this will help you get them ready faster. i Chose 5 flat CDR and then the level CDR because it gives a mix for early and late game.You level fast in Dominion after all

You are welcome to Change the Runes as much as you want. this is just how i set up mine.

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Morgana is able to Solo Defend a Point in Dominion but i would not recommend amend it. the reason i would not recommend it is because if you facing vayne she can easily take you down. twitch will have a harder time and same with other champs.Defending is pretty easy if you are good at Morgana and want to solo that is fine. i say it is fine because i solo bottom and mid alot with morgana, but i do get trouble with AD Champs.when the people come try to claim your tower let them try and get it then snare them. Torment Soil watch the turret attack them. if they are still alive i would recommend using your Ultimate Soul shackle to slow them down/stun them for the kill. I Repeat Morgana Can SOLO! but Know who you are facing if you are having Trouble Request Assistance.

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Attacking/Caputring the points

Attacking/capturing the points will be tricky because Morgana is squishy as hell and has hard time 1v1 a lot of people who are AD/AP. if they stun you or prevent you from using your skill your screwed. on the other hand if lets say you are facing lux you can easily take her down just make sure you hit with your snare and you dodge hers. if you are Facing a AD Champ i would Suggest Kiting them like run away then snare then torment soil/ultimate then repeat. if the AD champions does a lot of damage to you i suggest running away to your tower if he follows you just snare him and kill him.

AP Champions well you have your Shield to prevent a lot of the damage in that case just snare them and attack them with all you got. if they get you on low life do what you did with AD run away and snare them by the tower.

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Update Log

9/27/2011 Guide Created
9/28/2011 added Photo of proof build works

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Screen Shots of Matches

(I tend to lag alot in Dominion Compared to regular Normal games.if i didn't have bad fps i would of had more kills. was playing with 5-10fps XD. also sorry i couldn't figure out how to get a actual SS from game instead i took it with phone_