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Morgana Build Guide by Dravoth

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dravoth

Morgana - The underrated AP (WIP - not finished yet!)

Dravoth Last updated on July 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Table of Contents
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Morgana is an incredible champion, frankly, one of the strongest at what she does in game right now but for whatever reason, she's incredibly underrated and more often than not, gets overlooked in favour of the more common AP picks.

In this guide, I'm hoping to give new players a bit of help with Morgana and give more experienced players reasons to pick her.

I feel the need to start out by saying that I know Morgana does get played. She's not a totally overlooked champion by any means but she's still not considered one of the strongest picks (As of writing this, Elementz ranks her as a Tier 3 champion) by any means when compared to other AP champions and I want to do what I can to turn that opinion around.

If you want to know a bit about me, let me say that Morgana is my favourite champion right now and I've been playing her a lot for a while now. I love her play style and I love trying new things on her. She's a strong champ in almost any game and she's often underestimated due to the fact that she isn't played as much champions, giving you the wildcard edge in a lot of games. If you think your enemies probably don't know what Morgana is capable of, take advantage of it and be ready to dominate the game.

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Let's start with runes. Frankly, they should be self explanatory. I don't think they really need explaining but I'll talk you through them anyway and offer some viable alternatives. Each section (Marks, seals, glyphs and quints) has the runes listed in what order how I rank them.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - No AP champion should ever be running with these marks ever. End of story. If anyone is telling you something else is better, they're wrong. I won't be offering an alternative to this because there ain't one.

Greater Seal of Replenishment - This is more of a preference thing. I like the MP5 because I use Morgana's W to farm minions heavily early game and although you're not going to run out of mana especially fast if you pick up a Doran's ring, you don't want to be caught unable to put out any damage by having no mana when you catch an enemy in a bad position.
Greater Seal of Health - These aren't a bad choice. Early game health is always nice and I have run with these over the MP5 runes from time-to-time depending on the enemy team set up but generally, the MP5 will be more useful.
Greater Seal of Ability Power - This is really the only other viable choice that I'd consider for general use and, to be honest, I'm not crazy about it. A bit of extra damage is okay but being secondary runes, they difference is pretty minimal and when compared to having that bit of extra mana regen or health, they just don't feel great to me but, again, in some situations, you may find them very useful.

Greater Glyph of Ability Power - Flat AP should be self explanatory on an AP champ.
Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power - AP per level should be self explanatory too but I will explain why I prefer flat AP over it. AP per level is a minor boost and you're going to be getting plenty of AP from your items later. Personally, I feel that runes are best optimised when one considers the early game advantage one can gain with them, rather than the long term effects of them. As a result, I always prefer flat runes to per level ones. That said, it is up to you and my build for Morgana doesn't have her with insane amounts of AP in late game so it might be worth grabbing per level runes if you really want that bit of extra AP late game.
Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction - Morgana is very cooldown oriented and reducing it where possible is always very worthwhile. You've already got 9% from talents and I personally feel that that's enough. You may disagree, however, in which case, feel free to grab yourself some CDR Glyphs.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power - Flat AP. You don't need me to tell you why this is a good choice.
Greater Quintessence of Health - Flat health. Extra survivability early game. I tend to only get this is I don't feel like taking Doran's ring.
Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration - It works. Not as good as flat AP in terms of damage but it works and picking them up might make up for a lack of magic penetration if you want to get different boots - this is usually the only situation where I'll take these: For example, if I go up against a full AD carry team (It happens), I'll obviously pick up Ninja Tabi and lose that bit of extra magic pen.

Remember, there are always other options (Apart from for Marks. Always take Magic Penetration.) - I'm not going to say that you're never going to want any other seal in any situation. Against a full AD team who can kill easily early game, you might want to grab some armour. Against a full AP team, you may want to grab some MR runes here and there. Be dynamic and flexible depending on the game. Never become set in your ways and unable to change things in any aspect of League of Legends and your Rune pages are no exception.

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I've put three different mastery builds up - only one of them has an item build and runes so just ignore that and look at the mastery builds and I'll talk you through them here. Realistically, there are only two real choices for Morgana but I've put a third build up that's a hybrid between the two more viable builds that I have used now and again when the game has called for it.

Build one! 9/0/21
This is my offensive Morgana build and the one I use in almost all of my games. It has the movement speed to help her with her ultimate and the cooldown reduction on both her abilities and your summoner spells, along with some extra mana regeneration. The utility tree has a lot of synergy with Morgana and is a pretty solid bet most of the time. Obviously, the first 9 points in the offence tree is really all you need. Realistically, you can spend the points differently to how I spent them, you just have to get the key masteries:

Build two! 9/21/0