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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by SkinnyGragas

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SkinnyGragas

Mundo *as it should be*

SkinnyGragas Last updated on March 19, 2012
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Hello and welcome to my first build. I've seen alot of tanky Mundo's and I must say they work quite good. BUT I have tried and tested about all kinds of builds on this guy and what I came up with, was this: A DPS!
You might think: Must be a trolling guid, Mundo is only good when he is a tank, but no...
This works and got me alot of fast game wins.
This build is all about Masochism, imo one of the best damage dealing attacks there are in this game. Combine that with crits and attack speed and you will be able to kill everything...
I won't be explaining how to kill, because that is very easy. Just turn on your E, your W and your ult and... it's an ace!

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Pros / Cons

Great farmer.
Insane damage early game with E and attack speed.
Good survivibility throughout the whole game.
Ignite won't make you useless, since you are not tanking and are less dependent on your ult.
And the best: Often underestemated by opponents who never seen such a DPS Mundo before.

Still dies when focused in teamfights.
Also gets focused alot, usually when you are the only melee DPS.
Not invinceble when the build is complete, what is usually the case with a tanky Mundo.
Now Exhaust is your biggest enemy, luckaly most people take Ignite over Exhaust.

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Well, this was actually a hard choice.
I wanted to make a good DPS runebuild, but I also wanted to use his passive and his amazing health regeneration, so this is what I came up with.
My doubts still remain in the Seals and the Quintessences. I never really noticed the differece between Alacrity Seals with Fortitude Quints or Fortitude Seals with Alactriy Quints, but when I look to them indepentently I think this gives me the most health + attack speed.
Also, to pick up kills early against mages, I take the Warding Glyphs because they are the best for the job.
Greater Marks of Desolation... well I use them for any kind of DPS melee so why wouldn't I use this for Mundo. It works great with his E skill too.

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I take 9/21/0 because this is what I usually use for melee offtanks.

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Skill Sequence

Not much to explain here.
Machochism is a must need and it will give you alot of kills early game.
Still, I have doubts between then training the Q over W.
The reason why I train Q over W to get the most damage, is because W cost more health and it's great to harass while you still can. Later on you will need that W, but sometimes it depends on the game as well.
If you have alot of teamfights or a heavily CC team against you, I would train W over Q. But if you are still laning when you are around lvl 12, it's better to take Q over W.

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Summoner Spells

I take Ghost for running away and chasing.
I take Exhaust because there are many situations where this spell is much better than any other spell.
Exhaust gives you early kills or makes a Xin, Tryn or Fiora weak enough for you to kill them.
If you can't kill them, just Ghost away and while your ulti is on, you have a Phantom Dancer and Ghost and your Q to slow them with, no1 will be able to chase you so you can get away safely, althought Yi might be a problem with that if he used his ult too.

Ignite instead of Exhaust or Flash instead of Ghost are also good possibilities, just take an extra abilty power in your masteries or health and mana regeneration instead of ghost or exhaust.

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These are what I think the best Items for a strong and a durable melee DPS. It gives good damage early game, good survivibality mid game and amazing durabilty and decent DPS in endgame.
These Items will give good stats that DPS Mundo needs. Early game, since you are not leveling his cleaver first, you must have a Phage. Still,

Optional Items:
Cloak and Dagger: Use this one if you are facing a team with lots of CC.
Force of Nature: When you still get killed by alot of mages. I usually get this instead of the Infinity Egde and sometimes even before the Phantom Dancer.
Thornmail: Health + This makes you win every battle against 1 or even 2 AD-based champs.
Bloodthirster: Can be used if you want to deal some extra damage to obliterate your enemies. But, since lifesteal is not a thing that Mundo needs, I rarely buy this.
Black Cleaver: Get this one instead of Atma's if you need it.
Madreds Bloodrazor: The best item to counter a health stacker. Get this instead of Phantom Dancer.
Last Whisper: THE item to counter the heavy armor builders. Get this when they have 100+ armor instead of Infinity Egde, it will deal about the same amount of damage.

Any other suggestions would be nice, but I think they aren't many items that can help you against certain teams. This Item build makes you do alot of damage and durable, so usually you kill 1 or 2 and be able to get out of the teamfight with more than a quarter of you health.

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Team Work

Be aware that you are still quite squishy (you have almost no resistances) but not as squishy as most melee fighters.
Don't iniate first, but let the tank do that. I usually go in 2nd, right after the tank since you are probably one of the least squishiest champs in your team. But, on some occasions I go in 3rd, usually if they have some champs that deal massive AoE damage, such as Amumu or Kennen. Then the tank gets the hits and someone else who knows he will survive the blast. But, your abilities costs health, not much, but if you use everything and then get hit for more than half of your life, then there won't be anything left of your health.
Protect your wounded allies with your cleaver so you can slow enemies down trying to get to them and finish them off. You probably will finish those enemies off, because your allies got hit instead of you and you stil can fight on.
Never just blindly go in and think you won't die and always try to stick with someone else. I noticed that you are far stronger with an ally close by, because you can take some hits and your ally can keep on hitting too.

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Well, thats all about DPS Mundo I have to say.
I will try to improve my build every day and I will probably need your help with that too.
If you have any question, feel free to ask them.

Also I would like to know how to insert pictures into this guide, so I can show you the Q W E or R skill and add some item pictures too.

Goodluck with this guide and hope you own with it just like me.