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Shen Build Guide by Redcloth

Mr. Speed

Mr. Speed

Updated on August 14, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Redcloth Build Guide By Redcloth 2,580 Views 0 Comments
2,580 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Redcloth Shen Build Guide By Redcloth Updated on August 14, 2011
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This build is about shen being able to hit fast and hard. Its about keeping your crit chances high and keep the damage going. Any feedback is welcome, good or bad. If you have a suggestion, please make it. If theres an update that involves shen, the runes, or any of these items, I'll do my best to update this guide a.s.a.p.
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To set this in place you need to start by adding in runes before the game. For this build I'd recommend runes that boost your crit chance and crit damage. However, when it comes to seals, I chose to get dodge boosting runes because seals specialize in defense. It might suit your style to instead get some health regen or more crit boosting runes as you see fit. For quints I chose a movement speed rune to better hunt down my enemies and get in range to use my taunt or ignite. I also chose to get more attack speed and crit damage boosts.
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For this build I chose to go 21/1/8. The 21 in offense for the crit boosts and attack speed boosts along with the end tree damage boost. I chose the 1 in defense so that I can use my heal more often to keep me and my partner in our lane longer. The 8 in utility is mainly so that you can level faster to stay ahead if the curb.
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I hope this section is straight forward enough, but if not.... Grab the boots of speed and the 2 health pots so that you've started to build your merc treads and so that you can stay in the lane longer with your pots. Next get your merc treads for the tenacity. Next you'll want to build a black cleaver or a phantom dancer. After you've chosen one and built that, I'd recommend building the other item and then another phantom dancer. Next either build Madred's Bloodrazor or the Bloodthirster. I would recommend building Madred's Razor and then the Bloodthirster and finnaly Madred's Bloodrazor just for Madred's Razor's passive.
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1. Use your vorpal blade on a minion with full health then hit it once to gain the health regen granted by Vorpal Blade
2. Use your Feint right before or right after taunting to keep damage to a minimum.
3. If you see an ability like Ashe/Lux's Ult, Nunu/Galio's Ult, Pantheon's Ult, or any ult like that that can be dodged or has a minor charge before it does its damage, a well timed Feint can keep you alive and running. Or fighting as it may be.
4. Use your Shadow Dash to its best. If a friendly champ is going b behind you, use your shadow dash to keep the attention on you and let your ally head home. Or use it if an ally is at low health and trying to get away. Another good tactic is if your turret is targeting an enemy champ, taunting them with Shadow Dash is the perfect way to get them beat up and sent home one way or another.
5. Shadow Dash is also a great way to escape if overwhelmed or near death. And if your ult isn't up, don't be afraid to use it to get back into lane faster.
6. Useing your ult as a shield is great but another idea is after you go b and heal up or buy what you need, use it to get back in your lane fast.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Redcloth
Redcloth Shen Guide
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Mr. Speed

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