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Morgana General Guide by Lemonhead13258

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lemonhead13258

Morgana Support

Lemonhead13258 Last updated on May 12, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello guys, I decided to make a Morgana support craft guide mainly because she's a really good support, although she is mainly used as a midlaner her ability as a support is extremely well. Morgana has the ability to create plays but at the same time disengage if anything were to ever go wrong. This guide might be a little short but it covers the essentials really. If you need maybe more information or perhaps better description of certain areas feel free to comment and tell me.

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Pros / Cons

Crowd control
Black shield offers resistance from magic damage and cc
Dark Binding roots for a long time
Overall pretty fun to play

Dark Binding needs to land.
Black shield has a high cooldown time early into the game, need to make sure to use it at the right time.
Can sometime be baited to use Black Shield on ADC and enemy focus you due to not having the shield.

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How to Support

When your're playing support often what happens with a lot of people is that they played extremely scared, thus causing them to take free damage from the enemy. As a support you need to be able to poke the enemy along with zoning them. Of course there are certain match ups that you cannot win until a certain level is passed. Take a Lucian and Thresh lane vs a Vayne and Morgana lane. Pre level 6 Vayne cannot trade with Lucian due to him having higher burst than her. Vayne is a late game champ so if you see you are ever in lane like this don't fee as though your're doing bad as support, simply you cannot win due to the enemy having more control over the lane. You're best option at that point is farm under turret and wait for the jungler in order to make plays. As Morgana not every Dark Binding requires you to jump and immediately start killing him, sometimes just use it as poke and to let the enemy know that you can land those skill shots. Might sound dumb, but it's all intimidation. Your job is to set plays, but at the same time keep the opposing support from harassing or attempting to create an opportunity to get a kill on your lane. There are times when you will die but the effect of this event is, your ADC getting the double kill, thus you ended up winning.

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Talisman of Ascension

Talisman of Ascension

Talisman of Ascension is in my opinion probably the best support item to get, reasons being is higher gold income compared to Frost Queen's Claim. Although Frost Queen's Claim does give you higher AP its active isn't as great compared to Talisman of Ascension. With Talisman of Ascension you are given the ability to either start a fight with it or disengage and flee if necessary.

Ionian Boots of lucidity

I prefer these boots over Boots of Mobility or Sorcerer's Shoes because of the CDR and there really isn't a reason to go Sorc Boots unless my damage output is tremendous.

Ruby Sightstone

Ruby Sightstone is pretty much a standard if going support, I usually will not fully upgrade it to Ruby until I have finished my Mikael's Crucible, that's just my preference, the added health can wait. Make sure to ward ideal areas, for example deep into the enemy's jungle and key point on the map.

Mikael's Crucible

This item is pretty important, it can essentially save the life of your ADC or any other teammate depending if used at the right time. It offers ton's of benefits, mana regen, magic resist, along with CDR which once you have full build, the max will be reached. When using Mikael's Crucible you want to make sure you use it either after the fight or when it is almost over. The reason I say this is because most of the time a lot of players use it and the teammate still dies, causing you to have wasted it on someone, when it could have been used for someone else.

Locket of the Iron Solari

I really like using this item, provides your teammates with magic resist along with health regen, it's active provides your teammates a shield that blocks damage depending. This is an item I always tend to go for every game mainly because, in every game someone on the other team always has AP thus providing magic resist helps. I usually buy this after my Mikaels.

Zhonya's Hourglass

I buy this item mainly for the purpose of giving my team a fifth man on the field. If you think of it this way, supports have the lowest damage output, but if you give yourself an additional 120 AP those dark binding begin to hurt. Zhonya's Hourglass of course gives you armor, along with a big chunk of AP, also the active of becoming invulnerable for 2.5 seconds.

Oracle's Lens

Very important that once you reach level 9 you upgrade your trinket, gives the ability to sweep around for wards for a few seconds.

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So the runes I usually always use when playing Morgana support consist of 9 Hybrid Penetration marks, 9 Seals of Scaling Health, 9 Magic Resist Glyphs, and lastly 3 AP Quints. The reason I choose to use these runes are they provide the most benefit from any other set up, scaling health is always good, along with having the ability to do some damage. On some occasions depending if the lane is going to be a poke lane with lots of harassment, what I will use instead is 9 Hybrid pen red, 9 Seals of Armor, 9 Magic Resist Glyphs, and 3 AP Quints. Only thing you swap are the seals for armor instead of having scaling health.

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The Masteries I use are 0/17/13 having 17 in defense ensures that you will be able to take poke without having to recall within the first five minutes, and 13 in utility basically mana regen along with extra gold per 10. Reason I don't add point into offense for CDR is because the build will give you CDR so it won't be a problem later through the game.

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Skill Sequence/Abilites

Dark Binding

The reason I max out this ability first is because it will increase the duration of how long it roots an enemy. Be aware that the enemy can still attack even though you have rooted them. Once you have fully leveled this ability, your roots will last 3 seconds, which is a long time, along with your CDR you'll be able to throw this ability fairly quickly.

Tormented Soil

Usually save this ability for last mainly because it isn't as important compared to the other two abilities. I level it once and from there on won't level it until the others have been maxed out. Although if you do decide to go Spellthief's Edge you will have an easier time of getting gold.

Black Shield

This is a very important ability, I level it up second and works best with matchups against a Leona, Karma, Blitzcrank, and Thresh. The shield basically block magic damage and any type of crowd control effects. REMEMBER this ability blocks magic damage not attack damage, putting your shield on a teammate while they are getting hit with a tower will not block anything.

Soul Shackles

Your ult pretty important, you can use it to engage a fight always level it when you can. When you use it try to make sure you are able to keep them chained on order to stun them, if you are able to force a flash out of them, you traded well.

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Morgana is overall a really fun and powerful support, if you have the chance of choosing to play her I recommend you do. She can counter most support who have a form of crowd control and does really well later into the game. Blitzcrank for example he is good but later on if he can land his grabs he becomes useless. In team fights he is also useless while Morgana becomes essential to the team.


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