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League of Legends Build Guide Author vladamir

Morgana - Min/Max FTW

vladamir Last updated on September 15, 2010
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So, I've noticed that alot of guides on here tend to focus purely on doing the most damage as possible with one skill combo with Morgana. While I don't necessary disagree with that thought, what this guide attempts to do is maximize Morgana's strengths while minimizing her weakness. That being said, lets move on.


I went with the caster standard 9/0/21 setup as it does the most to min/max morgana. She inately slow, so the 3% move speed is very very helpful. Morgana also has inately long cooldowns for a caster on her primary nuke, so the 9% CD reduction from the 9/0/21 combo is a must. Morgana also gains the most AP efficiency from the 9/0/21 setup (mana, regen, and M. pen), so this is the way to go.


My rune choices for her are actually pretty much my personal baseline runeset for ALL casters, but still work really well for her in particular. Morgana is squishy, and to top it off, she moves like an old lady. To compensate, I use movement speed quints. The rest is standard caster fare (AP,HP,M. Pen), thought I prioritize endgame stats as most of the time I'm midlaning and going to level really fast.


Heres where I diverge from most of the other guides by a great deal. Its got some of the fairly standard AP items starting by getting a Doren's ring and rushing the Archangel's Rod, then following that with the Mejai's Soulstealer. Next though, I buy the Soul Shroud, primary for the CD reduction with a lot of HP added in. With masteries, this puts you at 24% CD reduction, which means you can get the golem buff to easily cap out. Trust me, the end game stopping power that comes with a 6 CD on Dark Binding cannot be overstated. Additional, after you max out your soulstealer stacks, you won't even need golem to do the exact same thing. Next, I get Will of the Ancients. I've only seen two other guides that have this anywhere in the build, and I have no idea why because its practically made for Morgana. Her passive already gives her 35% spell vamp, which means that with Will, she's not only gaining 70 AP but also all her spells now have 50% vamp. You can literally ult during a team fight at half health and be at full after its done. Combine this with the CD reduction and you can put Vladimir to shame :) . Lastly, Zhonya's Ring provides a massive AP boost while allowing one of the most broken combos that Morgana has to offer. You DID know that poping Zhonya's active during her ult doesn't break it right? ^^

Playing Tips

1. Abuse your skills! Dark binding's and Tormented Soil's range is deceptively long, so drop haress from a safe distance as mush as you can! If the enemy is foolish enough to give you a clear line of sight at any point during the laning phase, make them feel the pain with your W&Q combo. Once level 6 hits, you can usually nuke one of the enemies in your lane down from half health! Oh, and all of your skills go though walls, so don't let those flash runners get away!

2. Try to lane alone. Morgana can mid carry pretty well, and she just gets more dangerous when shes in a lane 2v1. Laning alone ensures that you are leveling quickly, which is a must with this rune build, plus catching a enemy with dark binding when they think they can dive to kill you when 2v1 is a sure fire way of gaining a kill and a laugh.

3. Facecheck those bushes! Everyone knows that randomly walking into that bush that you want to set up a gank from is the absolute best way to get a kill with morgana...

..and by kill I mean your horrible demise at the hands of the opposing team. Dark Binding has a lovely on hit sound effect, use this to your advantage before approching bushes.

4. Dark shield is not for tanking damage. Dark shield is for preventing slows, stuns, blinds, snares, throws (YES this prevents singed from throwing you!), taunts, fears, hyper kenetic position reversals (at least before the suppression update xD), giant ice arrows, and every other form of magical damage in the game. In short, use it and use it well.


Thats it for my Morgana guide, please +1 this if you try it and find it to your liking, and if you just have to -1 it PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT as to why you dislike it. Thanks for reading!