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League of Legends Build Guide Author Acekimo

Morgana: Truly The Wicked

Acekimo Last updated on January 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

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Utility: 21

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I decided to write a Morgana build after playing her for a while now you may think you are going to write a build for a champion you recently started playing and have little to no experience with. Well yes i'm writing this build to show other players how i would play this champion and through this way i'm hoping to get feedback and other opinions from other players. I'll try to cover as many aspects of a League Of Legends 5v5 game. I'm aiming for a Morgana with a big mana pool so i can spam my skills and use this mana pool to increase my Ability Power. Also trying to put some survivability items into this build to be able to stay into the battle using her passive. So this is what my build with look in short. If you have any comments on my build please leave them behind but try to be constructive.

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Since Morgana is a Ability Power champion we are going to need Magic Penetration. Considering i only have one item that gives me Magic Penetration i'm going to try and get as much Magic Penetration from my runes. I will also try to get Magic Penetration from my Masteries but i'll go more into that in the Masteries chapter. I also think it is useless to take Ability Power runes because the maximum Ability Power you can gain is to low. So for that little amount of Ability Power you give up in the runes you can get much better items because you don't need to focus on the Magic Penetration items which most of the time are lower in Ability Power.

You will notice i'm using the flat runes over the per level ones. I do this because i like to instantly start off with a decent amount of Magic Penetration. Why? Because i have noticed that a lot of games are decided in early/mid game so i wanted to have my full Magic Penetration ready at start.

So how does the Magic Penetration work? I did a quick search to get a good explanation.

Q: Does Armor/MR Penetration work on everything?

A: Almost everything. The only item which doesn't is Last Whisper. Last Whisper only works against champions, minions, and monsters, and only on normal attacks or spells which apply on-hit effects. A quick rule of thumb is, "If you can lifesteal from it, Last Whisper works on it."

Q: Can you reduce armor or magic resistance below 0?

A: Yes, although the only things that can reduce below 0 is Armor/MR Reduction. Both percentage and flat penetration do not have an effect after they get to 0 armor/MR


So here are the runes i'm using:

Greater Mark of Insight

x9 = 8.55 Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Replenishment

x9 = 3.69 Mana Regen

Greater Glyph of Insight

x9 = 5.13 Magic Penetration

Greater Quint of Insight

x3 = 5.67 Magic Penetration

So we get a total of :
  • 19.35 Magic Penetration
  • 3.69 Mana Regen

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I'm going for a 9/0/21 masterie build.

What masteries do i get?

Offense: 9 Points

Deadliness x 1

Increases your champion's critical strike chance by 0.66%. (2% at rank 3)

Archmages Savvy x 3

Increases your ability power by .20 per champion level. (0.60 at rank 3) At rank 3, this translates to an additional 10.8 ability power by level 18.

Sorcery x 4

Reduces the cooldown of your champion's abilities by 0.75%. (3.00% at rank 4)

Archaic Knowledge x 1

Your magical spells penetrate 15% of the target's magic resistance.

Utility: 21 Points

For the utility masteries you could do some changes from the order i recommended. If you would like to level a little bit faster you can put some more in AWARENESS than in QUICKNESS.

Perseverence x 3

Increases your total health and mana regeneration by 2%. (4% at rank 3)
Requirements Edit

Haste x 1

Increases the movement speed of your Ghost spell by 6% and its duration by 1.5 seconds.

Awareness x 2

Increases the amount of experience your champion gains by 1.25% per rank. (5% at rank 4)

Expanded Mind x 4

Increases your champions mana by 1.25% of your maximum mana. (5% at rank 4)

Meditation x 2

Increases Mana regeneration by 0.33 every second. (1 at rank 3)

Utility Mastery x2

Increases the duration of neutral monster buffs by 15%. (30% at rank 2)

Quickness x 3

Increases your base movement speed by 1%. (3% at rank 3)

Intelligence x 3

Reduces your champion's cooldowns by 2%. (6% at rank 3)

Presence of the Master x 1

Reduces the recharge time of your summoner spells by 15%.

What do you get from these masteries?

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Core Items



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Skill Sequence


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Summoner Spells

For the summoners spells i picked GHOST and TELEPORT i'll explain why.


The reason why i picked ghost is for 2 main reasons you can use it to flee from a gank/fight if you see you're going to lose or you can use it to chase people to take them down which is pretty obvious. You can also use it with your ultimate if you see the target is going to get away from the stun. Another great thing about is when you have mid lane and you see that a side lane is getting pushed you can get their quickly.


Teleport comes in handy for several reasons if you got mid and you want to buy you just teleport back in about 6-10 seconds depends how long you are looking around in the shop ;). This also counts for the sidelanes but i use is less frequently there. Second great thing is when your teammates put wards in their lanes you can port to them and gank easily with stun+ulti. I also like to put a ward at the blue buff to check if the enemy team want's to steal it and port to the ward to steal it.

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I hope this build was any help for some people and thanks for reading!