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Shaco Build Guide by fawaz70

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League of Legends Build Guide Author fawaz70

Munch Munch Munch Jungle- Shaco

fawaz70 Last updated on March 16, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Ok so this is my shaco jungle build. I reccomend going to red first because if you go to blue u are for sure ganked as shaco but if u get ganked at red u can always start at blue easily as backup. u put a box close to river to protect you with vision and then 1 at the creeps (your choice). Then you smite them to get that while the 3 box near lizard (not close enough to auto activate) are waiting to spawn. You kill those creeps and go to red and lure them to your box until you kill it. (use health pots here). Then go STRAIGHT to blue and kill it with 2 boxes and a smite. By the time this is up you should be able to gank top or mid by 3:20 in game.

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I have chose these masteries for shaco because his smite + ghost is buffed. You dont need flash because your deceive will be enough of a flash for you with ghost to help your escape be for sure. you could also use ghost to chase people down for a for sure kill as well. Smite is a absolute for jungle. You could take it out for exhaust or ignite but it would slow down ur time for jungle which means slower ganks :/. Also i have some life steal in this to help boost your wriggles life steal production until you get a bloodthirster. Also i have some armor for jungle to avoid dying by jungle and for that little armor he needs.

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I mainly have armor penetration because this is an AD shaco page :D. It will help increase his damage production alot! and help kill jungle faster. Armor is for that little armor you need to either get away or kill dragon at level six much faster and without dying. Also its the same for magic resistance because it help you get away etc...

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Skill Sequence

You start off with boxes because you dont want to die to red or blue >.>. No other skill can help you jungle at level 1. Its a must! Then you get your two-shiv poison to do more damage and kill faster. You could get deceive but two shiv is easier. Then you max out deceive because it increases your crit damage which will do alot late game! Then you max two-shiv poison because it has ad damage added by your items to help do that damage whiel their getting away and since your not AP you leave your boxes at level 1 until its left and obviously level your ultimate whenever you have a chance.

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You get cloth armor and 5 health potions because you need the armor to not die to jungle early game. Plus it builds into wriggles which gives you like steal and that 1 ward you can use for free. Also attack damage is always helpful thanks to this item. Until you replace it with bloodthirster for that OP combo at late game. My shoes are boots of mobility because it helps get around jungle (even counter jungling) and around the map just faster. If in fight just ghost to run or chance since the boots effect is not in combat only. Black cleaver gives me that attack speed he really needs late game to carry! Plus it give your enemy armor reduction for your crit to do as much damage as possible. Also it gives a fair amount of AD for its price so its never a bad thing :). Then you get infinity edge to increase the damage of your crits and gives you crit with alot of AD to back it up! Once you get phantom dancer your attack speed and movement speed will be off the charts! Plus you will be crtting alot with the damage you need and should be able to carry late game. Bansheis veil is for late game where they target you first and it stops 1 skill from taking effect which can be very helpful! Plus it gives you health and mana for a little boost. This item is very helpful once your carrying and of cousrse you get your bloodthirster for that Op AD and lifesteal you get to replace your wriggles. You can get bloodthirster before or after your bansheis veil because it really doesnt matter. :D

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Pros / Cons

-Really powerfull late game
-Fast jungler
-Can kill dragon solo at level 6
-can fast really quick with the nice AD and attack speed

-Really squishy
-baneed alot
-Not well against tanks