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Morgana Build Guide by Aeonat

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aeonat

Morgana: Slayer, Saviour, Survivor

Aeonat Last updated on August 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This build is designed as a mid-lane start build, which gives survivability, damage output and good team support.

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The Laning Phase

At the start, harrass with Tormented Soil, keeping the pool on top of the back row of minions at all times. A perfect opportunity is when the opponent stands between their melee and caster minions, as they have to run around to escape.

Dark Binding at this stage allows you to escape any ganks, and also allows you to snare enemies who may over-extend towards your turret. A good tactic for using Dark Binding is to begin running forwards with the skill readied just as the caster minions are about to die - so they feel safe as the minions are between the skillshot - this allows you to throw out massive damage.

You shouldn't have to go back to base at all really - once you get rank 3 Tormented Soil, you can take down the back minion wave in one cast - Doran's Ring and Clarity will look after your mana, and Soul Siphon will keep you healthy! (don't worry about throwing a Dark Binding onto a minion for health - mana is no problem!

When you first go back, you should have enough gold to fully afford Catalyst the Protector and Tear of the Goddess, and by this stage, people will be flooding your lane - so the real game begins!

One good tip is to push for the experience advantage - it works for me most games. Let the opponent push to your lane, at a stage when they are afraid of your Dark Binding. Then, chase them away from the battle and stand behind their minions so they get no experience. As soon as you reach level 6, they will be around level 5, and you can go for a cheeky snare and then Soul Shackles them for a kill.

A great way to gain the advantage a lot of the time is to push the lane into their turret, then run back and take the wraiths in yours and/or the enemies' side of the jungle.

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Solo Lane

Short answer... sure, if you have to. Your main problem will be that you push the wave quite a lot, but you should compensate for that by using the brush to increase your zone and keep them worried by throwing off the odd Dark Binding to make them wonder if it's worth it.

Remember your passive spell vamp, in this case also you should go back sooner if they do or the extra items may leave you stuck and entirely zoned.

Wards are also really useful, so pester your jungler or grab one on your trip back and plonk one or two down around the brushes in the river and/or the edge.

One great thing about the solo lane, is that Morgana is great for supporting a gank; what do you do when someone comes in to gank? You throw down your CC if you can't get the kill and run. What does Morgana do? She just makes your teammate immume to all this. PLUS you can snare and throw down some nasty damage.

You may consider varying your skill order early game if you are in the solo lane, still prioritising your Tormented Soil, but only put one point into Dark Binding at the start so you have the snare and then rank up your Black Shield so it can protect you from incoming damage and CC. (this may have to change if they are AD, but be flexible).

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This build really relies on you either taking middle lane, or laning with someone who won't steal the enemy team's caster minion kills. The biggest problem with going with someone else is mana consumption, as you will find other characters who see your laning power try to push for a kill, so need you to Black Shield them and Dark Binding the opponent. What this means is, is that you will be less likely to be able to get the kill when the opportunity presents itself.

So, why not Ability Power early on?
Basically, Doran's Ring and Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power gives you a considerable amount of power early game, so you can play support and get easy 1v1 kills. The more you can stay alive, the more confident you can be to run into the middle of a team fight and use Soul Siphon, or run towards an enemy wave to Black Shield a dying teammate.

Mid-to-late game, you will truly be dominating, with no-one being able to harrass you at a turret due to your magic resistance and snaring of physical damage dealers. Bear in mind that Catalyst the Protector need not be upgraded into Rod of Ages until around level 16, but if you find yourself at level 18 without the upgrade, you should put it at top priority to build.

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What this build does for me is make Morgana do everything I could possibly want - she does massive damage, she doesn't die, and she provides massive game-changing support to all her allies around her.

My last point to make would be that you should treat this as what it is, a guide - make sure that you are ready to adapt to different enemy teams and teammates. As a support you need to be adaptable, and for this reason you may find that you would do well to get items such as Shurelya's Reverie for the speed boost and CDR, Randuin's Omen for some bonus armour and aoe slow, or even Soul Shroud if your team keep fighting over blue buff!

Good Luck!
- Aeonat

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Pros / Cons

- Morgana's ultimate is a great skill to use at level 6; if you have managed to zone your opposition out of experience, let them get a push and then take them down with your full combo (get a gank if needed, and save clarity so they see you low on mana and get confident.

- You will be able to stay in team fights, and opponents will not appreciate your presence until it's too late - the key is to keep moving in a fight, just relax and throw off your skills where they are needed to HELP YOUR TEAM.

- If you aren't selfish, you can save aces which may arise from a carry overextending into the enemy lines using your shield - 9 times out of 10, if you can protect the carry from the initial burst, you will win the whole fight.

- Without sight in bushes, you may find yourself an easy target from certain characters' ganks
-> If this is happening, invest in boots early and buy some wards.

- You may find yourself lacking once your main burst is done and left behind the team.
-> If this affects you, make sure that you are not blowing all your skills at once; in a fight, when your ultimate has gone on an enemy, get ahead of them and literally run rings around the opposition.